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Remember me Episode 5

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Remember me

♦️ episode five ♦️

Meenah writes ✍️

🍭Mavis pov🍭
I went to check on Suzy at the swimming arena but I’m surprised to find her sitting down, crying.

“Suzy, why are you crying?” I asked but she kept crying.

“Suzy talk to me” I said.

“I tried swimming but I drowned, Ji ho saved me but not without insulting me” she said tiredly.

“Oh my jeez, why did you try swimming when you’re not even a professional” I asked.

“I look stupid right? But I dunno why I did it, I think it’s just a simple thing” she said.

You see, Ji ho is not a bad person, the hate he harbours towards his father is what he intensionally spreads everywhere, if you get to know him, he’s kind hearted but first, lemme teach you how to swim” I said

I jumped into the pool and explained all the swimming styles to her, I gently helped her into the pool and stayed behind her, helping her to move her legs and arms, by the time we’re done, she knew everything about swimming.

“Thanks” she wishpered once we came out of the pool.

“It’s nothing” I said and helped her Clean the pool.

🍹🍹Suzy’s pov🍹🍹
I’ve told Maria to go to the shop once she’s done and by now, she’ll be in the shop, I bade Mavis goodbye.

“No, you can’t trek home, I’ll give you a ride in my car” he said.

“But you don’t need to” I said.

“I insist” he answered and I hopped into the car, he drove me to the shop and I bade him goodbye and entered the shop.

“OMG, that’s Mavis, one of the sunkissers” Maria said when I entered.

“Why do you like to pose your nose in other people’s affairs?” I questioned.

“U’re my sis so tell me, wats going on between you two, oh, I get it, your dyed hair made him fall for you, I couldn’t help but notice your gorgeousness this morning when we were preparing for school but I decided to keep it to myself” she said.

“Really?” I answered.

“Yes” she said.

“Well, if you must know, he’s just a friend and nothing more” I said.

“Like seriously?” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Absolutely” I said and smiled.

Then I brought out my untouched doshirak (lunchbox) .

“You didn’t go to the cafeteria today again?” She asked.

“Yes, I’ve never been to the school cafeteria, I’ll go tommorow” I said.

“That place is heaven” Maria said.

“What’s so special about the cafeteria, it’s just a place you go to eat” I said.

“You’ll see for yourself tommorow” she said as we cleaned up the shop.

It’s another day, I dressed up for school and went out with my sis, guess who I saw?, It’s Mavis.

“I’ll give you a ride” he said smiling revealing his killer dimples.

“But Mavis, you only dropped me at the ramyeon shop yesterday, I didn’t tell you my address, how did you know this place?” I asked.

“I have my own ways, alright cuties, get inside, we’re getting late” he said and I hopped into the car with Maria still surprised.

We got to school and immediately we stepped out of the car, purple fairies appeared.

“Don’t tell me our Mavis is dating this asshole now” Nana said, more of an insult than a question.

“Sometimes, people tend to name
People their real names” I said and Maria giggled.

“Oh, I guess your new dyed hair is what you’re proud of” Nana said.

“Thank God I have something I’m proud of, not like you who have nothing but shit in your brain” I said.

“Let’s go cuties” Mavis said and we left them.

“Thanks for the drive” I said once we’re inside the class.

“It’s nothing” he said smiling. Sometimes I feel there’s a burning request under that cute smile he always gives.

It’s lunchtime and I must visit the cafeteria today, I picked my lunchbox that’s stuffed with ramyeon already since I have no money for expensive lunch, I went to the cafeteria and wow, it’s a beautiful sight, no wonder Maria called it heaven, I found myself a seat, it’s actually a three seater but I just sat down.

Immediately I sat down, all eyes were on me. “Why is everyone looking at me?” I asked myself.

Immediately, the purple fairies appeared and came to me.

“Are you blind?, You’re sitting on the great purple fairies seat” Nana said.

“Oh, I see, that’s why everyone has been boring holes in my body with their stares?, Well, there are other seats in the cafeteria and nobody will stop you from seating down” I said and opened my lunchbox and started eating.

“Give it to me” I heard Nana say, holding her palm out to BoNa.

BoNa poured something that looks like sand to Nana’s hand and before I could say jack Robinson, she poured it inside my food, it’s actually sand.

“Continue eating, Sandy food is the best for a lowlife like you” min ha said.

My eyes turned red with anger, I took the lunchbox and poured the contents on them.

“You incredible bitch” BoNa said.

“I’m not gonna let you have your way with me, I’ll….

Someone cutted me off by pulling my hand from behind, I followed but I still faced the girls, insulting them “you bunch of prostitutes, lowlifes and plastic dolls….

I faced the person once we’re at the field, it’s Ji ho.

“What were you doing there stupid girl, those girls are dangerous, they can do anything” he said.

“So, now you Care about the girl you always snub” I fired before breaking my hand free from his grip.

“Anyways, thanks for saving me at the pool yesterday” I said and walked away.

📍📍Ji ho’s pov📍📍
I got home feeling exhausted, I’m the only one living in this house anyways.

Well, I couldn’t take my mind off how Suzy left me standing at school today, I’m greatly bothered about it and I dunno why.
The reason I pulled her from the cafeteria when I saw her fighting with the purple fairies is what I can’t explain.
I’m even surprised at how quickly I jumped into the water to save her yesterday. Wats happening to me?.

🍓Maria’s pov🍓
At the ramyeon shop
“Sis, I’m so proud of how you stood up to the purple fairies at the cafeteria today” I said proudly.

“You saw me?” She asked.

“Of course, and guess what?, My best friend, Lee ji ha that I told you about is a junior sis to one of the purple fairies” I said.

“Which of them?” She asked.

“Lee BoNa” I said.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” She asked.

“No cause for alarm sis, she she’s not like her sis, she’s told me countless times about how fed up she is about her sis, she’s even one of your fans at the cafeteria today, she kept shouting ‘bravo’ when you’re dealing with them” I said.

🌀🌀Suzy’s y🌀🌀
It’s been two months since I joined moonlight high school and Mavis and I are still best of friends though his behavior sometimes resembles that of a person who wants something more than friends.

Ji ho has become a little more quiet these days and I’ve caught him once or twice, stealing glances at me in class.

Louis, the third member of the sunkissers is just like a cacupinno, he talks less but he knows a lot.

And my worst nightmare, the purple fairies has become coolheaded this past one month, little did I know that they have a plan for me.

Today is Monday and I’m late for school cos I waited for Mavis to come pick me up but he didn’t show up so I decided to trek.

I got to class and everyone was looking at me and staring at their phones at the same time. “What’s happening?” I thought.

“What a waste of talent, u should just quit school and become a full-time pornstar, I’m sure you will make it there” someone said.

I know that voice, it’s Ji ho, he hissed and threw a phone at me then walked out.

I picked the phone and what I saw made my whole world want to crumble.

It’s me, featuring in a porn video…


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