April 14, 2021


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Remember me Episode 1

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Meenah writes ✍️

♦️ episode one ♦️

🦋Ji ho’s pov🦋
“No dad, don’t give me that crap, if you haven’t sent mom out that night nine years ago, she’ll still be alive and probably be here with me right now” I said.

“calm down Ji ho, it’s not entirely my fault, I later called but she didn’t pick up” dad said, trying to defend himself.

“No dad, you caused her death, you made me the cold and resentful chap I am today” I shot back.

“Son, I just came back from America yesterday and you’re already working on how to gimme hypertension” he said

“Who cares, just go back to America and leave me alone, I hate you” I said and stormed out of the house.

I’m Yoon Ji ho, a student of moonlight high school and the leader of a group called sunkissers(a group of three richest guys in school). I’m a resentful and cold guy and it’s all bcoz of my dad, he had a fight with my mum nine years ago and he sent mum out of the house despite the fact that it’s raining, mum met with an accident that caused her death. Dad caused it right? And I hate him for that.

I looked for a place to cool my head after storming out of the house, I saw a ramyeon shop down the street and entered.

💕Suzy’s pov💕
“Be fast with the servings, you’re not calculating maths you know” ma’am fish, my boss said.

“Deh, I’m doing my best” I replied.

I’m Baek Suzy, I lost my parents in a car accident nine years ago and I’m left with only my junior sister, Baek Maria, I work as a server at ma’am fish’s ramyeon shop to feed my sis, no money for schooling so we just sit at our rooftop house after returning from the shop everyday.

“Ramyeon” I heard someone say from a corner. I went there and met the most handsome dude I’ve ever seen, he’s my age though.

“How many plates?” I asked but he’s not answering.

“How many plates of ramyeon?” I asked again and this time, he shouted at me.

“You dumbass, don’t you get it?, I’m not interested in the ramyeon again” he said and went out of the shop angrily.

“What a cold hearted punk” I thought.

“Watssup with him?” Ma’am fish asked.

“I think he’s got depression” I said and we both laughed.

💥Nana’s pov💥
“Nana, I’m tired of your atrocities, are you the only one in your school?, Yesterday, you beat up a girl and today, you poured sand in someone’s food, Nana, if you want to remain my daughter, you must stay cool headed” dad said.

I’m Kim Nana, a student of moonlight high school, and the leader of purple fairies(a group of three richest girls in school), I got all I wanted except Ji ho.

“Dad, I’m like this cos Ji ho won’t lookat me, I’m the leader of purple fairies and he’s the leader of sunkissers, we match right? But he doesn’t like me.

“So because of a guy, u’ll turn violent, just know that I’m not in support of your violent acts” dad said and went out.

What’s wrong with him?, All rich dad’s I’ve seen are always in support of their children but my dad is the opposite.

🍅Maria’s pov🍅
Suzy just came back from shop and we’re preparing the evening meal when my phone ranged.

📲 Hello

📲 I’m speaking with Suzy right?

📲Em, you’re actually speaking with Maria, her junior sis.

📲 Alright, this is Mr Yoon, your dead father’s childhood friend

📲 Chesomomida, how have you been sir?

📲 I’ve been good, I’ll be going to America tommorow, I want you and your sis to start school at moonlight high school, I’ve paid all the necessary dues to the principal, your sis should go to senior class two and you should go to junior class two


📲You heard me right, tommorow is Friday, you can prepare tommorow and start on Monday

📲Sir, we’ve not even seen you before, daddy just talks about you often when he’s alive, we don’t even know your house.

📲 U’ll get to know soon… good luck….

“Sis” I screamed happily

“Wats that?” She asked, coming out of the kitchen.

“Mr Yoon said we should start schooling at moonlight high school, the best school in town” I said.

“Eh” she exclaimed.

“It’s true, I just received the call” I said.

“Oh my jeez, so we’ll finally resume schooling” she said and we danced round our small room happily…


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