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♦️ episode three♦️

Meenah writes ✍️

🍬 Suzy’s pov🍬

“You can go clean up yourself in the restroom” the teacher said and I shamefully walked out of the classroom.

Out of excitement for our new school, i have forgotten to put on pad this morning.
“How am I going to enter the class now” I thought as I cleaned up, I have no pad with me so I used my handkerchief as pad.

I decided to enter the class after my skirt has dried up and luckily for me, it collided with lunchtime so I met no one in the class, everyone has gone to the cafeteria.

I took my seat and didn’t bother going to the cafeteria to avoid jest from my classmates.

The bell sounded, signifying the end of lunchtime and my classmates entered, they all kept staring at me but I kept my head up surprisingly.

The last three girls to enter the class came to me; “I’m Nana”
. “I’m BoNa”
” I’m min ha”
“We’re the purple fairies” they all chorused.

“And how am I supposed to be concerned about that” I said.

“How dare you talk to purple fairies like that” Nana said.

After that shameful occurrence that happened to you, how dare you keep your head up and talk” BoNa said.

“It’s not a shameful occurrence, it happens and it’s just a mistake, I didn’t kill” I said.

“It seems you want me to torture you” Nana said.

“And it seems you’re the leader of these bunch of crybabies” I said pointing at min ha and BoNa but Nana grabbed my finger and squeezed it hard and I pulled her hair. The whole class cheered but someone talked.

“This is too childish” i looked at the person and it’s the ramyeon guy.

“Ji ho” Nana shouted.

“Oh, so his name is Ji ho” I thought.

Nana faced me again. “This is not over yet” she said and left me.

The rest of the day looks boring to me and when the closing bell finally sounded, I’m the first to get out of the class.
Maria is already waiting for me at the school gate.

“How’s your first day at school” I asked.

“Twas fun sis, my classmates are friendly, I even have a bestie, her name is Ji ha” she said smiling.

“Well, good for you” I said.

“What’s wrong sis, are your classmates not friendly?” She asked.

“Friendly my foot, they are the opposite, especially the purple fairies” I said.

“Oh, did you also meet the sunkissers, it’s a guys group headed by Ji ho” she said.

“No wonder he’s so resentful and you know what?, I got stained today and I was humiliated” I said

“Oh my jeez, that’s too much on your first day” she said.

“Don’t worry about me, just be happy” I said as we entered the ramyeon shop.

“Ma’am fish, Maria will be working with me from today” I said.

“No qualms, just work hard” ma’am fish said.

She always has lots of customers Cos her ramyeon is the best in this part of Seoul.

📍📍 Suzy’s pov📍📍
It’s my second day at school, I came early to avoid the stares of my classmates but surprisingly, I met a guy in the class.i decided not to talk to him and I sat down quietly but he came to me.

“Hi I’m Mavis, a member of the sunkissers” he said.

“Oh, I see” I said.

“The occurrence yesterday, I know it’s a common mistake and I like the way you held your head up” he said.

“Thanks” I mumbled.

“Friends?” He asked.

“Eh” I whimpered..

He held out his hand for a handshake, I took it and said, “friends”

He smiled, revealing his cute dimples but truth be told, he’s handsome.

Students later came to the class and classes started. At lunchtime, I was heading to the cafeteria when I saw Ji ho, I decided to talk to him maybe he won’t shout at me.

“Hey” I said as I got near him.

He removed his headphones and looked at me then he put them back and continued walking, he snubbed me and walked away.

I hissed and continued walking to the cafeteria when someone suddenly pushed me from behind, I fell down and hit my nose on the ground, blood gushed out immediately and I was shocked.

I looked up and found out it’s Nana

“Why are you talking to my Ji ho” she asked and I stood up and answered the question with a slap on her face.

“You nitwit, how dare you slap me” she said holding her face.

I raised my hand to slap her again for calling me a nitwit but someone held my hand from behind…

Who is it?

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