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The future husband Episode 22

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The future husband

Meenah writes

Episode 22

Bisi had waited for Victor to call her as usually but he didn’t and after three days, Victor did never speak to her.

She went to his office where he works and was like foaming in anger when she saw him.

“victor, i don’t understand you any more honestly. You have not been picking my calls and yet you did not bother to call and ask about me come to talk of seeing me. Please its so unfair.”

she lamented

“why should i bother to see you when you know all the while that Sophia is the one i have been searching for”

Victor shouted at her she became shocked immediately at what he said .

“come again , i did not hear you right.”

she said

“Stop that pretence . You know that who i have been searching for all this while is Sophia your friend and you did not bother to tell me.”

“did you mean that Sophia is the one you have been searching for?”

Bisi asked in pretense

“oh come on who did you think you are deceiving. I know you are the one that stole that necklace from Sophia so she wouldn’t get to locate me”

victor said Bisi was now filled with shame as she wondered how he manage to find out about all that. How ever, victor went ahead

“i know you are that yeruba girl that always fight and curse me back then in Onitsha

So stop pretending . You are deceiving yourself”

her eyes opened more wider in anguish. She stood and went to where he was seating and started pleading

“please Victor i am sorry for all that. Then we were still children and i abused you out of ignorant.”

“that’s not my problem. I can never have problem with people in my past because they all contributed to my success. My anger is that you know the truth , instead of telling me you decide to kill it”

said Victor

“i am sorry. I am afraid of losing you to another person because i love you”


“no that is not Love , its selfishNess.

If it is love, you would help me locate the person i love.”

“please forgive me. Am so sorry. Don’t leave me like this please”

she she Pleaded

“you know what bisi? Its over between us!”

he said in anger

“you can’t do that, ”

she exclaimed in disbelief

“here i just did it. It is totally over between us”

he said louder than before with that , he took his file and headed out of the office.

Right at the door post , he turned around and said to her

“you can go when ever it pleases you. You just disgust me and your present irritate’s me.”

and then went off the office.

She noticed that tears were dropping from her eyes so she made use of her handkerchief.

And then went off the office to Sophia’s Boutique to question her.

Luckily , Faith was there as well. She didn’t cease crying when she reached.

faith was busy consoling her .

When Sophia was less busy, she joined them to know what it is that is making her friend to cry so much.

Bisi’s eyes caught the exact necklace she stole on Sophia’s neck immediately she came close.

At that junction, she turned out to be more surprise than sad.

“I thought you said this necklace was missing. How did you manage to get it back again?”

“I saw it under my blanket . It must have loosed from my neck when i was sleeping.”

lied pretending to be unawares of the condition behind the recovery of the definite necklace

“are you sure?”

Bisi asked because she was still not satisfied with the answer she got.

“yea. I am even the one that found it”

faith added after communicating with Sophia through the gesturing of the eyes.

“so what have your boy friend done to you this time around?” Sophia asked

“he broke up with me”

Bisi answered sadly

“that’s bad enough . What did you do to him to warrant such an act.”

faith asked

“on that he suspected i was lying to him while i wasn’t. ”

Bisi lied.

And Sophia and faith looked at themselves again making a funny face .

That was a way of mocking what she said.

“so Sophia have you met him before?”

Bisi asked

“yes. That was when i warned him to stop hurting you.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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