April 11, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 2

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❤(its all starting again),❤
🌹(when the rich fall for the poor)🌹
Written by bella writes🙂🙂🙂
SEASON 2(episode 2)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭author pov 💭
Getting off her bike,she pulled off her helmet

Shaking her long hair to spill down her back,with a smile on her face,she walked into the company that belonged to her fiance

On getting to his office,she met his secretary who welcomed her with a smile

“He is in his office ma’am”the secretary said

“Not ma’am,you know my name so use it”she said

“But the boss…..”

“Dont worry i know how to handle Francis just do your thing okay”she said and went through the familiar route to his office

“I just told you to do your darn job well but still you keep on bringing me false information ,well am sorry but your fired!!!”

On hearing her fiance yell,she quickly went into his office

“Whats wrong!”

“Melanie!!!”he called out her name starring at her

💭melanie pov💭
“Whats the matter francis”i said walking into his office

“Its nothing ”

“Have never seen you look angry before,this is the first time,there must be something wrong with you”i said

Francis and i met in college four years ago and at first we started as friends but everything changed and here we are soon to be married,though francis hasnt really put much effort into picking the date or anything else

He has only given me a ring and i know he is very busy,busy wanting to make his father company a much bigger one and i know i had to support him in this,afterall i love him

“Its just some information i want and they keep giving me false hope about it”he said

“Do you need that information so badly?tell me about it, maybe i can help”i said

He stood up from his chair and walked towards me pulling me into his arms

“Its not something that you can do,just leave it to me”he said

“You are so secretive francis”i said

“And you too my darling”he said

“But how am i?have told you about me”i said

“Not everything?you still havent told me what got you into the hospital and made you lose your memory”he said gently

“I know the new you and not the old and that cant make our relationship grow,what if something or someone in your past comes to hunt us”he said

I sighed gently,i couldnt tell him about my past because i just cant remember it,no matter how hard i try

“Have told you already,all i remember is waking up in an hospital and my mom beside me,she is the one who told me little things about myself,i only me that i can tell you about is the new not the old”i said

There are times when i would feel that am forgetting something very important in my past but when i try to to talk to mom about it,she change the topic

“Fine then,i would try asking your mom about it”he said giving me a kiss

“So tell me,how are you?how is your mom coping with your dad’s death?”i said

Just recently,francis father passed away and its all due to a heart disease he has been suffering from which he never told anyone about,when we all found out it was too late,uncle marshall had been a great man,who would certainly be missed by a lot of people..

“Mom is doing well and am certain the rest too would be fine”he said going back to his seat

“You havent gone to check up on them?”i said

“have been busy with work”he said

“Am sorry to say this francis but your letting work consume you and i dont want that “i said

“You dont understand,have got to carry on dad legacy,this place needs me and am not ready to give it up”he said looking so scary

Just then his secretary walked in holding a letter

“someone left this for you sir”she said


“I dont know,i will take my leave”she said and went off

He opened the letter and went through it

“Who is it from ?”i said

“From my cousin”he said starring at the letter

I went to him and took the letter from his hand

“This is to give my condolence to you and to the rest of the family, i know weve never met before and its all due to the fight going on between our dad but we cant let it go on forever ,lets try to make peace,am inviting you to come to the palace,if you come am taking it as a yes that you want the fight to stop but if not then i accept but i really want you to come
From your cousin alex”

The only thing that got to me there was the name,alex

Am sure that have heard it somewhere but i just cant remember it

“Melanie,melanie?”i turned to find francis starring at me

“What did you say?”

“What happened,you arent here with me again”i said

“Am sorry but i was just thinking about the name,alex,i think have heard it before”i said

“Alex?are you sure?”he said

“Yes,i think so or i could just be wrong,tell me,will you go”i said

“I will go,i also want to see my relatives”he said

“This letter is sealed,are your relatives…..”

“Yes,i come from a royal blood,my cousin is currently the king,his dad was once the king but has grown old and now he is the new king”he said

“Wow,i never knew you were from a royal blood”i said

“Well now you do,common lets go”


“To your house of course,if your coming with me,i have to tell your mom about it”he said

“But i didnt say i was coming”i said

“But you are,you cant expect me to be there and you here,thats impossible,so now lets go and give your mom the news “he said as he brought out his own helmet

I just hopes mom agree,i thought silently within me


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