April 14, 2021


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Loving A Superstar Episode 42

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🎙️🎶🎧Loving a Superstar🎙️🎶🎧

❤️(My rude and Arrogant boss)❤️

🎧❤️Episode 42🎧❤️

Jason’s POV ♥️

At Night 🌃
‘Get a hold of yourself Jason you’re making a f**king scene here! What are you doing?!’..James asked as he helped me get into my car..

‘Ohh James you should’ve just left me there to drink my life away but no—You meddle like always’..I grunted grabbing a bottle of booze from the back seat but he slapped it away..

‘Look at yourself?! Take a very good look at yourself!’..He said with spite in his voice’..

‘What?’..My brows perked up as he ignited the car’s engine..

‘You’re seriously asking me that?? Dude you’re all over the tabloids with the claim that you’re going through a very nasty heartbreak or depression!!’..He yelled..

‘Well they’re not far from wrong though’..I chuckled in my drunken state and he sighed deeply..

‘Well they’re wrong, it’s not your heart that’s broken,you broke someone else’s and now you’re wallowing in pure guilt! Very mature of you Jason Stone and I’m getting a f**king raise’..

‘You’ll get your raise alright!! Just take me to the hospital first’..

‘Why?? For what reason??’..

‘I need to see a doctor for something important! Just drive James!’.

Candy’s POV ♥️

I quickly turned off my phone as Cole’s call came in and smiled at the little girl who handed her lollipop over to me..

‘It’s okay little one,I’m not in need of it’..I whispered..

‘I am not little I’m five years old’..She said in her tiny voice and I chuckled a little bit..

‘Okay then young lady,where’s your mom??’…I asked..

‘My mom just went to visit Jesus in heaven,dad told me a while ago but I’m sure she’s going to come back’..She replied and I felt a little bit of heartache..

Her mother hasn’t gone to visit Jesus?? Well she might have in a kind of way but it also meant that she was dead..

‘Hmmm what’s your name??’..I asked..

‘Melanie but everyone calls me Lanie’..She replied and I ruffled her short blonde hair..

‘Are you married??’..She asked and I bursted into laughter..

‘No I’m not,I’m single actually’..

‘Really?? And why is that so funny to you??’.

‘Well because I’m not someone who’s going to find a husband any time soon you know?? You’re just a kid you won’t understand’..I murmured and she rested her head on my laps..

‘You know sometimes I wish I had a baby brother,Dad said mommy can’t give birth anymore and maybe that’s why she’s gone to meet Jesus—To ask for a baby brother’..She said and a very large lump formed in my throat..

On second thoughts I don’t think I want to abort my baby anymore..

This little girl has changed my perspective in one way or the other and MJ is right..My baby deserves to live..

‘Candy??’..I heard a familiar voice say my name and when i turned around it was him..

Oh God..

Why now??.

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