April 11, 2021


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The future husband Episode 14

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 14

the next day , Sophia and Faith Visited Bisi at her house.

When Bisi saw Sophia , she stared at her constantly and saw a necklace with a heart shaped pendant as Victor has explained.

She began to wonder how she was able to keep the necklace till date. that is definitely to show that he is certainly in her mind.

With that, tears dripped down from her eyes again.

“hey baby, you are crying , what’s wrong?”

faith asked

“its my boy friend” bisi replied “i knew it that it must be a love problem”

Sophia said

“so what did he do to you?”

faith asked again

“he doesn’t care about me. He don’t even think about me”

she replied

“so sad”

Sophia said

“that’s it . For you to fall in love, you must make sure you are balanced both physically, financially and emotionally . Else , you break your heart after falling in love”

faith Quoted soo there was silent in the room and then bisi asked Sophia after thinking on different ways to start up a conversation especially concerning the necklace

“have you fall in love before ?”

“yes probably”

Sophia replied:

“when was that?”

Bisi asked further

“that was when we were still kids. I know you still remember the groundnut seller i called my husband then?”

Sophia said

“yes, but when last did you see him?”

bisi asked again

“a week before i traveled to U.S.A

That was when he gave me this love pendant with the promise to wait for me. I haven’t seen him since then and i am not sure if i could recognise him if i venture to see him now. But with this pendant on my necklace, i am fully assured i will meet him one day”

Sophia explained further

“can i see that pendant?”

Bisi requested


she asked

“i want to see how it is”

Bisi said again.

Sophia brought out the necklace from her neck and handed it over to her. after staring at it over and over again, she said

“so you have been with this neck lace for upto 17 good years?”

Bisi asked with an obvious surprise look on her face

“its the pendant its self . When ever the chain gets old, i buys a new one and then transfer the pendant to it”

Sophia replied still waiting to take it back from her “i love it, can you please sell it to me?” Bisi requested

To Be Continued…. . . .

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