April 17, 2021


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The future husband Episode 6

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The future husband

meenah writes ✍️

Episode 6

Victor was in his office when his secretary showed up.

“sir, a LADY wants to see you”

She said

“who is she ?”

he asked suspending what he was doing in his laptop.

“she said her name is Johnson Bisi ”

she replied

“let her in”

he said with smiles .

With in no time , Bisi entered his office

“good after noon , how are you?”

he greeted on seeing .

She sat down and then replied him thus

“am fine. Your office is nice”

“how did you manage to locate where i works?”

he asked

“is there any problem with that?”

she asked looking nervous

“no, not at all . Its just that i did not remember telling you any thing about myself yesternight”

he explained

“Angel helped me with some information i needed . But then, you sounds as if you are not happy to see me”

she said

“i am happy seeing you, infact, you are highly welcomed.”

he said as he stood and went to the refrigerator in his office and brought out a bottle of wine and a glass cup and passed it to her.

“so what are your agendas today?”

she asked after sipping from the glass cup on her hand.

“just working in my office ”

he replied

“how about if we go out to night?”

she asked blinking at him jovially

“are you suggesting we go on a DATE. ?”

he asked making sure he understands what she was upto :

To Be Continued…. . . .

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