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My Superhandsome Crush Episode 17

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 17

✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️

Simone pov:
I woke up with a sore body. I looked at the room and saw it’s not mine. I looked to my right and left and saw no one.

I tried to stand up and saw a note on the nightstand.

Dear Simone

What happened last night was nothing. I hope we can forget it happened. It was a mistake. It shouldn’t have happened. Besides we were drunk. Bye Simone.


A tears are sliding down my cheek. I wiped them but i can’t control them.

Last night i gave my virginity to Andrew. They always say give your virginity to the one you loved. I gave it to him because i love him.

I didn’t regret giving it to him. But he made me feel digusted. I feel like i’m some slut that is later dumped. I gave him my heart. My soul. Everything and he stomped on it with his foot.

I walked to the bathroom and looked at the mirror only to see so many lovebites. On my neck, my chest, my stomach and tights.

I walked out of the bathroom and wore my clothes from yesterday. Thank god it was a turtle neck dress just above my knees.

I walked out of the apartment and gave the key to the reception. I called a cab and slide in.

I told the driver I and Amy’s place. I was a wreck. My eyes were puffy. I looked ouside.

The cab came to a stop in front of my apartment. I payed the cab and stepped out of the car.

I walked towards my apartment and opened the door only to be yelled by Amy.

“Where the hell have tou been. I’ve been calling you”. I looked down tears falling out of my eyes.

I walked straight to my room and locked it. I don’t want to talk to anybody.

I lay on my bed while sobbing. Than i fell asleep. After couple of hours i heard a knock on my door.

I sat up and looked at the clock it was already 6pm. I slept that long.

Then i heard a knock again. I decided to open it. I opened it and saw Amy looking at me furious. Raising her eyebrows at me i opened the door wider.

She walked in and sat on my bed. I closed the door and locked it again. I walked to her slowly looking down.

I still had my dress on.

“Where were you last night babay. Giann and i were looking for you like crazy that we almost called the police”. She said slowly.

I looked at her with tears brimming my eyes. “I’m sorry. I was with Andrew”. Tears falling out of my eyes.

She came to me and hugged me. I hugged her back sobbing. She pulled away. “Wanna talk about it”.

I nodded. “I gave my viginity to him. And the next morning he left a note saying that it shouldn’t have happened. I feel like i’m a slut. I gave him my heart and soul Amy and he stomped on it like it was nothing. He doesn’t realise that”. I cried.

She looked at me with wide eyes.

“What….You gave him you precious jewel. Did he know that you were a virgin”. I shoke my head.

“Ooh babay. I’m sorry. He’s a jerk”. She gave me a sad smile.

“I want to go home to Italy. I want to live there and never come here again”. I said sadly.

She smiled sadly. “If you want that then we can do that. I’ll ask Giann if he want to go with us”. I nodded.

I want to go away from this state. I love it here but i can’t live here anymore. Beside we decided to live there in the future after we graduated.

Couple weeks later we were at the airport. Our board called us that it was time. Amy, Giann and me walked to the plane. Giann decided to come too.

He’s going back again only on holidays.

I looked back one last time. Goodbye New York. Goodbye Andrew. I felt a tear sliding down my cheek. Then i walked towards the plane again.

I got a seat on the window side where i could see the sea and nature.

The plane took off. Italy here we come.

Some hours later the pilot announced that we were about to land. After some minutes the plane came to a stop.

Pulling my baggages and walked out of the plane till i was outside. I waited for Amy and Giann. Some seconds they came out.

We walked outside the airport where ‘Our’ (basically Amy’s) parents are waiting. We walked to them and gave them a hug.

He sat inside the car again and drove inside. Still the same. The house. I mean mansion was white. A beautiful cozy house.

Walking inside the house i went to my room. I lived here after Amy came to know that i was abused.

I unpacked my clothes and other things. I looked at the clock and saw it was dinner time. I walked to the bathroom and took a bath.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen. Then i suddenly felt dizzy. I held my head with my hands.

“Princess are you okay”. Giann asked concerned. That got everyone’s attention. Dad came up to me and held me so that i stand straight.

“I’m fine”. I said weakly.

Then suddenly everything went black. All i could here was shouting.

“Simone stay with me…”. Dad said.

“Get the car ready Giann, we are going to the hospital”.

I woke up looking at the ceiling. Everything is so white. Where am I.

I looked around and saw mom walking up to me. “Water”. I said groggely. She gave me water with a straw. I drank all in one breath. My mouth was so dry.

“Are you okay honey”. Mom asked sadly. I nodded

“Why am i here. What happened to me”. I asked. She looked at me.

“You don’t remember anything”. She asked. I shoke my head looking at her.

“What do you remember”.

“I remember that i felt dizzy and everything went black”. I said.

She nodded. That the door bursted open revealing Amy, Giann, Dad and a doctor.

“Hello i’m doctor Sam. I just came to check if everything is okay with you”. I nodded. He checked if everything was okay.

“So what did you remember”. He asked. I said what i remembered. He looked at me nodding.

“You said you felt dizzy. Did you felt dizzy before”. He asked. I nodded.

“Okay let me just take a test then we can see the result”. I nodded.

Amy came up to me and pulled me in a hug. “You scared me babay. Don’t ever do that again”. She hissed making me smile.

The doctor came back with the result in his hands. He smiled at me. “Congratulations you’re 3 weeks pregnant”.

I looked down while crying and holding my stomach. The doctor left to gave us some privacy.

Then i felt my family giving me a group hug. After some time they pulled away.

“You’re not mad at me”. She shoke her head.

I looked at them nodding. I love my baby already even it is not even born yet. He or she will grow in a loving family even without his father.

That day i can go home. I ate like a mad woman because i haven’t eat dinner. After dinner we watched some movies till it was bedtime.


Will Simone inform Andrew about the pregnant?

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