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Remember me Episode 19

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♦️Episode nineteen♦️
(Semi finale)

Meenah writes ✍️

😍😍Ji ho’s pov😍😍
“What!!!, My friend is not a chicken, he can’t die just like that” I said and grabbed the doctor by his collar.

“Take it easy Ji ho” he said.

“Mavis missed you so much, you had amnesia and lost your memory which made you hate him so much, he always longed for the day you’ll regain your memory and come back to him, he suffered a lot while waiting cos you hate him like mad, now you got back your memory and he’s dead, this is so unreal” Maria lamented.

Suzy ran out of the ward with tears in her eyes and we followed, Mavis has been laid in a stretcher ready to be taken to the mortuary when we got to his ward.

💝💝 Suzy’s pov💝💝
I never knew all this happened to me, I lost my memory?, Oh God, Mavis must have suffered a lot, I knelt beside the stretcher he was laid on and held his hand.

“Mavis, please come back to me, m sorry for keeping you waiting, m sorry for making you suffer but I’m not in my right senses then, please Mavis just look at me” I lamented while crying loudly.

My tears soaked the white clothe his body was wrapped with, for about 30mins, I’m still crying and suddenly his hand shaked lightly.

“Doctor, doctor, doctor” I quickly called and he rushed into the ward.

“What’s happening?” He asked.

“I saw it, it shaked” I said.

“What shaked?” He asked.

“His hand, his hand shaked” I said.

The doctor placed his stethoscope on Mavis chest and noded.

“I think he’s miraculously coming back to life, he must be fighting because of someone” doctor said.

“Please doctor save him” I said.

“Mavis, if you can hear me now, move your hand a little bit” doctor said and Mavis hand shaked.

“You saw that right?, It shaked” I said impatiently.

We were all told to move out of the ward for him to be attended to.

Mavis parents and junior brother were informed and they came in no time.
.”where’s my son?” His dad questioned.

“He’s been given proper treatment, he’ll soon wake up” one of the nurses said.

We all waited for his waking up but he didn’t wake up throughout today and we all slept with him in the hospital but at 12noon the next day, he woke up.

“Suzy, Suzy” he called and I ran to him.

“Mavis, I’ve missed you so much, I thought I lost you” I said.

“You remember me now?, You know I’m your boyfriend?” He asked.

“Of course, and I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, m sorry for making you suffer” I said and he was overwhelmed with happiness and hugged me.

“Suzy, thanks for remembering me, though it’s hard but hope kept me going” he said and we kissed lightly.

“Alright lovebirds, we are here too” Maria said.
.”my company keeper, thanks for the company you gave” Mavis said…

“Thanks for taking care of him” I said.

“Mum, dad, thanks for staying with me” Mavis said and hugged his parents.

“Bro, I’ve missed you so much” he said facing Dylan, his junior brother.

“Hyung, in real world, you’re strong but in love you’re stronger” Dylan said.

“And thanks for everything buddy, you still remain my friend though you can be mischievous sometimes” Mavis said facing Ji ho.

“Get well soon so I can punch you hard” Ji ho said and we all laughed.

It was indeed a happy reunion.

🔮🔮Ji ho’s pov🔮🔮
Now, I know I have to let go of my feelings for Suzy cos the two love birds have come together with a strong love cord this time around and I’m kinda happy for them, I just pray I find my own partner soon.

💙💙 Suzy’s pov💙💙
Four years later.

This is my final year of studying banking and finance at Oxford university in the states and the love of my life, Mavis attends the same university though he studies a different course, petroleum engineering, for the sake of his dad’s company.

Today is Sunday and it’s evening already, I got a call from Mavis to come for dinner at lovers dinner Hall, I wasn’t expecting it so I just slipped into a pink armless gown after making up, it brought out all my curves, I wore my heels and drove off.

I got to lovers dinner Hall and YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL was written boldly on the door, I entered the hall and saw that flowers was used to decorate everywhere and the path m to take

“What’s happening” I thought.

Lovers dinner Hall is always hustling and bustling with lovers but it’s different tonight cos not even a single person is there and its kinda awkward.

I walked in the flower path and got to the center table where a cake was placed and on the cake, SHE SAID YES was written boldly with icing.

“What’s happening?” I asked myself.

Suddenly flowers from somewhere upstairs fell on me and I must say, they smell nice.

I saw a candle path and walked through it, it led to a place where flowers were used to write WILL YOU MARRY ME on the floor…

“Oh my Jeez” I thought and before I knew it, someone came out of a room, it’s actually Mavis, he came to me and knelt in front of me with a diamond ring.

“Please marry me” he said and I was dumbfounded

Immediately, all my friends rushed out of the same room Mavis came out of earlier, they were all holding balloons that has SAY YES written on them, even Ji ho, he came with his American girlfriend, Sonia..

And Maria who’s now dating Dylan, Mavis junior brother

All my friends are also there and they all started shouting. “SAY YES,SAY YES”.

I’m just dumbfounded with surprise…


Sorry for the suspense, I’m a suspense freak 😂🤣

Tell Suzy to say yes o.

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