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The future husband Episode 10

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The future husband

meenah writes ✍️

Episode 10

“ma o bughi ma nwa … Onye ga enyem akapa rice …… Onye ga enyem carton tomato ….. Onye ga enyem azu okporoko ….. Onye ga enyem ihe eji eme tea ….. Onye ga enyem other members of the family dance along side with her. Victor and desmond were just looking at them in amusement “awon eniyan yi je erin”

desmond said in yoruba later in the night, all of them sat together in the sitting room for discussion from that discussion , Victor learnt that Michael his uncle was detained because he tried to extort money from the account of the company where he worked .

All the money in the House was spent on the case which yielded no positive result and it sent them to total Bankrupt.

Due to lack of money, Amaka gave her self to a guy who promised to give her money and then ended up with pregnancy and the guy denied knowing her at all.

Before that, Henry had already joined bad peers who taught him how to smoke and it because part of him that he can’t do with out smoking.

Victor pitied the family for all they had been going through so he gave them a cheque of two hundred thousand naira and then promised to send Amaka back to school after giving birth to her unborn baby.

Every one of them were so happy that the woundnt stop thanking him.

“victor my child, did you know of any body called Sophia?”

chinelo asked when their was silent every where victor turned out to be surprise immediately

“yes, any thing about her?”

he asked with keen interest

“she was here last month”

she replied

“and what did she say?”

victor asked instantly after her reply

“she was asking about you . And i told her you traveled to Lagos 17 years ago and have never step foot here since then, she felt like at my statement”

chinelo replied

“oh gush! I should have came here earlier!”

victor exclaimed

“any problem? I am getting confused”

chinelo asked

“you guys won’t understand. But is she in town?”

victor asked

“i don’t know , but why don’t you tell us what is going on”

chinelo requested


victor said and then told them every thing , how he met Sophia and how they parted from each other with a promise.,

“no, wonder you use to act like a Holy champion! Its a good thing she is looking for you too. So we ought to go for her as soon as possible” Desmond said “we will go to their house tomorrow”

victor said.

After Breakfast the next day, Victor and Desmond set off in search of Sophia’s house.

After driving round the city, they found their house after asking much question.

Sadly the gate man told them that no member of her family was in Onitsha at the moment.

Chief Nicholas and his family traveled to USA and the only member of his family in Nigeria is Sophia and she now resides in Lagos they entered their car with the decision of going back to lagos that very day.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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