April 11, 2021


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The future husband Episode 17

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The Future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 17

Sophia so closely and found out that the necklace is always hanging around her neck all the time even when she wants to take her bath.

She won’t be able to get hold of it with out her awarerance so for that, she sat tight and thought hard until an idea crossed her mind and she waited till night falls.

She had to stay awake till every one was deeply asleep and then she went to Sophia where she was lying on her bed and took the necklace from her neck.

The following morning , she went back to her house because she has accomplished her mission in their house.

During the after noon .

Victor picked her from her house and both went to have a launch together .

When the waitress brought the food they had requested, the tray mistakenly slipped off from her hand and fell down, a great deal of rice sprayed on Bisi’s dress.

That instant, Bisi gave the unfortunate waitress two thunderous slaps .

She would have given her the third one if not for the fact that Victor intervened in the case.

“are you stupid! Just look at my dress now! Kilo de ! Are you pregnant?”

Bisi screamed angrily

“its a mistake ; not intentional. Please bear and control your anger

Victor pleaded on-behalf of the waitress .

The young lady timidly cleaned up the mess.

As soon as she was out of sight, bisi headed to the rest room to clean up Her self.

Immediately she was off sight , her phone began to ring right Inside her purse .

But then, she was not near to pick it.

When the phone rang the third time, victor decided to pick the call .

When he opened the purse , the first thing he saw was a beautiful necklace with exactly the heart shaped silver pendant he gave to Sophia a long time ago.

He instantly became confused and filled with wonder.

He pondered on how and where she got that pendant from.

Never the less, that was not the major reason why he opened the purse in the first place .

He took the phone and checked the caller, and it was Sophia that was calling. He encountered a gigantic confusion.

Co-incidently, the necklace in the purse and the name of the phone caller at the same time.

“Bisi has questions to answer to me”

he concluded. But on the second thought, he decided to answer the call and he put through the call.

A female voice was heard that instant

“Hello Bisi, did you see my necklace with heart pendant . I have been looking for it since morning and I’m afraid. I stand a risk of looseing my Husband to be if i fail to find it. Did you see it any where? ………Hello are you there”

at this, he began to suspect Bisi of hiding something important from him.

Infact, he decided not to ask her any question again instead, he decided to find things out by him self.

He cut the call immediately and copied the number into his phone and then hid the necklace inside his pocket.

He placed the phone back inside the purse and kept the purse at its formal position,.

Luckily, the phone rang three more times before Bisi returned

“your phone have been ringing right inside your purse”

he said she opened it and answered the call immediately.

Sophia repeated her formal question and she denied it.

Of course victor knows that the caller was asking for that particular necklace he found in her purse but she denied seeing it.

With that , he knew she was lying and needs to find out the truth as soon as possible.

When he couldn’t hold his patient again, he asked

“so who was that?”

“its my friend , she said she’s looking for her ear ring”

Bisi lied


Victor said nodding his head and was meditating on the lies she was telling.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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