April 11, 2021


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The future husband Episode 18

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The future husband

meenah writes ✍️

Episode 18

He knew she was lying and needs to find out the truth as soon as possible.

When he couldn’t hold his patient again, he asked

“so who was that?”

“its my friend , she said she’s looking for her ear ring”

Bisi lied


victor said nodding his head and was meditating on the lies she was telling when they were through with launch, he dropped her at her house and went directly back to his working place.

He went to Desmond’s office and told every thing so he would have to advice him.

“what if your hunch isn’t correct that she bought the necklace”

Desmond asked

“she won’t be lying if she’s the owner of that necklace. I have strong feeling she’s hiding some thing ” victor said “so what step did you want to take now?”

Desmond asked

“i don’t know.
Am here so you would help me make out a plan.”

“okay, i think we should call her”

Desmond suggested

“that’s wonderful . But what do we tell her?”

victor asked again

“its simple, just tell her you have the necklace she’s looking for

. If she’s truly the one you are searching for she will look for you by her self.”

said Desmond

“guy you get sense o, that’s why i will always count on you”

victor said as they made further necessary arrangement that will rhyme with their plans.


Sophia has not been her self since she found the necklace absent from her neck.

She had turned every thing in the house upside down with tears and yet it remained unfounded.

Faith tried every thing she can to console and cheer her friend but she won’t just give in. She was still searching for it till evening.

Suddenly, her phone began to ring; she checked the caller, the number wasn’t stored in her phone but nevertheless, she picked the call.

“hello, please who am i speaking with? ”

she asked

“its Victor. Are you the owner of the necklace with heart shaped pendant with the caption ALL FOR U?”

Victor asked over the phone line – sophia’s eyes got widened with Joy.

First at the mention of the name victor and next about the missing necklace.

“yes i am” she said sharply.

“I’m with it ”

he said

“but how did you manage to get it?”

she asked

“i don’t think that question is relevant. If the necklace is important to you, meet me at new man’s Area tomorrow by 5pm tomorrow and collect it.”

he said .

Sophia turned out to be very surprise, she was pretty sure that the necklace was hanging on her neck before she went to bed last night but confusing and strange how an outsider could turn out to be with it.

It was also interesting that the name of the person with it is still the name of the person who gave it to her.

“but who are you?”

she asked with a cool voice

“you will have to know about that tomorrow. But make sure you don’t mention a word to Bisi”

he concluded and the call went dead

“who was that?”

faith asked after the call.

She told her every thing the strange victor of a guy said over the Phone.

“you don’t just trust people any how. That might be a set up. I suggest you forget about him and the necklace. It can be a sort of 419 or kidnappers”

faith adviced

“you have a point ! But i still need that necklace”

Sophia said

“are you going to put your self in danger because of a necklace from some one who you have a limited chance of meeting again. For crying out loud Sophia this might be a set up.”

Faith said again then Sophia began to think on what her friend was saying.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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