April 14, 2021


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Immortal Academy Episode 18

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 18

“You can leave ” Craig ordered, getting up from the bed.

He took a robe from his closet and wrapped it around his waist before going into the bathroom, completely ignoring Tanya who was dying in pains.

Tanya gasped as she tried getting up on her feet.

She couldn’t!

She just couldn’t! She felt so dirty and sticky.

Her legs were on fire. She could barely stand talk less of walking.

“Oh God…”, Tanya wept as she stood against the door frame, swallowing hard.

It was just too painful. Her inner thighs were on fire.

She hated him that minute and wished she could make him pay for what he did to her but Tanya knew better.

Sue knew she couldn’t do anything about it and it made her more sad.

Soon,she heard the shower running and decided to leave the room with the little strength she has.

After putting on her clothing, Tanya slowly walked out of the room.


Craig came back into the room after taking his shower and stood, looking at the blood stains on the bed spread.

He reached into Tanya’s heart and saw how much pain she was going through.

Strange as it may sound,she was the first virgin he would ever come in contact with.

He felt strange and completely angry about it.

After he had heard her sing, he’s not been himself.

Craig turned away from the bed and looked at the wall clock instead.

It was eleven PM now.

He walked into his inner room and decided to spend the night there.

The next morning,Tammie woke up to see Tanya back on her bed.

She was a bit surprised cos she had waited for her all night and slept off at the process.

She walked towards her bed and bent a little. “Tanya?”

Tanya stirred and opened her eyes blearily.


She was still in pain but really tried hard to pretend. “Hey. Good morning.” She managed a fake smile.

Tammie gave her a suspicious glance. “Are you okay? What happened last night?”

Oh no. What’s she supposed to say now? There was no way she was gonna tell her what happened in the Master’s room.

“Nothing…I just had to answer a couple of questions. That’s all.” Tanya said dismissively, wishing she could go back to sleep.

“Okay. We are going out for exercise this morning. I think you should get up.” Tammie said and Tanya’s eyes widened.

Oh no!

“Exercise??” She asked.

“Yeah. Exercise.” Tammie replied.

“Oh….okay. I’m gonna get ready.” Tanya stammered and watched Tammie walk off.

She sighed deeply, hoping she would be able to get up.


Jeremy sat on the grass, gulping down some water from his Jerry can when he sighted the new girl sitting alone.

They had just finished running a training and everyone was taking some rest.

He studied her from where he sat and nodded. He was right.

There was something special about her but why can’t he just figure it out already?

He continued staring at her until she turned and caught him.

Then he smiled and waved. When he saw her staring blankly at him,he stood up and walked over.

“Hi. Remember me?”

“Yeah. The physician.” Tanya mumbled, looking away.

She didn’t wanna get disturbed at the moment. Not at all.

“Mind if I join you?” Jeremy probed on, ignoring her dismissive attitude.

Tanya shrugged and Jeremy took that as a yes.

He took his seat and smiled. “I’ve been watching you and….I guess something is wrong. Mind sharing it with me?”

Tanya spared him a quick glance. “I’m fine.”

“No you are not.” Jeremy said softly.

Tanya looked at him again wondering if she could trust his friendly gesture.

She sighed and stared down at her fingers. “What’s this academy really all about?”

Jeremy stared at the other people going about, probably returning to their training camps or rooms.

He smiled at her question before answering. “You find it strange,right?”

“Very.” Tanya mumbled.

“Immortal academy came into existence because of the hatred our kinds got from people.

“They dreaded us, made us think we aren’t humans but beasts.” Jeremy chuckled and continued. “I joined this group three years ago when I discovered my healing ability.

“Back then,my eyes would spark up together with my palms… making me look like a real beast. My friends abandoned me and my family almost did.

I had cried so much, hated it when I was told I was gonna join the academy.

But as time went on,I saw I had no other option. I couldn’t coup out there anymore but when I got here,I learned new things,girl…learned how to control and use my gift and now,I take everyone as my family cos yes…this has been my home for three years now.

The people here….are my family now.” Jeremy said then looked at Tanya with a smile.

Tanya was staring at him. She was at the verge of tears cos his voice was so full of emotion.

“And as for your question”, Jeremy continued. “Immortal academy is all about learning how to control your powers and how to use them

“It’s all about doing things that you’ve not done before….you get to learn new things everyday plus you learn how to mingle and socialize.” Jeremy said and Tanya took in a deep breath.

They sat there in silence.

“How did Craig come to become the master of this group? Sky Squared?” Tanya suddenly asked.

“Craig’s actually a prince….from far away kingdom.

And he became our leader right from the time Sky Squared was created.

It’s one of the newest groups but it rules over other groups now.

Next year,a new general leader will be nominated and I strongly believe Craig’s gonna win. He’s powerful and popular.”

Tanya looked at Jeremy. “A new general leader? What happened to the old one?”

“He died. He was the strongest man in the whole of the academy and was made the general leader but years ago,he died.

And since then,a new general leader has not been chosen.

I guess no one is old enough to be the general leader yet. If I can guess right, Craig’s only twenty one.” Jeremy stated.

Tanya was shocked. Twenty one?

Yet he looked so powerful and strong.

“Are we ever gonna go visit our family?” Tanya asked.

Jeremy laughed. “Of course! But you have to be signed in and become a full member first. Don’t be in haste dearie… you are gonna see mommy again.”

Tanya smiled. “I miss Tanner. My brother. He’s so protective! I miss him.” Tanya tried to fight back the tears but they rolled down her cheeks.

Jeremy reached out and quickly wiped them off. “You have to be strong here,girl. Do not let anyone know tour weak point. That’s the easiest way to survive it here.” Jeremy said softly and Tanya smiled at him.

“Thanks….I really have to go now. Thank you for talking with me.” Tanya said and stood up.

She smiled, bowed slightly and left.

Jeremy stared at her until she disappeared behind a building. He nodded again.

“Yes….it’s definitely her. She’s got the same long hair and the tiny black mark under her left brow.

“There’s no doubt… it’s her.”


What’s Jeremy talking about??

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