April 17, 2021


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Loving A Superstar Episode 41

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🎙️🎶🎧Loving a Superstar🎙️🎶🎧

❤️(My rude and Arrogant boss)❤️

🎧❤️Episode 41🎧❤️

Candy’s POV ♥️

The Next Morning 🌥️
‘Listen to me MJ!! The only reason I told you this in the first place was because I could trust you okay?? Don’t make me regret this’..I pleaded as I grabbed Mj’s arm..

‘He deserves to know what he did to you! That bastard even deserves to pay for hurting you!’..He groaned and I smiled..

‘I know you want revenge so badly but right now I just need you to help me get some particular drugs okay??’.


‘Yes I need some—

‘Wait you’re not trying to kill the child are you Candy??’..


‘Oh my God Candy of all the things I could imagine you doing killing a child isn’t one of them!’..He said aloud and I winced..

‘Look I have no choice okay?? it’s what’s best for me and my—

‘Your child??.Just because it’s father is a douchebag doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be born?? You’re one of the best person’s I know and when I say you’re going to be a good mom you’re going to be a good mom Candy’..He said resting his hands on my shoulder and I felt tears pouring out..

‘Thank you so much MJ what would I do without you??’..I hugged him and sighed deeply…

I don’t want to bring my child into a world where it’s not wanted..

My child deserves a happy family and if it’s not going to get one then it’s better not to be born at all in this kind of circumstance..

Jason doesn’t care about me or even gives a damn if I exsist and I won’t let my own baby not be loved by it’s father..

I was a victim of a broken home..

My dad never loved my mom so they always spent half of their married lives arguing and screaming at each other while I just hid in the closet with my brother..

Their relationship made me believe that love was all a sham but when I started working for Jason and the first time he kissed me I felt loved again..

My heart opened to the slightest possibility that maybe someone could love me and I could love that person back..

But it’s all a sham anyways..

A very terrible mistake on my own part so I’m going to rectify that mistake..

I am going to abort the child..

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