April 17, 2021


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The dangerous Killer Episode 20

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💯{a bloody game}💯

Meenah writes ✍️

🔥 final episode 🔥

🌹 Vivek’s pov 🌹
We entered the house and Vivian is there already, wow, she’s smart…

“You’re smart baby sister” I said, smiling

“Vypra what are you doing here and why are you not in red?” She asked, eluding my compliments.

“I followed Vivek here for the last mission, he’s mine now” Vypra said…

“Is that true Vivek?” Vivian asked unbelievably

“Yes” I answered boldly and I saw Adam

“What is this motherfucker doing here?” I asked, pointing at him

“I’m Jones son” he answered and I became shocked…

“Really?, Then that’s great, get ready to die with your dad” I said and pulled the trigger…

“How about I do the last mission for you?” Vypra asked and I handed her the gun

“Vivek are you high?” Vivian asked…

“Don’t mind me, I’m thirsty for this revenge” I replied…

💟 Adam’s pov 💟
“If you wanna kill me, you’re free but it should be done by you, not this lady, she’s not your father’s daughter” I said

“But I’ve been given the gun, there’s nothing you can do about it” she said and shot dad on his forehead, tears fell from my eyes as he fell down dead

“Daaad!!” Gracie shouted in tears..

💧 Vivian’s pov 💧

“Vypra stay out of this, don’t shoot Adam or I’ll shoot you” I said in tears after Jones has been shot

“I’ll shoot and you can’t do anything” Vypra said fearlessly

“Then let’s do it” I said and stayed in front of Adam, pointing my gun at her

“You guys should corporate” Vivek said…

“Corporate my foot, you caused all this!!!” I yelled as I shot Vypra on her shoulder, she shot too but I dodged and bent down, the bullet hit the wall…

“Vypra, Vypra” Vivek said as he rushed to her..

I was surprised as she fell down, I thought she’s a spiritual being

Then Vivek started vomiting blood too and I ran to him

“What’s wrong?, You’re vomiting blood?” I asked

“I and Vypra share the same fate cos we’re united, I had sex with her already” he said and fell down, I caught him

“You’re gonna die?” I said scared

“Vypra is dead already cos you shot her in her shoulder which is our Archilles heel and since we share the same fate, I’ll die too….I’m sorry for not being a good brother to you, I’m sorry for not listening to you, I’m sorry for leaving you when I’m supposed to be with you, really sorry” he said and his eyes closed….he died..

“Noo, Vivek, stay with me, I’ll take you as you are, Vivek you’re the only one I have in this world, I can’t stay alone!!!” I shouted as Adam consoled me

Vivek and Vypra’s corpse turned to dust and disappeared…

“Now there’s nothing I’m doing in this world again” I thought as I pulled out my gun and pointed it at my head…

“Vivian, what are you doing?” Adam asked terrified…

“I have nothing left in this world, I’ll eventually be killed by heart attack, it’s better I die now, I’m sorry, take care of yourself and Gracie for me, goodbye” I said and shot…

💄 Adam’s pov 💄
“Nooo!!!” I shouted as I rushed to catch her before she’ll fall

Blood is gushing our of her head…

“Vivian, please don’t go, Vivian!!!!” I screamed as hot tears ran down my face…

Gracie came close and knelt down beside me crying too…

So this is where all the revenge plan ends…so bitter a pill to swallow….


Now you’ve seen how it ends…

What have you learnt?

Don’t tell me you haven’t leant anything

Thanks for reading

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