April 17, 2021


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The dangerous Killer Episode 19

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💯{a bloody game}💯

Meenah writes ✍️

🔥 episode nineteen 🔥
(Semi final)

⚡ Vivian’s pov ⚡
I’m outside the house right now, looking for how I can go in

Yes, I brought out my rope and made a noose which I threw up and it caught the rooftop..

I climbed through the rope and I got upstairs,…

I went in through the backdoor and tiptoed through the house…

I then spotted the girl yesterday in a bathtub, she’s actually bathing….

I just pray his father is the one I’m searching for

I went further and I finally came to a place that looks like a living room

I saw a man’s back and I brought out my gun

“Hey man” I said and he looked back…

It’s him, it’s Jones Brown and he looked shocked at my sight…

“So my trail is fruitful” I said and he started shivering…

“Jones, why are you so cruel, you headed the group nine years to kill my family cos of properties and you think you’ll go Scot free? You wiped your records and changed your name, you even ran away from America, you think you’ll always escape?, I’ve killed your minions and you’ll surely die today!!!” I yelled in anger,still pointing my gun at him

“Dad, who’s yelling” someone said, coming downstairs, it’s the little girl…she is shocked to see gun with me cos she started shivering immediately..

“Don’t worry angel, I’ll only kill your dad, and I’ll take care of you cos your dad committed a grievous sin years ago” I said….

“What did he do?” Someone asked and I looked back and met the shock of my life…. it’s actually Adam

“A….a….a…Adam” I stuttered…

“Yes, it’s me,I’m the first son of this old man” he said, facing me…

“You are?” I asked unbelievably…

“Yes, I’m Adam Brown, and I’ve been hearing all what you’ve been saying since, he’s your last target right?” He said and I nodded… this is just too unreal and very bitter a pill to swallow..I can’t believe this…

“Gracie, daddy and his minions killed the family of this lady right here” he said to her junior sis who’s crying already

“Dad is it true?” She asked and Jones nodded… She cried more…

Two figures suddenly appeared…

Vivek and Vypra…


Final saga on the way..

Guess their fate, what do you think will happen in the last episode?, Any guesses?

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