April 11, 2021


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Remember me Episode 13

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♦️ episode thirteen ♦️

Meenah writes ✍️

🌀🌀Ji ho’s pov🌀🌀
A month after.

I really miss Suzy, the way she and Mavis have been doing in school shows a great evidence that they’re dating but I just can’t believe it, m now as thin as a broom as a result of thinking.

Today, I decided to invite Suzy for dinner today in my house, I dialed her number.

📲 Hello Suzy, how are you doing today.

📲M gud watssup.

📲I just thought maybe I could invite you over for dinner.

📲Oh, that’ll be nice, I’ll call Mavis to invite him too.

📲No you can’t do that, it’ll just be the two of us cos I want to discuss something very important with you.

📲Oh really?, Alright your address?

📲 I’ll text it to you and I’ll be expecting you.

I’m so happy she agreed to come over, I can’t just wait to see her.

It’s 5pm already which means she’ll be here soon, I wanted to go upstairs to get changed when someone came in, it’s dad.

“What are you doing here?, U’re supposed to be in the states” I said.

“Yes but I miss you, that’s why I came home without telling you cos I know u’ll never approve it” he said.

“You should have lodged in an hotel” I said not minding the fact that he’s my dad.

“Hotel!!, When I have a home?” He said.

“You know what?, Dad just get off my face” I ranted before leaving him.

How can he just decide to show up today of all days.
Well, I’m still expecting Suzy.

🔮🔮 Suzy’s pov🔮🔮
I dunno why Ji ho invited me to his house but I pray it’s a good thing.

I called Mavis my boyfriend but he’s not picking up, maybe he’s not with his phone so I texted him.

I got dressed in one of the dresses Mavis got for me and went to the address he texted to me and wow, the house is magnificent.

I entered and Mavis welcomed me.

“How was the drive here?” He questioned.

“It’s quite smooth” I answered.

“So lemme show you around and we’ll talk along” he said and showed me round the whole house the flower garden, the bar, the library, the understore, kitchen and lastly his room.

“This is the almighty Ji ho’s room” he said and I smiled.

“Well, I want to ask you something” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Are you really dating Mavis?” He asked.

“Sure, of course, Mavis is my boyfriend” I said and I saw his jaw drop.

“Em I really dunno how to say this but I’ve been stupid from the beginning, I shouldn’t have snubbed you when you tried to talk to me, perhaps, I could be your boyfriend now” he said.

“What are you insinuating?” I asked.

“Suzy, I love you” he said and started coming closer and I kept moving back too.

“What are you doing, you can’t be serious” I said nervously.

“Suzy, I’ve loved you since the first time I laid my eyes on you, just that my anger, temper and the hatred I have for my dad is what blindfolded me” he said still moving closer and I kept moving back until I reached the wall and he’s now facing me.

“Look Suzy, I’ve loved you from Adam” he said and before I can move, he kissed me but I quickly got hold of myself, I slapped him and pushed him away, he staggered and fell down.

“You fool, don’t you ever try that with me again, Mavis is my boyfriend and I love him, I can never be your lover, I hate you” I said and dashed out of the room, I ran downstairs and was about to open the door and go out when someone called my name.

I looked back and it’s a middle aged man.

“How did you know my name?” I asked.

“I’m Mr Yoon, your dead father’s childhood friend, I’m the one who sent you and your sister to school and I’m also Ji ho’s dad” he said.

“You’re Mr Yoon?, I can’t believe this” I said and he went upstairs and came back with a pic of himself and my dad.

“Now you believe me?” He asked.

“Yes but why do you keep hiding your identity?” I asked.

“Because I caused your parents death” he said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Can you recollect how your parents died?” He asked.

“Well, that night nine years ago, it’s raining heavily and a woman came to our house drenched in the cold rain, he told my parents to come help her beg her husband that they have a misunderstanding and he’s threw her out of the house, I think her husband is friends with my dad.

Dad persuaded her to stay the night at our place but she declined, saying that she won’t be able to sleep, my parents followed her that night and the next thing I’ll hear later that night is that they had a car accident together with the woman, I was nine years old then and Maria was six, I almost cried my eyes out but I later agreed with what life gave me.
I’ve been working in the ramyeon shop to feed my sister since then, I have no hope of resuming school, not until you called and told us to start attending moonlight high school” I explained.

“You see that woman that came to your house that night, she’s my wife, Ji ho’s mum.

If I’ve not sent her out that night, your parents and her would have been alive today, that’s why I said I caused their death and that’s why Ji ho resents me till now” he said.

I stood up immediately.
“What!!!, So u have been helping us to lessen your guilt, I……..

📍📍 Ji ho’s pov📍📍
She fainted Immediately and hit her head on the hard tile.
I quickly rushed to her and carried her.
I faced dad.

“You devil, so you caused her parents death too, I have every reason in the world to hate you, mind you, don’t follow us to the hospital cos if you try to come, I’m gonna skin you alive but if anything happens to Suzy, I’ll never forgive you” I said and quickly rushed Suzy to the hospital.

So touching

You can’t afford to miss the next episode cos u’re gonna meet the new and crazy Suzy 👈…stay tuned.

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