April 17, 2021


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The dangerous Killer Episode 14

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💯{a bloody game}💯

Meenah writes ✍️

🔥 episode fourteen 🔥

💥 Vivek’s pov 💥
I’ve left Vivian’s house since she wants us to do the last mission separately

Vivian can be stubborn at times

I went back to Tony and there we mapped out the plan together

But there’s one thing, we can’t find his records anywhere but I know he’s surely taking refuge somewhere

☎️ Jones Brown pov ☎️
We got to Alaska and settled down in a newly bought house

I’ll run the company from there

I told all my staffs in America not to tell anyone about my records else, they’ll lose their job

I cleared all my records on the internet and on the cloud and everywhere…

I changed my name to James Brown

“Dad, I’m getting confused, now why are we here?” Adam asked, pacing around the living room

“Listen up, your name from now on is Ajay Brown” I said

“Why?” He asked and I slapped him

“Didn’t you hear what your sister said?, Killers are after us” I said

“Why are they after us?, For all I know, I did nothing for killers to be after me so you should take your time and tell me the sin you committed” he said but I ignored him

“Gracie, from now on, your name is Mercy Brown” I said and Gracie nodded

“Dad, I promise you that I will get to the root of these” Adam said and stormed out of the living room

💝 Vivian’s pov 💝
I tried to use my ability to locate Jones company this morning but I couldn’t…

“What’s happening?” I thought as I sat on the couch

“Vivi” I heard and looked back

It’s Vypra

“Vypra, it’s been ages, are you angry?” I asked

“No I’m not angry,I’m mad at you and for your information, your spiritual powers has been taken from you” she said

“No, just tell me you’re joking” I said, terrified

“I’m not laughing when I said it, I took it from you cos you turned deaf hears to my warning, now I’m gonna bestow it on your brother” she said

“No, you can’t do that, Vivek can’t manage it, he’ll misuse the power!!!” I yelled.

“Well, let’s see if he will, I’ll see you later” she said and disappeared

“Vypra nooooooooo, you can’t leave me, you can’t do this!!!” I screamed as I landed on the floor crying


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