April 14, 2021


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The future husband Episode 8

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 8

i am sorry for that”

Victor said

“don’t worry, its a past now. So how did you feel when you fell in love?”

Bisi asked

“it was such a bitter sweet one. I got separated from her and because she traveled and also i traveled, but since then, she have never left for a seconds in my heart”

he replied her question that instant, bisi put on a sad face , but then, she did not allow her emotions to over rule her.

“can you tell me things about her?”

she requested anxiously

“can you forget about the topic for now”

Victor requested


she asked still with an anxious face

“it is a long story and i don’t think i am in the mood to talk about her now.”

he replied. She instantly put on a sad face and looked away from him.

When victor saw her current state of feeling , he said calmly

“my dear Bisi , i did not mean to provoke you. I promise to tell you about her when the time is due. Probably i am here today to tell you some thing”

“so what is that?”

she asked looking at him now

“i am on one week leave so i will be travelling to onitsha ”

he said

“to do what?”

she asked

“to see my uncle and his family and to look for that my childhood friend.”

he answered .

“okay, but is it that girl you fell in love with that you are going in search of?”

Bisi asked

“most probably , yes”

he replied

“you still don’t want to tell me any thing about her?”

she pressed further

” i promise to tell you about her when i returns from Onitsha”

he said

“okay, i will hold you by your word. Can i accompany you to onitsha?”

she asked

“no, no, you don’t have to bother your self.”

he said

“alright , if you say so”




Two days later, something remarkable happened.

Victor called Bisi and told her that he had took off to Onitsha .

She wished him a fair well and immediately she droped the phone, their gate man rushed in and told her that there are two ladies out side the gate looking for her.

She reluctantly told him to open the gate for them.

The gate man did that at ones and they drove their car into the compound.

Bisi stood and went out side to know who the gate keeper said that are looking.

On coming out of the house , she saw two young ladies approaching her.

She glared curiously to see if she could recognize them but she didn’t.

“Johnson Bisi, is this you?” one of them asked Joyfully.


she replied still looking curious

“don’t tell me you have forgotten your child hood friends with that look on you face ?”

the other said

“i can’t remember you girls, can you please help me.”

Bisi said

“so you have Forgotten all about Sophia and Faith?”

Sophia screamed

“wait, wait, wait, you mean my best friends in Onitsha?”

Bisi asked extracting joyful humours from their faces.

“exactly !”

faith exclaimed

“oooo my God! Its so nice to meet you girls again !”

Bisi screamed as she ran toward them and gave them a tight happy hug one after the other.

“you are now a big girl!”

Sophia said

“nah God o, i know your face looks familiar but can’t recognise you”

said Bisi: she welcome them inside the house and offered them something

To Be Continued…. . . .

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