April 14, 2021


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Kidnapped By A Billionaire (KBAB) Episode 35

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“Dad don’t you think it’s time to tell her the truth?” I say while dad just kept a straight face looking at his phone

After some few minutes when I thought he wasn’t going to respond he finally responded nochantly

“Well I think so too since half of the truth has been revealed” he says drily putting his phone down

“Okay then I’ll do it when she wakes up” I say nervously

Geez this is huge.What if she leaves me for keeping such thing from her

The doctor walked into the living room.

“Expect them to be awake in the next few minutes. It insnt actually that bad. It was just some anxiety shock for the both of them” he says and then bid us a goodbye before finally walking out

“Geez !” I rub my hands together anxiously and wipe off sweat from my forehead

“You know you can just let the secret be till I’m ready to reveal it right” Dad says and I scoff

“No I’m definitely doing this by myself” I said and walked out

I should probably stay in her room till she wakes up

What if she starts to hate me after I revealed It?

What if she leaves me?

No! I shouldn’t have negative. I shouldn’t be selfish about this.

I sat on a chair beside her staring at her peaceful looking face


I felt a hand tapping me and jerked up. I rubbed my eyes to see Selena staring at me intently

“Hey” she says with a shrug and I forced a smile

“Are you okay?” She asks and I shrug “I should be the one asking that” I say and she scoffs

“Where’s Eric ?” She asks “In his room I think” I say and she sighs heavily

“I still can’t believe he is my brother” she says staring Into space

“Look Selena we gotta talk” I say and she snaps her head to my direction

“Don’t tell me you wanna break up with me because i killed that bastard ” she says and i laugh drily

“Why would I do that. You should know that I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you” I say and she let out a sigh of relief with a huge shy blush

“Okay what do you wanna tell me ?” She asked after a long awkward silence

“Uhhm. Let me just say this quickly. Your parents are still alive” I say and shut my eyes

“H-o-w” she stutters and I open my eyes to find her looking at me like she has seen a ghost

“Well…Dad kind of saved them back then and he has been working on bringing them out of coma ever since” I say fidgeting with my fingers

Tears falls from her eyes as she stands up running her hands through her hair

“This can’t be true. I saw the wall fall on them. I saw the wall with fire fall on them”she says

“Dad says he was a good friend of Donald back then. He says he overhead him telling his guards to start fire at your family house and when he went to save you and your family he found out that you are already gone but your parents had a chance of living ” I say and she scoffs out tears

“Why didn’t you tell me as soon as you found out that they are my parents”she asks and I sigh

“Dad said I shouldn’t. He wanted to perform a plastic surgery on the both of them to complete his dream of being a surgeon” I say

“Oh so you decided to act selfish. When you saw me having nightmares thinking my parents died. You decided to keep it to yourself” she yells

“Selena it was for the best who knew if you would have decided to ley them live with a burnt skin” I say

“Yeah who would have knew. No one would have knew cause no one decided to ask. You can’t just conclude your assumptions” she yells

“Another thing is that Gianna is your biological sister” I say this time my own tears falling and she laughs sarcastically

“Gianna is 15 so if I had a sister that I knew nothing about she would have been 12′ she says and I sigh heavily

“That’s because my mom and your mom gave birth at the same time 15 years ago . Mom had miscarriage and desperately took Gianna to please dad. Dad found out only 2 years ago” I say and she shakes her head in disagreement before finally blacking out
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