April 11, 2021


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My Superhandsome Crush Episode 16

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 16

✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️

Andrew pov:

Months later

Finally. Today is our graduation day. The day i’ve been waiting for since i stepped foot to this school.

I already got my new car. Thanks to Simone. But i will probably not see her again.

Wearing oversize robes and caps as we waited to be called. My families were here too.

I am currently dating some girl. Nothing serious. She’s just a clingy bitch. I just wanted to show my parents so that they will backoff.

Nobody knows about this.

My parents don’t love her. In fact they love Simone because they are very grateful that she helped me and they just love her.

I waited to be called.

Then it was Simone’s turn to walk across the stage. “Simone King…”

She walked toward the stage smiling brightly. She is beautiful even without makeup.

Then they called me. “Andrew Knight…”

They clapped and cheered as i walked on the stage. I shook hands with the peoples.

After the graduation ceremony, it was time for all of us to say goodbye. It was a sad and a touching moment. You’re used to see your friends’ faces everyday, but now you going to see them seldom.

Later on, Mr. Reynolds congratulated me, giving me words of encouragement. He was not just my coach. He was also a good friend.

He is the coolest coach i’ve ever had.

I am currently talking to Reave. What were going to do after this. I will take the family company because i’m the only heir in the family.

Reave and Justin have to do the same like me. Taking over their family busniss. Reave is the oldest heir and Justin is the only heir just like me.

“Hey bros. Congrats to you guys”. Justin said extending his hand for a handshake.

“Congrats too…bro”. I smiled.

We talked for some time before we departed ways. I walked to my family.

They were there. Even my grandparents are here. They were very happy. They were always there to support me all the way, untill i would face another journey of my life.

“Can i have your hat Andrew”. My little niece said in a soft voice giving me her best puppy eyes.

I smiled. So cute nobody could resist those puppy eyes. “Of course princess”. Putting it on her head. She secured it with her little hands.

Dad hugged me, tapping my back. “Congrats son..”

I hugged him back. “Thanks dad”. I pulled back and i was surprised to see his eyes moistening. I never saw my dad cry. Well not infront of me. Maybe infront of my mom.

“Are you alright honey”. My mom asked.

“I’m fine”. He answered. He wiped his eyes with a handkerchief that mom gave him. “I can’t believe how time flies quickly. It just looks like it just happened yesterday when i gratulated….And now my son is taking over the family busniss.

I rolled my eyes. “Gosh dad..you’re so dramatic”.

He raised his eyebrows. Looking at me. Giving me a death glare before turning away.

I looked around and saw Simone and Amy’s parents. Beside Amy there was a boy holding her waist. He’s not bad. Then my eyes went to Simone again.

She was beautiful even in her oversize gown. I felt a nudge. I looked at the person. It was mom wiggling her brows. Rolling my eyes i looked back at Simone.

Only to see her already looking at me. She blushed and looked away. Shaking my head smiling and turned to my family.

We went home. I went to the kitchen and took something to eat. I didn’t eat breakfast this morning, because i was nervous as hell.

After some time. I stayed till dinner. Well mom forced me.

Then i went to my apartment. I opened the door only to see Monica. What is this clingy bitch doing here.

Rolling my eyes at her. “What are you doing here”. I said in a serious cold tone. She looked at me then walk towards me swaying her hips.

“I’m your girlfriend. I can come here whenever i want”. She said. Ha only if she knew that it’s fake.

Rolling my eyes i went to take a shower. After shower i wore comfotable clothes.

“Who the fuck is Simone. Witch Simone. She is just a bitch. A fucking slut. Why is she texting you”. I stopped walking and turned to her giving her a deathly glare.

“Why did you go through my phone. It’s none of your business. I can text whoever i want. It’s my privacy. And for your information she’s nothing like you. She’s not a slut nor a bitch”. I hissed. I walked towards her and pulled my phone out of her hands.

She looked angry, it’s not like i care. She stomped her foot and walked out of my room.

I opened the text that Simone sent to me.

Hey, congrats Andrew 🙂

I smiled.

Hey babe. Congrats too. Can you accompany me to the club nearby like right now.

I just wanted to get the hell out of here.

Why, what about your girlfriend. She can go with you right 🙁

Fake girlfriend I thought. Shaking my head.

We had a fight and i need a drink

Okay i’ll be there in 15 minutes

Okay. Thanks babe

I trew my phone on the bed and took some money. I looked at the mirror. I decided to wear the same clothes.

I picked my car keys. I walked out of my room and saw Monica watching tv. She saw me striking towards the door.

“Where are you going”. She asked.

“Away”. I said without looking at her. I know she is following me.

“Are you going to that bitch”. I ignored her and walked out of the door. I went to my car and started it.

I drove to the club and walked straight to the bar. I saw Simone already there with Amy and a boy that i saw earlier. Probably her boyfriend.

I sat on the empty stool beside her. She saw me and gave me a sad smile. I ordered my drink. We talked about random things.

Her friend Amy was nowhere to be seen, she suddenly disappeared. So it was only me and Simone.

We dicided to dance. She agreed. I think she’s a little tipsy. By the way she talked.

We grind to each other and i don’t know what came over me. I pulled her towards me and crashed her lips to mine.

I blame the alcohol. We kissed till we were breathless. I looked at her and leaned forwards again.

We kissed. “Let’s get out of here”. I said. We went to an apartment. We kissed in the elevator. In the apartment that we booked till we hit the bedroom.

One thing leads to another. You know what happened next.

What i didn’t know is that she was a virgin. She gave her precious thing to me. I didn’t use a condom. I planted my seeds in her more than once and that there is a little me or a little Simone growing in her womb.


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