April 17, 2021


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The dangerous Killer Episode 17

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💯{A bloody game}💯

Meenah writes ✍️

🔥 episode Seventeen 🔥

♨️ Vivek’s pov ♨️
“Now how do you think I’ll get hold of Jones?, He’s hiding somewhere and I’m getting fed up” I asked Tony my friend…

“Don’t be fed up, ok let’s do it like this, he just arrived here last week and he’s wiped all his records on the internet

He’s changed his name and his children’s name

He has an account with his new name, let’s search for banks and their records of transactions

💎 Vivian’s pov 💎
I searched all the bars and always got their CCTV footage but all to no avail, the payment details didn’t give any information…

I am getting fed up

Then today, I decided to go cool off my nerves by walking around a shopping mall…

I saw a lady holding a girl, they were actually shopping…

“I can’t understand daddy again these days” the young girl said..

“I know but he’s doing all what he’s doing to keep you safe” said the older woman..

By now, I’m listening with rapt attention

“Who does that?, I can’t go to school nor anywhere, he’s camping me, he even changed my name from Gracie to Mercy” she complained bitterly…

“That’s why your brother is always angry, I just pray that your dad should still be out by the time we’ll get back home” the older lady said…

“Thanks for taking me out, it’s really nice to feel the breeze of Alaska” the girl said as she hugged the woman before they both went out…

My brain started calculating, this might just be his youngest daughter, all what she said was pointing to him

I followed them out of the boutique unnoticed and boarded a cab which followed them stealthily…

They stopped in front of a building and entered…

I made to enter but I thought twice

I should come tomorrow to enable me to prepare well, and besides,I’m not very sure if he’s the one so I have to be patient

I went back home

⛱️ Jones Brown pov ⛱️
“How dare you take my daughter out?!!!” I yelled at Taylor the maid…

“I’m sorry sir but she insisted she wants to go out” she said facing down

“But I told you strictly not to take her out, so just because I went out for a while, you now decided to go against my orders, what if something bad has happened?!!!” I yelled angrily

“I’m sorry sir” she mumbled..

“No need to be sorry, you’re fired” I said and she knelt down crying…

“Get out of my house and never come back!!!” I yelled and she went upstairs to pack her bags…

That was close..


Coming closer…

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