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Immortal Academy Episode 20

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 20

Tanya came out of the bathroom, drying her body. She had just finished having her bath and was about getting dressed when Tammie rushed into the room happily.

“Finally..we are going for an excursion! Oh my God…I’m so much happy!”

Tanya rolled her eyes. ” What’s so special about an excursion? We’ve done it many times at school….I’m not thrilled.” Tanya replied, ransacking her closet for a dress.

She found one – which her mom had gotten for her eighteenth birthday and smiled.

It was a turtle neck pink gown with tiny handles that reached above her knee.

Tammie noticed the smile. “Your mom got you that?”

“Yeah. I miss her.” Tanya sniffed, pressing her cheek against the material.

Tammie instantly looked sad. “Mine died when she was having me. My dad brought in another woman after my seventh birthday. She’s evil…. she treated me like trash.

“She would never allow her son play with me…I hated home. One day,I discovered I have a special ability…to control people’s mind.

“No one noticed me on time but I knew and I used it against my step mother to get revenge.” Tammie said and Tanya stared at her with her eyes wide with shock.

“What did you made her do?” Tanya asked curiously.

“Well….it was kind of funny. I controlled her into leaving the house..naked.” Tammie replied with an evil smile and Tanya gasped.

“And dad? He divorced her and chased her out of the house.” Tammie added and Tanya shook her head.

“That was awful. And your step brother?”

“He left with her and that’s the only thing that hurt me. Terry was a nice kid.” Tammie said.

By now,Tanya had finished dressing up and soon, they left the room together to get their breakfast in the big kitchen.

They met Maureen there already, carrying a tray of assorted meal.

“You didn’t wait up for me?” Tammie asked her.

Maureen scoffed. “Wait up for you? Well no my dear because I know you’ve gat a new friend now, isn’t it? You guys actually suit each other. Out of my way.” Maureen snapped and pushed past them.

The girls both shook their heads and continued walking to the counter. “Don’t mind her. Maureen’s only frustrated.” Tammie said and Tanya laughed.

Dean got to Sky Squared that same day,late in the afternoon.

Although,he had been told to come over in the evening,he decided to come before time so he could get to talk with Tanya.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her and he was as confused as hell about it.

He parked his car alongside some other cars in the wide parking lot and came out with two of his personal boys.

They walked through the open field and were led afterwards to the visitor’s room.

“Tell Craig I’m around.” Dean said to one of the boys and he quickly left.

Dean sat in front of the massive pool in the back garden, observing the whole place.

There was a grim look on his face. He was no match for Craig at all.

He was no match for Sky Squared. Yes,he would confess.

Sky Squared was three times bigger than his own clan.

He sipped his drink and drew in smokes from his pipe before slightly turning around to call someone.


“Yes master.” The Jinx guy replied rushing forward.

Dean shook off the shades from his pipe before talking. “Did you send message to Craig about my presence?”

“Yes master Dean. I did ” Jinx quickly replied.

Dean mouthed a side smile. “Really?”

A little silence stepped in.

“Go to the girls block. Look for a girl named Tanya and bring her here.” Dean ordered.

“Yes master!” Jinx replied, turned around and walked smartly away.

“Craig.” Dean called under his breath, feeling so mad.

It was already three hours since his arrival and he didn’t dim it fit to come and honour his presence. Dean thought as he continued smoking.

Tanya was mopping the floor if their room when the knock came on the door.

She looked around wondering who it was.

She was a bit scared because none of her roommates were in but she walked to the door anyway.

She opened it and find Dagger outside the door, then blinked. “Are we going fir training right now?”

Dagger stared up and down at her and sunk in his breath.

“No training till the excursion is over. You are wanted at the pool.” Dagger replied and Tanya frowned.

“At the pool? Hold on. Who wants me at the pool?”

“You will find out when we get there. You have to start moving. He doesn’t like to be delayed.” Dagger said again.

Who the hell is it? Tanya wanted to ask but she obeyed and stepped out of the house then followed him.

They got to the pool and Tanya met a strange guy sitting all alone there.

Dean looked up and smiled when Tanya arrived.

He couldn’t stop smiling as he studied her. She is the most prettiest he had ever laid eyes on.

To him…. she’s a fresh flower that grows beside the water.

“Good day….sir.” Tanya greeted with a bow. She could tell he was one of the Masters from the way he was dressed.

Dean beamed. “Sit.”

Tanya blinked. Did she hear him right? “I’m fine..”

“I insist.” Dean cut her short.

Tanya narrowed a look at him before sitting on the bench, making sure there was enough space between them.

“You were part of the escorts with Craig when he visited the headquarters least week.” Dean said, looking at her face.

Tanya nodded. “Yes….I am.”

“I heard you sing.”

She turned to look at him and blushed at the admiration he saw in his eyes. “I’m … sorry if I bothered you….or…. distracted you…I didn’t know there was a camera in there…”

“Oh no,come on. It’s okay. That wasn’t bothersome. I loved it….. your courage to sing. It really touched my heart – your song.” Dean said softly and Tanya smiled.

How so nice!

“Thank you sir…” Tanya mumbled, staring down at her fingers.

“I’m here to make a proposal. I want you over to my group.” Dean said and Tanya stared at him almost shocked.

“Huh? I…. don’t get you sir.” Tanya stammered.

Dean smiled and touched her cheek. “It’s fine Tanya….”

A sudden movement behind them cut Dean short.

His hand still placed on Tanya’s left cheek,he turned to see Craig standing with his hands behind his back… glaring hard at him.

Tanya saw him too and rushed up on her feet…..her whole system turned into a war zone.

Craig stood still, looking at Dean.

Just Dean and nothing else.

Dean managed a smile, trying to ignore the look from his friend. “Thanks for the delay.” He threw at him.

Craig finally made use of his legs and started walking towards them.

Tanya almost wanted to jump into the water in front of her as Craig moved nearer.

God..this guy frightens her a lot!

Dean stood up with his hand stretched out for a hand shake but just as he suspected,Craig didn’t take it.

He stood before him at the other side of the bench, still looking at him. Suddenly,he turned to look at Tanya who quickly looked away.

“What are you doing?”

“Huh?” Tanya asked nervously, staring into his eyes.

“Return to your room.” Craig ordered in a powerful voice which moved over Tanya like a wave.

Tanya started moving her leg but Dean held her wrist.

“No need letting her go back to her room. She’s actually the reason I’m here, friend.” Dean said with a slight smile.

Craig stared at him, wondering what he was up to.

* πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Is master Craig gonna let Tanya join master Dean’s group??πŸ€”

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