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Girl In The Hoodie Episode 30

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💃 Girl In The Hoodie 💂
🎸 {Who is she…?} 🎸

🎧 Episode 30 🎧



I never knew Jenna could do such a thing!

Why would she even think of hurting her fellow human being not to talk of murdering?

That’s a very grievous act!

“Hold on guys, don’t tell me Jenna is the one behind all these??” Ria said unbelievably

“I won’t spare her!” Wisdom said in rage and stormed out.

“Wisdom wait, please don’t do anything stupid, hold on Wisdom!” Jessica shouted as we all ran after him.

We were still running after Wisdom when we saw Jenna just coming from God knows where.

Wisdom grabbed her hand and pinned her neck on the wall.

“Why did you do that? Why?! Why?!” Wisdom shouted as he used all his might to pin her neck on the wall.

We all rushed to him and tried to force his palm off her neck but we couldn’t.

“Wisdom stop this now!” Archie shouted as he and Chris forced his hand off Jenna’s neck. Jenna started coughing hard

“Tell me why you wanted to kill my girlfriend, tell me now! I need an answer now!” Wisdom shouted as he made an attempt to pounce on her again but Chris and Archie held him down.

“What are you talking about Wisdom? Who is trying to kill your girlfriend?” Jenna asked

“See this stupid girl, she even have the guts to ask me questions, are you mad?!” Wisdom shouted

“Calm down Wisdom… my dear friend Jenna, I never knew you’re such a foolish, good-for-nothing girl, why did you want to kill Monalisa? Ahn? Why!?” I shouted at her

“Hold on Barbie, don’t tell me you also believe I could harm Monalisa, why would I want her dead? Don’t you trust me Babita?” Jenna asked and I slapped her hard on the face.

“Why should I trust a dunderhead like you!? You’re nothing but a criminal! Why do you want her dead? Are you jealous?? Do you also love Wisdom?? Ahn!? Answer me! I need an answer now! Answer me Jenna, why are you not saying any…”

“Yes I’m jealous!” Jenna shouted, interrupting me.

We all stared at each other in surprise and confusion.

“You’re jealous??” Jessica asked, confused
“Yes, I did it out of jealousy!” Jenna shouted

“Jealous of who? And why are you jealous?” Jessamyn asked

“I’m jealous of Monalisa, she took away my prince charming and I want nothing than to kill her! And now the doctor said she’s gonna be fine, I can’t stand it, I can’t…”

She couldn’t finish her statement before Wisdom shut her up with a slap.

“Are you mad!? Who is your prince charming?? Do you even know what love is??” Wisdom shouted at her and we dragged him back to the ward.

“Calm down Wisdom, the deed has been done, thank God Monalisa is alright, you don’t have to commit any crime to teach a criminal some lessons” Jessica said as we entered the ward.

Monalisa had already slept off, so we left the ward and went back to class.


✍️ WRITER ✍️

Monalisa has fully recovered and has been discharged. The second term examinations is fast approaching, and all the students of ARIEL HIGH are preparing for it.


“What will I read now? My notes are incomplete, hope I won’t fail now?” I said fearfully

“Don’t worry, we can share mine” Jessamyn said and moved to my side

“No no, she will share with me” Wisdom said and we all laughed

“Jealousy won’t kill you” I said as I pulled his nose

“Ouh! Ouh!! You’re hurting me” Wisdom said and we laughed the more

“Cry baby” I said and laughed

“Guys let’s be serious, we must get at least B’s, if we can’t get A’s” Archie said

“Do you think we can’t get A’s if we don’t read??” Jessica asked

“Of course we can, but that’s if we read” Archie said

“I don’t see reasons why we should read when we’re actually brilliant, we will surely pass even without reading” Mia said

“Yes now, why are we called THE ARIEL STARS?? Is it not because we’re brilliant??” Jessica asked and we all smiled remembering the title that the whole school gave us because of our brilliance, THE ARIEL STARS.

“But even with that, we still have to read” Wisdom asked

“Yeah guys, come on let’s read” Chris said and we started reading.


✍️ WRITER ✍️
Few weeks later, the exams come to an end and the students were so happy.

We came to school on the last day we will vacate. Mia, Ria and Babita were not with us then, they didn’t come to school at all.

“Jessamyn can we see your dad during the holidays??” I asked and everyone nodded.

“Sure. I’ll inform you when he returns because he is currently in Canada” Jessamyn said.

“The next term will be third term, so we have to focus on our studies by then, you know promotion examination is the toughest part of examinations” Monalisa said and we all nodded in agreement to what she said

“Alright, but I’m sure that we can never fail” Chris said

“Never!” Archie added and we all smiled.


To be continued…

❣️✍️ Authoress B ✍️❣️
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