April 17, 2021


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Remember me Episode 14

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♦️ episode fourteen ♦️

Meenah writes ✍️

🍫🍫Mavis pov🍫🍫
I’m at the bathroom when Suzy called, I came out to find her missed call, I called back but it it’s not reachable and that’s when I saw her message about going to Ji ho’s place.

Oh my gosh, Ji ho is a ragamuffin, he might try something funny..

I quickly dressed up to go to his place and that’s when Ji ho called.

📲 Hello, where’s suzy?
📲Calm down, something happened that led to shock, so she fainted and we’re at seungkok hospital right now”
📲What!!!, If anything should happen to Suzy, mark my words, I’m not going to forgive you…

I poured on the phone and hanged up, I quickly rushed to the hospital.

I got there and met Suzy on the bed, still not awake yet

“Ji ho, what did you do to her?” I questioned.

“I didn’t do anything to her, my dad just told some secrets and I guess she’s shocked” Ji ho said.

“Where am I?” I heard someone say and it’s Suzy, she’s woken up.

We both ran to her and hugged her.

“Suzy, I missed you, I’m so scared I thought I lost you” I said while hugging her.

But to my surprise, she slapped me and pushed me away.

“How dare you hug me, how can you be hugging a stranger?, Who are you? Cos I dunno you” she said and I was shocked.

“Suzy it’s me Mavis your boyfriend” I said.

“How can I possibly date an ugly dude like you, you’re not even my type” she said rolling her eyes and twisting her hair.

“Suzy, are you out of your mind?” Ji ho asked.

“Oh, what a pretty boy, he’s actually my type, I like him” Suzy said, referring to Ji ho.

“Suzy, what the heck is wrong with you?” Ji ho asked.

“Wait, is my name Suzy?, Well I’m beautiful, I won’t be surprised if I have such a beautiful name” she said.

The doctor came and she’s tested, then we followed him to his office.

“You see, I’m sad to announce to you that she has amnesia, in other words, she lost her memory as a result of hitting her head on the hard tiles” doctor said.

“I knew it, that’s why she couldn’t recognize me as her boyfriend” Mavis said.

“It’s normal for amnesia patients not to remember anything or anyone from their past” doctor said.

“For how long will this last?” Ji ho asked.

“Sometimes a month, sometimes a year or longer but hers won’t take more than a month” the doctor said.

“A month!!!” We both exclaimed.

“Yes but this is the time she needs attention the most cos her behavior is gonna change drastically” doctor said.

We went back to the ward and Suzy immediately held Ji ho’s hand.

“Pretty boy, take me home” she said.

“Suzy, I’m Mavis your boyfriend and he’s Ji ho my friend” I said and she faced me.

“Oh, so your name is Mavis ugly face, leave me ok?, If you don’t want trouble” Suzy said and faced Ji ho.

“Ugly face said your name is Ji ho, I think I like you” she said and hugged Ji ho, it felt as if snakes are crawling all over my body as she hugged him and I quickly separate them but she spat on me, took off her slippers and hitted me with it then she pulled Ji ho out of the hospital.

“This is not the Suzy I know, the Suzy I know is not as worse as this” I thought and cleaned her spit on my clothes with my handkerchief.

Since she only likes Ji ho, she went home with him though my heart is burning.

🌀🌀 Maria’s pov🌀🌀
Suzy didn’t come home for the night and I’m worried, I called her but she’s not picking up, then I called Mavis.

📲 Hello, is Suzy with you?

📲No Maria but we have a problem.

📲 What problem?

📲Suzy has lost her memory


📲 She’s currently with Ji ho now cos he’s the only he’s the only one she likes, she hates me now

I can’t believe my ears but I guess I have to because, Mavis was crying throughout the call…


New Suzy.

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