April 14, 2021


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The future husband Episode 16

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 16

what is wrong with you? You have not been your self since today”

Desmond asked after observing his friend in the office .

The both of them works in the same company .

“i don’t know how i did it”

victor said sadly

“did what.?”

Desmond asked

“i don’t know how bisi and i fell in to the temptation of the devil which made us eat the forbidden fruit yesterday”

he regretted

“wow. That’s nice but i don’t think devil is involved here.
He did not eat the fruit with you people. But then, its very nice again”

Desmond said

“nice? With out protection? Come on think like a man”

Victor asked aloud

“omo see gobe. Shaaa , you are a man. You can face what ever that may arise”

Desmond said.

“you know, you are not helping matters”

victor lamented and just then , his phone began to ring again and he checked the caller, it was Bisi so he ignore it again.

That was probably the 7th ignored calls from her

“guy pick your call nah”

Desmond urged

“kai ! Its bisi and whalai ! I don’t want to speak to her for the main time. I don’t even know what to tell her

I am still regretting our action yesterday”

he replied

“but i am sure you understand that that girl is truly in love with you. Stop treating her like that. If you don’t love her, tell her plainly that you don’t love her”

Desmond reprimanded

“there’s a point there but then , how can i tell her i don’t love her after what we did yesterday?”

victor asked

“i suggest you should move on with her”

Desmond said

“i still love my Sophia”

Victor snapped word from him

“whatever ! Its your life not mine. I am still thinking on how to finance my wedding ceremony with Angel, hope you will still lend me the money i asked for?”

Desmond asked

“that’s not a problem.”

victor replied and they diverted instantly to Desmond’s marriage program.

The both of them were still making plans when Bisi walked in with a food flask.

She placed it on the table and went over to victor and gave him a peck on his right cheek.

“baby, you have not been answering my calls and am worried about you. So how are you?”

she asked

“am fine”

Victor replied.

“okay Vic, i will see you later”

Desmond said and left the office.

“i know you will be hungry that is why i brought launch for you. I do hope you will like it?”

she said

“thank you”

he said and they started eating together.


Bisi moved in to Sophia and Faith’s House .

This was delicately planned so she could have a chance to perpetrate her plan.

Actually , she was after the Pendant in Sophia’s necklace which seemed to be a threat and appears very difficult for to get.

During her stay in their house , she monitored Sophia so closely and found out that the necklace is always hanging around her neck all the time even when she wants to take her bath.

Bisi won’t be able to get the necklace with out her awarerance so for that, she sat tight and thought hard until an idea crossed her mind and she waited till night falls.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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