April 11, 2021


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Immortal Academy Episode 38

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 38

Craig was astounded as he stared at Tabitha’s evil face.

No. This wasn’t the Elizabeth he knew.

This was someone different. Maybe..a reincarnation!

“That’s never gonna be possible! Do you know how hard I fought to keep this mighty clan? Do you Know how hard I fought to be the best?”

“Do I look like I care!” Tabitha thundered. “You are indebted to me,Craig and I want you to pay with Sky Squared.” Tabitha added.

“That will never happen.” Tanya’s voice came from behind. She’s had enough of this priestess already! Who does she think she is?

Tabitha looked up at Tanya as she stood beside Craig. “Hmm. Did you just say something,honey?”

“You are not deaf are you? You asking for a full clan is totally out of the question. You will never get it.” Tanya said angrily.

Craig turned to look at her,too overwhelmed to hide his amazement.

He would never believe that Tanya could be this brave and outspoken.

Tabitha glared hard at Tanya. “You just drew a battle line,young lady. Are you sure you can fight till the end? Giving up is a crime.”

Tanya’s eyes lingered on her face and mustering all courage,she held Craig’s wrist. “We are gonna protect Sky Squared from you.” She said whole heartedly.

Tabitha gave her a one sided wicked smile and clapped. “Very well then. The battle line has been drawn.” She said abd was gone in a flash.

Tanya breathed in abd was about removing her hand from Craig’s wrist but froze when she felt Craig tightening his fingers around hers.

The rain had subsided now, making it easy for Craig to breath again.

“She’s gonna cause trouble. What do we do?” Tanya asked, avoiding his eyes.

“Just like you told her….we are gonna protect Sky Squared.” Craig mumbled, staring deeply into Tanya’s face.

Suddenly,he ran his hand over her hair, smothering down the air blown hair in into place.

Tanya then glanced up abd met his hot gaze on her face. She saw him stare at her lips. She swallowed hard.

She knew what was gonna happen next.

He was gonna kiss her.

Craig encircled Tanya in his arms as he tilted her head up, kissing her cold lips softly.

Tanya’s eyes fluttered down as she surrendered to his touch.

He picked her from the floor and placed her slowly on the bed then took off her outer clothing.

Tanya’s heart beat heavily against her chest as she watched him undress her. “Who’s she?” She heated herself asking. She knew the question was stupid but she really wanted to know how he had gotten to know her.

“I don’t want to take about it.”


“Tanya..!” Craig scolded, tightening his hand around her elbow until Tanya winced.

“You are hurting me!” She gasped as he suddenly pushed four of his fingers into her tight pu*sy and claimed her lips again.

He pushed in abd out of her as Tanya moaned with ecstasy.

He was driving her crazy abd he knew it.

“Master…” Tanya cried out as he finally pushed his d**k into her.

Tanya held strongly on to the bed pillar as her tightness stretched to accommodate his size.

Craig groaned softly into her ears as he dipped himself into her.

Tanya’s head spin. She was beginning to feel terrible pains down there as he increased his pace.

He grabbed her hair, yanking at it as he slammed into her.

The rain had stopped now and had started to drizzle.

Tanya couldn’t hold on to her screams. She screamed out his name but it didn’t stopped him.

He continued banging her like there was no tommorow. He missed her so terribly abd decided to take it out on her.

When finally he released into her,he groaned softly and rolled off her, laying down beside her.

Tanya’s body throbbed rapidly as she felt the hot substance crawling deep into her.

For some reason,she felt so angry at him. Why did he have to handle her with so much cruelty!

She sniffed and sat up. She didn’t want to stay there with him. She felt used.

She was about standing up to dress up when she felt Craig’s hand wrap around her wrist.

She glanced back at him and saw his eyes closed. She sniffed again, wondering why he was holding her.

He pulled her more closer and Nina fell back beside him as he surprisingly wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m sorry. I missed you.” Craig added after some minutes.

Tanya was startled. Craig.. telling her he’s sorry?

Where does that put her?

“I want to go back to my room…”

“It’s late. Go to sleep.” Craig whispered, staring deep into her eyes and almost immediately, Tanya drifted into a light sleep.


The next morning,Ciara walked into the room and stopped Midway by the door as soon as she saw someone sleeping comfortably on her Craig’s bed.

She scoffed. She couldn’t believe someone aside from Craig or she herself could be sleeping so comfortably on that bed.

And she already knew who it was.

Angrily she matched forward abd yanked off the bed spread from Tanya’s body and gasped as soon as she saw that she was naked.

Tanya woke up and pulled the bedspread back over her body before looking up at Ciara’s angry face. “That was rude.”

“How dare you! How dare you sleep naked on the Master’s bed? Do you wanna die!” Ciara yelled, refraining herself from slapping her.

Tanya sighed and glanced up at Ciara. “Do you have a problem with that?”

Ciara scoffed. “How dare you!” She screamed and raised her hand to hit Tanya but was stopped by the movement she head behind her.

She dropped back her hand to her side and glanced back to look at Craig. “What’s happening here?”

Craig stared at Ciara abd suddenly a dark smoke emitted from his eyes balls.

“Ahh!” Ciara screamed and fell on her knees. “Oh please stop! Please!!” She screamed, holding her spinning head.

Tanya was confused as she looked from Ciara to Craig. He was still staring so intently at her.


“You haven’t said what I wanna here.” Craig replied coolly as though he wasn’t doing anything.

“I’m sorry! Just please stop! My skull is burning.. please!” Ciara cried.

Craig finally looked away from her and glanced at Tanya who jumped back in fright, afraid he might hurt her too but she wasn’t feeling anything.

He was merely looking at her.

Ciara sighed deeply, breathing heavily. “Why? Why did you hurt me Craig? All because of her?”

“This is just a warning, Ciara. Do not try hurting Tanya again. There won’t be a next time.”Craig said with deep meaning abd walked to his wardrobe.

Tanya sat there glaring at Ciara as she tried catching her breath.

She wanted to smile… seriously wanted to.

Craig defended her from his girlfriend!, For real??


I’m back guys. So sorry for the delay. Next episode dropping soonest.

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