May 6, 2021


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10 Nights With My Ex Episode 20

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Chapter 20

Miguel’s pov

I was about yelling at the doctor who is interrupting my session when I heard that voice…..

Wait that voice😵

Only one person has that voice……

Could it be possible it’s bimmy.

Well the only way to confirm is to check.

I slowly stood up and peeped through the door.


No one was there.

How is this possible???
I heard her voice just now.

What’s happening?

I took my keys and rushed out hoping to find her.

But she’s gone.


Not again?!! I slammed my fist on the table with frustration.

Bimmy pov

I went back home dejected, how come this bastar*d impregnated me?

I’ll abort this baby, no matter what.

I can hardly feed myself not to talk of the baby,

The baby will just suffer,
So it’s better off if I abort it,

But the doctors warning 😌

My phone rang.

It was my new friend Jennie.

I just told her to come over.

Some minutes later

Jennie arrived w8th a worried look on her face.

“what’s the problem bimmy” she said obvious she’s worried.

“the doctors said I can’t abort this baby again, else I’ll die, maybe I should keep it then” I said

“don’t worry, I’ve got a way to do this, I have a pill here, once you take it, everything will go away, no risk” she said searching her bag.
For the drug I guess

“are you sure? ” I asked.

:yes I am” she said Not even looking at me.

“here it is, take two let me get you a cup of water” she said and went to get the water.

She came back with it a while later.

I hesitated at first but I took it anyways.

Minutes later, blood started gushing out of my private part, I started feeling pains,

I was dizzy at the same time.

“Jennie I’m dying ” I told her when the pain became unbearable

” that’s what I wanted you bitch, Miguel Is mine not yours ” she said and left the house leaving me alone to die.


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  1. Please can you post the next episode 😥 am going back to boarding school on Monday and I really like the story and I want to finish it😓😔….thanks😩

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