April 17, 2021


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Only You Episode 22

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( How can I?)

Episode 22.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
I yawned a little bit and opened my eyes.

I turned and my eyes widened when I saw Kayden beside me.

” Kay… Kayden”

He opened his eyes and sat up.
” You are awake” he said.

I nodded my head and looked at him.
” What are you doing here?

” I slept here”

” You slept in my room?

” Yeah”

” How? Why? I asked.

” You can’t remember?

” Remember what?

” Okay..I will tell you” he said.

I nodded my head.
” Last night…I told you i want to spend the night here…and you agreed with me.

” I know”

” Later than night…I walked out of my room trying the locate the kitchen because I need a glass of water…the sitting room was dark…we bumped into each other” I said.

I nod my head listening the him.
” You put on the TV that we should watch some movies…I got up from the sitting room and when into the kitchen to get a glass of water ..when I came back I saw you sleeping on the couch…I decide to carry you into your room” I said.

” Oh my..I slept off on that couch…is that what happened?

” When I dropped you on the bed…you held my shirt tightly and you were saying…” Mum…. please don’t leave” he said.

I gasped..
” I said that out? I asked lowly.

” Yeah and you were crying in your sleep…so I thought you were having a bad dream so I decided to stay in your room” he said.

I felt a bit embarrassed.
It’s true.
Once in a while I do dream about when mum was leaving.

Dad caught me crying from my sleep and ask me what happened and I explained to him.

I sighed.
I really don’t Kayden was with me.

” Are you okay? He asked placing his hand on my shoulder.

” Yeah…am fine… thank you” I said.

He smiled.
” I will be on my way now” he said standing up from the bed.

” Kayden” I called.

He looked at me.
” Why don’t you have some breakfast before leaving? I asked.

He arched his brow.
I nodded my head at him.

” Okay” he said walking out of my room.

I sighed.
” Mum”

I arranged my room and brushed my teeth.
I walked out of the room to prepare breakfast.
I saw him sitting at the sitting room.
I walked passed him heading to the kitchen.

I finished preparing just tea and bread with fried eggs.

I placed it on the dinning table for him.

I walked out heading to the sitting room.
I saw him watching the news on the TV.

” Kayden” I called.

He looked at me.
” Breakfast is ready” I said.

He smiled and stood up.
We both walked to the dinning.

We sat down.
” The tea is nice” he said.

I smiled.
” Thanks”

We finished eating and cleared the table.

” Thank you Brianna” he said with a smile as we walked to the sitting room.

I sat down.
” When is your dad coming back? He asked.

” He will be back home today” I said putting on the TV.

” When are you leaving?

” I feel like staying here”he said.

I chuckled.
” Stop kidding me”

” Am damn serious about it” he said

I looked at him.
” I stay in that Mansion all by myself” he said.

” What about your dad? I asked

” I don’t know” he shrugged.

I looked at him.
” You don’t know? I asked.

” Yeah…I don’t” he said.

I stare at him.
” I know am cute but you don’t need to stare too much” he said.

I chuckled.
He smiled.
He phone rang.
” Excuse me” he said and walked out.

He came back later.
” I guess I will see you in school tomorrow..I need to go home” he said.

I smiled.
” Okay… let me see you off”

” I need to pick up my jacket and shoe” he said climbing the stairs.

He came back.
” Let’s go”.

We walked out of the house.

We got to where he parked his car.
” Thank you Brianna” he said and hugged me.

I smiled.
” Take care of yourself” I said.

” Sure…I will…just for you” he said.

I chuckled.

He winked and got into his car.
I waved at him as he drove off.

I smiled and walked back into the sitting room

I switched off the TV and climbed the stairs heading to my room.
I got in and pulled off my clothes.

I wrapped my towel around my body and walked into the bathroom.

I freshened up and wore my clothes.
I packed my hair in Ponytail.

I picked my diary beside the bed.
I stare at it for a while.

” Oh my! Did Kayden go through it?

” Did he opened it?

” Oh dear lord..I hope he didn’t see the diary” I said opening the diary.


🌺 Kayden 🌺
I got out of my car walking into the school.
I sighted Brianna walking in with her hair packed in ponytail.

” Why Ponytail?

“She is more beautiful without packing her hair”

I quickened my steps.
I got to her and removed her hair band.

She turned with her hair.
” Kayden”

I smiled.
” You are beautiful” I said.

” Why did you removed my hairband? She frowned.

I chuckled.
” You look ugly putting it on your hair” I said.

” Uhn? Really?

” Yeah”

” Give it back” she said bringing out her palm.

I shook my head negatively.

She frowned.

” Give it to me Kayden”

” No” I said.

She tried to collect it from me.

I raised it up
” Uhnm…ahnnn” she said jumping.

I laughed.

She frowned.
” Kayden”

I brought down my hand.
” Take” I said.

She wanted to collect it but I dipped it into my pocket.

She gasped.

I laughed walking away.
” Kayden” she called.

“Brianna” I said walking away.

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