April 14, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 9

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(She hates him)

Episode 9


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Mykel’s pov:
I was so glad that I wasn’t classmates with Rissa. My classroom was right next to hers just like our bedrooms.

My new classroom is quiet and we barely up to ten. Just the way I wanted it.

I took a seat at the back row before setting out the contents in my schoolbag.

Rissa’s mom also mentioned getting a new cellphone just for me. As much as I would like being under her care, I would also want to return back to Korea.

I can’t stay here forever neither do I need to adjust to this life.
Its not going to end and from the way I see it, Rissa’s going to get me into trouble with her awkward hatred for me.

I felt a tap on the shoulder and I looked to see who it was. Oh! Austin.
What’s he doing here??

“Seems like we are both in makeup class” He chimed into my thoughts.

“Makeup class??” I asked curiously.
“Yeah…this class is made especially for students who are trying to get into a new class without formerly being members of this school. Once you pass the special exam coming up, you get promoted into the original class” He explained.

I smiled.
Passing the examination won’t be a problem.

*Oh my!* I heard some voices and glanced at the three girls sitting at the front row.

They were totally gazing at me and they weren’t shy at all.

Rissa should come see this.
I quickly chuckled at the thought.

I wonder why she’s so pissed off about having me around.

“You’re so good looking. Are you sure you wanna go to school? Private lessons are pretty affordable” Austin blurted.

“I have no choice” I replied dryly.

Rissa’s pov:
“…Imagine building a house that’s actually shaped like a pineapple” Alex chipped and we all laughed.

“You’re crazy!” I teased.
She smiled and covered her plate.

The cafeteria was occupied with students moving up and down, only few were settled around a table eating.
Thats how it is during lunch time.

Suddenly, a group of girls walked in attracting so much attention that we had to look.

“Madison and her minions” Zoe groused rolling her eyes.

“I’m thinking of quitting gymnastics. Its not fair that our efforts are not being recognized and Madison is always at the spotlight” Alex complained and I sighed.

“I’m not gonna stop you from leaving, Alex. Its your choice but someone’s got to put an end to this Madison madness. I’m gonna keep showing her that she’s not the best as she claims she is” I added surly.

Alex and Zoe smiled.
“You can do this, Rissa”.

Madison and her slaves walked past our table. We share a brief eye contact but she doesn’t react. She went on her way to the counter.

Thats how it has always been.
We don’t exchange words but we are great enemies. I don’t know what made her have cold and cruel feelings towards me and she has been showing it the little ways she can and I needed no soothsayer to tell me that she hates me.

“So, about the new Korean guy whom we have no idea what his name is – I have plans of taking photos of him” Alex giggled.

“God! Give me a break! You’re being so immature Alex” I bickered.

“What do you expect? I’m sixteen for God’s sake!” She mumbled.

“Well…good luck with that” I grumbled, busy stirring the spaghetti on the plate.

My phone beeped underneath the purse I held. I brought it out as it continuously vibrated.

It was a notification from Instagram, thus;

>>Lucas Forbes followed you!<<

Oh my God!!!
I screamed like a little girl.
Lucas Forbes followed me!

“What’s wrong?” Zoe asked concerned.
“Did somebody die??” Alex added and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, silly! Lucas Forbes just followed me on Instagram—”

“Aargh!!!” They both screamed which definitely brought attention from all sides of the cafeteria.

But hold on….Why???

Mykel’s pov:
Austin and I were starting to talk much better. He couldn’t leave me alone for one second and was eager to help me out with anything at all.

He also helped save me from a group of girls that wanted to hug the light out of me. Two of the girls even engaged in a fight just to hold my hand.

Since I wouldn’t want that to repeat itself, I took another route that led to the restroom.

Austin was the one doing the leading while I followed quietly.

“This place looks different” I mumbled feeling quite uncomfortable.

“Actually, this is the old restroom. People no longer come down here…but it’s still good as new” He replied excitedly.

We got to the door and the first thing that welcomed us was the voice of a girl wailing.

“I think we should go” Austin whispered taking my hand.

I declined and went ahead to open the door. My fist tightened around the knob as a live show went on in front of me.

A girl was pinned to the wall and was being stripped forcefully off her clothes by three boys at a time. She keeps struggling to get away but they wouldn’t let her.

“Mykel, let’s go. Please!” Austin pleaded in more whispers.

I slowly pulled off my jacket and handed It to Austin who took it immediately.

“Find me a stick” I whispered and his face dropped.

What’s about to happen o😋😋

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