April 14, 2021


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The Royal Maid Episode 56

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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 56❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘Alondria I asking you did you do it please tell me the truth and I won’t let any harm come to you,alondria please there is an angry crowd outside waiting for you to be hanged please did you kill those maids I am begging you please say the truth please alondria’..The King begged and I sighed deeply..

‘Like I said before your highness it doesn’t really matter anymore!! No matter what I do I’ll always be hunted for the rest of my life and I don’t even know why your highness! So yes I killed those maids and I enjoyed killing them’.

‘Why did you do it then Alondria??’..he asked again.

‘And I have answered your question for the hundredth time your highness,I killed them because I wanted to kill them’..I replied with tears burning my eyes and he nodded..

‘I never knew it would come to this between us’..

‘Oh no you actually knew it would come to this your highness,well I’ll be dead soon so I think it’s good i say what’s in my mind right here and right now.All my life I have been nothing but a slave whose parents sold her at a very young age according to what I was told,I worked in the sand mines and every passing day I prayed for the suffering to end.When you bought Mara and I I thought my woes would’ve come down a notch but it only gets worse!! For months your mother and Princess Reana made my life a living hell all because I have blue eyes and beautiful hair which I don’t know how it manages to look good no matter what I do!! For months I had to sleep with one eye open so they won’t try to kill me!! Your—

‘Don’t talk about my mother like that Alondria!!’..

‘I will talk about her your highness!! I am pretty much going to be dead soon so it’s high time I say the truth about everything!! Your mother and Princess Reana added to the horrible scars behind my back!! They tortured Mara and I until she eventually gave up the ghost!! Princess Ariana wasn’t responsible for my scars Princess Reana was! Princess Nadia wasn’t lying when she said Princess Reana was cheating! Everything that happened I was in the middle of it and I am tired of being a mere puppet played by your kind!’..I cried out and all I saw in his eyes was anger and rage.

‘Very well then I sentence you to death by hanging Alondria,I hope you die peacefully’He said and walked away..

11 thoughts on “The Royal Maid Episode 56

  1. Is she really going to die like that chai I really pity her but come to think.of it why does it take so long to update na after waiting for day you will end up dropping short episode just 2minutes read haba it’s not fair encourage your readers the story is really interesting but the short episode kills morale

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