April 17, 2021


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Remember me Episode 7

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♦️ episode seven ♦️

Meenah writes ✍️

💥💥 Writer’s pov💥💥
At the purple fairies hideout

“Good job BoNa, you did the edition very well” Nana said.

“It’s nothing hard, I just removed the head of the pornstar and edited her head right here, it’s called photoshopping, luckily, her body colour matced that of the pornstar” BoNa said.

“Well guys, this is the beginning of her sufferings, let’s watch how her life will become a living hell” min ha said.

“Let’s see how she’s gonna get out of this” Nana said.

🍓🍓Maria’s pov🍓🍓
“Sis, who exactly can do this?” I asked when we’re finally at home, Mavis followed us home today.

“Who else but the purple fairies” Suzy said.

“But how can they be so heartless” I said.

“Heartless you say, they’re the devil triplets” Mavis said.

“Then how are we gonna find evidence that it’s fake?” I asked.

My phone ringed, it’s my friend, Lee Ji ha.

📲 Hello dear
📲 Are you at home?, I have something to tell you about your sis and it’s urgent.
📲Sure, I’m at home. I hanged up..

“It’s my friend Ji ha, BoNa’s sis” I said.

“You’re friends with BoNa’s sis?” Mavis asked alarmed.

“Don’t worry, she’s not like her sis, she’s coming now and she might be of help” I said.

Five mins later, Ji ha came in with a laptop.

“Watssup guys, we gotta be fast about this, I borrowed my sister’s laptop this morning to download music and here is what I found” she said and showed us a porn video, the same as the one in the school website just that the heads are different, instead of Suzy’s head,it’s the original head. “It’s the video that was edited” Ji ha said and showed us another video, the one with Suzy’s head.

“I saw this in the morning and I was shocked, I didn’t give her the laptop and she forgot to ask before going to school so I placed a bug on her backpack as you all know, her backpack is always at the front instead of her back, when she came back from school, I removed the small bug from her backpack unnoticed and here’s the video it recorded” she said and inserted the bug into the laptop, it played an audio featuring The purple fairies, how they edited the video and everything they said concerning it was shown.

“How can I thank you for this” I said.

“You don’t have to thank me, I’m just feeling bad for having a rookie as a sis” Ji ha said.

“First thing tomorrow morning, we’re submitting the laptop and the bug containing the audio to the principal, thanks Ji ha for not being like your sis” Mavis said.

“It’s nothing, so I’ll be sleeping here tonight cos if I go home, BoNa will want to collect her laptop” Ji ha said.

“And how are you going to get your uniform?” I asked and she pointed out a polythene bag.

“All what I need for school tomorrow is here so don’t worry” she said and smiled.

“That means I’m also gonna sleep here” Mavis said.

“You can’t do that, remember you told me you sneaked out to school this morning, u’ll be scolded for that and now if you sleep out, that’s double scolding” Suzy said.

“Smiles, I’m just kidding, I have to go now, I’ll come back to pick everyone tommorow morning” Mavis said and bade us goodbye before going out, Suzy escorted him.

“Is your sis dating him?” Ji ha asked.

“No, just friends” I answered.

“Oh, I see” she mumbled.

🍸🍸 BoNa’s pov🍸🍸
I got home and I can’t find my laptop, I became nervous, I can remember I gave my laptop to Ji ha this morning , we don’t usually get along but I don’t know what made me give her, I checked her room and can’t find her there, by now I’m shivering.

I picked my phone and called Nana.

📲 Hello Nana, I can’t find Ji ha and my laptop
📲Eh, the laptop we did the edition with?, How can you be so careless?, U should have deleted everything Immediately you finished.
📲 Look, I know this is my fault and I’m sorry but what are we gonna do.
📲 Your sis will try to submit it to the principal tommorow morning, first thing tomorrow, we’re going to school.
📲 Thanks friend, I’ll call min ah to inform her .

🤚🤚 Suzy’s pov🤚🤚
It’s another day, I’m super happy cos I’m gonna be free today.

We all dressed up and Mavis came early too with another laptop.

“And what’s the laptop for?” I asked.

“I plan to do something with it in school” he answered.

We hopped into the car and Mavis started driving but halfway through the road, the car suddenly stopped.

“Oh my gosh, this car, don’t do this today” Mavis said and opened the bonnet.

“I dunno what to do” he said.

“We should be in school already by now” Ji ha said.

“You know what?, Go to school and submit these evidence to the principal immediately, I’ll meet you there” Mavis said and we took the laptop, we boarded a cab that took us to school.

On getting there, no students in school yet cos it’s still too early but the purple fairies appeared.

“Oh, so you thought you could just use my laptop as you want” BoNa said facing Ji ha.

“Devilish sis, your secret is out already and we’re submitting this to the principal” Ji ha said pointing out the laptop but that’s her mistake cos BoNa snatched the laptop from her and smacked it on the ground, it scattered into bits…

It’s getting interesting.

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