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Only You Episode 24

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( How can I?)

Episode 24.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
The Bell rang.
It’s time for lunch.

I stood up walking out of the class..
I heard Kayden chuckled beside me.

I ignored him.
I saw Shirley and Bryan coming towards me.

I smiled.
They are holding each other’s hand.

They got to where am standing.
” And they are so cute together” I sang.

Shirley chuckled.
” Let’s go” she said and held my hand.

We walked to the cafeteria leaving Kayden and Bryan behind.

I smiled.
We got to the cafeteria and bought our lunch.
Shirley got lunch for Bryan..I decided to get something for Kayden.

We walked over to a seat and sat down.
I smiled.
” Don’t tell me you are blushing”

She chuckled and held her cheeks.
” Of course am not” she said.

I smiled.
” I can’t wait to get out of high school” she said.

I chuckled.
” Oh…I see”

” See what?

” You want to quickly get out of high school so you can be with Bryan” I teased.

She laughed.
” Brianna”

” That’s the truth” I chuckled.

She smiled.
” Well…you are right though” she said.

I smile and nodded my head.
” Where is kayden and Bryan? I thought.

” Where is Bryan and Kayden? She asked.

” I don’t know” I shrugged..

” Brianna… Do you like Kayden? Shirley asked.

I looked at him and Chuckled.
” Of course not”

” Really?

” You know he is our friend and also my classmate” I said.

” Is that it?

” C’mon Shirley…that is just it” I said.

” Hnmmmhhh” she hummed nodding her head.

I chuckled.
” Snap out of it Shirley” I said.

” Snap out of what? She smiled.

I shook my head.
She Chuckled

I sighted Kayden and Bryan coming into the cafeteria.
” Oh…here they are” Shirley said.

They got to us to us and sat down.
” Where were you? Shirley asked.

” You missed me? Bryan asked smiling.

She chuckled.
” What If I say yes?

He smiled.
” Of course I know you miss me” he said and peck her cheek.

I smiled
” Where were you both? I asked

” Just discussing” Bryan said

” About what? I asked.

” Why so you wanna know? Kayden whispered into my ear.

I looked at him and cleared my throat.
I looked at Shirley.
She winked.

” It’s not girls stuffs” Bryan said.

I smacked his head
” Ouch”

” Hey Brianna… that’s my boyfriend” Shirley said.

“Tell her babe” Bryan said pouting.

I looked at the both of them.
” Really?

” Yeah” they said nodding their heads.

I shook my head.
They chuckled.

” Let’s eat” Shirley said.

” I bought some lunch for you” I said to Kayden .

His lips curved into smile.
” Really?.

” Yeah” I said passing him the lunch.

” You are caring” he said.

I smiled.
” Thanks” I said.

We finished eating and stood up, walking out of the cafeteria.

“Brianna…I think Kayden like you” Shirley said as we walked ahead of Bryan and Kayden.

I looked at her.
” What?

” Yeah”

” Shirley”

” Believe me…am saying the Truth” she said

” I don’t know” I shrugged.

” Have noticed the way he stare at you…and I think he has fallen for you” she said.

I chuckled.
” Really?

” Believe me Bestie…I Cross my heart” she said placing her hand on her chest

I laughed.
” Okay”

” Just okay? She arched her brow.

” What else?

” Brianna” she called

” Shirley” I called.

We chuckled.
” Besties forever” we said simultaneously

” What are you both saying?

We turned and saw Bryan and Kayden.
” Nothing” I said

” And what were you both saying? Shirley said putting her hand on Bryan shoulder.

” Nothing” he said.

” Really? Shirley pout.

” Of course”

“Let’s go” she said.

We got to the corridor.
” See you later Brianna and Kayden” she said and hugged me.

I smiled
” See you later bro” he said holding Shirley’s hand.

” See you later Anna” he winked at me.
I chuckled and stare at the both of them as they walked away.

I walked into my class and sat down on my seat

Kayden sat down beside me.
I looked at him and smiled.

🌺 Kayden 🌺

” What were you both discussing? She asked with a smile.

I chuckled.
” Why are you smiling?

” Because I want to know”

” And you think if you smile…I will tell you about it?

” Yeah…of course”

” What made you think so?

“Because….uhmm… because..” she stuttered.

” Because what?

” Uhnmm… nevermind…just forget it” she said and turned her face away from me

I chuckled.
” You look more beautiful when you smile” I said staring at her.

Her cheeks flushed.

I smiled.
” Don’t hide that smile” I said.

She covered at mouth.
” Am not smiling”

” Really?

She nodded her head.
I chuckled.

The bell rang.
I sighed.
School is over for today.

She stood up packing her books into her bag.
We walked out of the class.
” Let go and meet Shirley and Bryan” she said

We started walking to their class.

We got there and saw the both of them staring at each other
There’s no one in the class.

Brianna wanted to enter but I held her hand.
She looked at me
I nod my head and smile.

She smiled and we stood at the entrance.

They kissed each other passionately.
I smiled.
Looking at the both of them.

They broke the kiss and stare at each other.
” Is that all? Or you still wanna have more? Brianna asked smiling.

Shirley gasped when she saw us.
” Brianna… Kayden…you…you both are here? She asked walking to us.

Bryan chuckled.
” Yeah…how was the kiss? Brianna asked.

” Brianna”

” Don’t tell me you are shy”

” Of course am not”

” So tell me, how was it?

She looked at me and Chuckled.
” Her lips are so sweet and soft” Bryan said.

Her eyes widened.
” Bryan”

He winked at her.
I laughed.

“Don’t be shy babe…I feel having more of those lips” he said pointing at her lips

She chuckled and took her bag
” Let’s go Brianna” she said walking away with Bryan.

I chuckled.
” I can’t believe Shirley is shy just about a kiss” I said.

He laughed.
” She can be funny at times” he said.

” Yeah…”

” It is not our first kiss” he said.

I chuckled.
” How is Anna? He asked

” She is fine” I said.

“take care of Anna…I know I can trust her with you” he said.

I looked at him.
” I know.. you’ve got eyes on Anna” he said.

I chuckled.
” Yeah….I know you have fallen for Brianna… there’s nothing to hide about it” he said.

” It’s true…I like her”

” Like her? You love her”

” Yeah I do”

” Why not tell her?

‘” No I can’t…it’s so soon…I will give it more time to be sure about my feeling for her” I said.

He nodded his head.
” All the best bro” he said.

” Thanks”

We got to where Brianna and Shirley are standing.

” See you tomorrow Anna” he said.

Shirley hugged her and waved at me.
I smiled.

Bryan winked, walking away with Shirley.

” Let’s go” I said.

We got into the car and the driver drove off.

I caught her smiling.
” You have been smiling… Ever since we got into the car” I said.


” Yeah…why are you smiling? I asked.

” It’s nothing” she shrugged still smiling.

” If you are thinking about Shirley and Bryan’s kiss…I don’t mind kissing you” I said staring at her.

She gasped with her eyes widened.
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