April 11, 2021


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Remember me Episode 11

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♦️ episode eleven ♦️

Meenah writes ✍️

🍹🍹 Suzy’s pov🍹🍹
Today’s Saturday, I was at the ramyeon shop with Maria when Mavis came around.

“Hey cutie, get dressed and let’s go shopping” he said.

“Smiling cutie, but you know that besides my uniform and my apron, I have no spare clothes in the shop” I said.

“Alright, just slip out of your apron and let’s go” he said.

“Shopping with my uniform?, U must be kidding, right?” I said.

“Well, if you won’t mind, we’ll be branching at the boutique to get you dressed” he said.

“But Mavis, you know that….
he cutted me off by carrying me in a bridal style to the car.

“Maria, tell ma’am fish I’ll be right back” I yelled from the car.

“Ok sis, enjoy yourself” she yelled back.

“Mavis you’re just too stubborn” I said.

“I guess it’s a compliment” he said.

“Sort of” I said and we drove off laughing.

We got to the boutique and wow, it’s exquisite and the apparels are richly adorned…

💥💥Nana’s pov💥💥
I felt the need to change my wardrobe today and I decided to go shopping but luckily, I met Mavis and Suzy, I picked my phone to call Sarah, I told her to come quickly, I called BoNa and min ah also and in no time, they came.

“This is the perfect time to execute our plan, we’ll frame her for stealing” I said.

“But Nana, we once framed her as a pornstar and it backfired” min ah said.

“No need to be scared, that one happened in school but this one is happening in this boutique” I said.

I picked a very expensive golden wrist watch unnoticed, we watched till Mavis went to the restroom then BoNa tapped Suzy at the back to distract her, Suzy looked at her and hissed then walked away but by this time, I’ve already slipped the wristwatch into her bag.

🍫🍫 Suzy’s pov🍫🍫
Someone suddenly tapped me and when I looked and saw it was BoNa, I hissed and walked away, not knowing what they’ve done.

Mavis came out of the restroom and I got dressed at the dressing room after picking the clothes of my choice.

I came out of the dressing room and we were heading out of the boutique when the theft alarm started sounding, it only sounds when something has been stolen so everyone will have his or her bags checked before going out.

I gave the securities my bag and surprisingly, the golden wrist watch was found inside.

“This is not among what you paid for, in other words, it’s called stealing” the security said.

“No, this can’t be, she’s not a thief” Mavis said.

“I’m not a thief” I said trying to defend myself but they won’t listen.

“Ok, I’ll pay for the watch even though she didn’t steal it” Mavis said.

“She’ll have to go to juvenile for this, it’s bad for teenagers to steal” the security said and I was handcuffed while Mavis kept shouting for them to release me.

I was taken out of the boutique and that’s when I saw the purple fairies, Sarah is now among them I think.

They’re all smiling evily and I understand immediately that they did the job when I was inside the boutique.

We got to the police station and I was locked up in a juvenile remand.

♥️♥️ Mavis pov♥️♥️
I called my dad for help but he’s not picking, I decided to stay with her since it’s already late, the officers told me to leave but I blatantly told them I won’t so I stayed with her inside the remand that night.

She kept crying and I kept consoling her.

These puppies are just too cruel, what have I done wrong, have I met them before?” She lamented.

“Suzy, take it easy, we’ll get outta here first thing tomorrow morning” I said.

She leaned on my shoulder and wept.

“Suzy, I’ve been longing to tell you something for so long” I said.

“What’s that?” She asked still leaning on my shoulder.

“Suzy, i…I love you, lemme be the shoulder you’ll always lean on when you’re weary, lemme be your prince charming, I want to be your knight in shining armor, I want to be your guy and secret sharer” I said and she looked at me.

“Mavis” she called.

“Yes” I answered.

“Yes, yes, i love you more, I can’t ask for more, I’ll be your girlfriend” she said amidst tears and we hugged.

“I love you” I said looking into her face.

“And I love you more” she said and locked her lips with mine, we kissed and it was kinda hot.


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