April 11, 2021


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Remember me Episode 6

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♦️ episode six ♦️

Meenah writes ✍️

🍿🍿Mavis pov🍿🍿
I caught the flu this morning and dad kept insisting that I shouldn’t go to school.

“No dad, I can’t sit at home doing nothing” I said.

“Mavis, you’re freezing up and you’re still telling me that you’re going to school?, No way” dad said.

“Ok, I won’t” I said but I have my plans.

I pretended to be asleep in my room, while dad was watching TV in the living room, I tiptoed and went out through the kitchen door.

K didn’t take my car cos dad would catch me so I boarded Uber, I just really need to go cos I can’t afford not seeing Suzy for the whole of today, I didn’t bother to branch her house cos I know she’ll be in school already.

I entered the class and the class is rowdy and noisy with everyone looking at their phones.

“What’s happening” I thought.

Louis came to me immediately.

“Haven’t you heard?” He asked.

“About what?” I asked.

He took out his phone and showed me a video in the school website, it’s a porn video featuring Suzy.

I threw the phone away Immediately.
“No, this can’t be, this is editing, the Suzy I know is not a pornstar” I said and before I knew it, tears are already rolling down my eyes.

“Where’s Suzy right now?” I asked.

“She’s at the principal’s office, receiving queries” Louis said.

I ran as fast as I can to the principal’s office but I met Ji ho on the way.

“Your so-called friend is a pornstar” he said and I slapped him, he raised his hand to slap me back but I held it midair.

“You ragamuffin, don’t you ever call her that again, and mind you, I’m going to find the perpetrators very soon” I said and threw his hand off then continued running to the principal’s office.

I got there and met Suzy on her knees in front of all the school committees.

“You’re not invited here Mavis” Mr Choi, the principal said.

“I know but I came to speak for her, Suzy is not a pornstar, the video was edited by an expert” I said.

“And how can you prove that?, She has tarnished the name of the school” Mr Choi said.

“I know you won’t believe me that easily and that’s why I’m gonna ask for only tommorow, if I don’t bring any proof, then do whatever you want” I said.

“If you insist, but after tommorow, if there’s no evidence that the video is fake, we’re expelling her from the school and no school in Korea will be allowed to take her again” Mr Choi said as I took Suzy out of the office.

I took her to my personal exercising room cos every member of the sunkissers has his own personal exercising room.

Once there, Suzy hugged me tight with hot tears on her face.

“Mavis, this is the greatest humiliation of my life, I’m not a pornstar, I don’t watch porns and sex videos, how can the purple fairies do this to me cos I know they’re the only ones that can do this” she said

“Suzy, I believe you so don’t panic and I’m promising you that by tommorow, we’re gonna get proof” I assured.

“Even Ji ho of all people, you need to see how he disgraced me in class today” she said.

“Don’t talk about that crybaby again” I said.

She broke the hug and faced me, her fresh breath brushing my face.

“Mavis, you’re the best, thanks for trusting me, I really a…….I cutted her off by landing my lips on hers, I kissed her passionately and she kissed me back.

Love in the air

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