April 17, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 10

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(She hates him)

Episode 10


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Mykel’s pov:
“I’m serious, let’s go” Austin groused persistently.
The boys had already noticed my presence and they quickly stopped torturing the girl.

She gathered her wears and ran off with tears allover her face. I sighed and took my coat from Austin.

The boys started leaving and were practically hiding their faces.
That’s not usual. I was expecting them to pick a fight. Its been a while since I exercised my knuckles.

We hurried up and left the place after using the restroom. Lunch time must be over by now.

“Do you wanna know why they left you?” Austin asked sauntering behind me.
“They thought I must be the son of someone important so before they attack, they’d find out my background to avoid their father to loose their jobs” I replied and his jaw dropped.

“You’re so smart, bro! That’s totally the reason. This school is full of weirdos. Poor girl. Imagine what would have happened if we didn’t show up”.

I chuckled.
“If ‘I’ didn’t show up. They’d surely harass you too If you went there alone” I said hysterically.

“I guess you’re right again, bro. My glasses make me look like a nerd, don’t they? A cool person like you shouldn’t even be hanging out with me” He said despondently.

“Don’t get so cheeky. If there was something wrong about you, I wouldn’t even have responded when we bumped into each other earlier” I chimed in.

“Girls seems to like you a lot. Would you mind directing one to me?” He said and we laughed.

“If you want a girlfriend so bad, you can as well fix your hair a bit and dress super neat. The glasses are not a problem though. It makes you, you” I stated and he smiled.

“Thanks Mykel”.

Rissa’s pov:
School was over and my friends and I walked to the parking lot together. Everyone kept talking about Mykel and by everyone, I meant the whole girls around.

I’m definitely not jealous. He’s lucky to get such rare good looks but then, he’s still a criminal from a juvenile center.

We soon went on our separate ways and I got to where my car was parked. Mykel’s driver was still around waiting and I was excited that I get to go home before him.
Was this how it felt to have a sibling??

I saw someone walking towards me and I recognized him to be one of Lucas’s friends but he isn’t that close to him.

“Rissa, Lucas sent me. He wants to know if you can come over to his penthouse tonight for a private housewarming party. Only VIPs get to attend” He said with a dashing smile.

Mom and dad would never let me go to such things especially at night.
But this is Lucas! The son of the president that I’ve been admiring since we became classmates.

Lucas has never spoken to me, much less invite me to his penthouse for a private gathering for VIPs. This means he sees me as someone super important.
How can I give this up??

“I’m sorry but I won’t be coming. My parents won’t let me” I admitted knowing fully well that its a clear ‘no’ from dad.

“Oh…that’s too bad. I hope Lucas doesn’t take it personal. See you around” He said and left before I could breath.

Could it also be that Lucas is starting to have feelings for me?

C’mon Rissa! Don’t be stupid!!
Who knows if he has a girlfriend already.

I was about to enter the car when Mykel showed up along with a guy wearing glasses.

Holy cr*p!!!
They’re walking towards me.
He’s gonna make people think I know him.

I almost screamed when he walked past me without even sparing me a glance.
Thank God!
I turned around and hopped into my car.


The long awaited weekend was finally here! Mom and daughter’s day out. We would be spending the entire day together and I’ve written a few things I would want us to try out.

I wore a nice blue jeans and blue jacket. The sneakers were black with blue designs and I looked like I was going for some studio shoot.

Well, I had to look sophisticating because of surprise paparazzi.
It happened last year when mom and I went out to have fun. We had no idea that our photos and videos were being taken and when we got home that night, it was allover the news;

>>One of the American politician’s wife and daughter caught on camera having fun<<

It was super humiliating!

I literally ran downstairs like I was being chased. I just couldn’t wait to see what’s mom’s wearing.

I had almost reached the end of the stairs, when I tripped and almost fell to the ground. I was stunned to discover it was Mykel who caught me.

Jesus Christ!
He just touched me though I asked him never to.
He left me and I stood properly.

“Thanks” I whispered and he nodded.

He dipped his hand into his pocket and slipped out a white handkerchief. He wiped his hands with it and dropped it on the floor.
Is he trying to show that I’m dirty??

I ignored him as mom started climbing down the stairs. What the shrek?!
Her clothes were d**n exposed and you can hardly think she’s a murder to a sixteen years old.

Her curves popped out fully and her behind! Is this my mother?!!

“I hope we are all set to go” She said wearing a big smile.

“Good morning ma’am” Mykel greeted and I bit my lower lip.
Maybe this is an opportunity…

I waited for mom to approach us.
“Mom, Mykel was staring at your behind” i blurted.

“What???!!” They both yelled.

Rissa o😂😂🙆

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