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Frozen feelings Episode 9

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[only you can melt me softly]

Meenah writes ✍️

☔ episode nine ☔

🌹 Mrs Graham’s pov 🌹
After Harry chased me out of his house, I rented a flat in town, he did the right thing by chasing me, I was going to go myself if he doesn’t chase me anyways cos our relationship was based on lies, lust and infatuation..

I loved him only because of his money, I kept thinking about my twins, Tonia is someone I know very well, she’ll never forgive me until she’s done torturing me…

Today, I decided to go to the orphanage.

I got there and met a lady outside, attending to the orphanage children..

“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted ..

“Oh, good afternoon, how may I help you, please sit” she said and I sat…

“I’m the mother of Bennett, he’s one of my twins” I said and her eyes colour changed to red with anger immediately..

“First thing first, stand up from that chair” she said seriously..

“Ma’am, I’m….

“I think I just told you to stand up from that chair!!!” She yelled and I stood up Immediately..

“You wicked soul, you threw away your child because you wanted to stay with a rich man” she said and clapped her hands mockingly..

“Who does that, now listen, you must never step on this place again, else I’ll cut off your legs and give it to the dogs” she said, anger reeking from her voice..

“I just wanted to ask the address of Gerrard” I pleaded in tears and she smiled sarcastically..

“You think I’ll tell you?, I’m definitely not interested in telling you till eternity, now out, don’t ruin my Christmas plans for me” she yelled as she ordered guys to throw me out..

“What have I done to myself”..

💜 Bennett’s pov 💜
Today marks our second week in dad’s house and he’s so easy to get along with cos we felt like we’ve been living with him for years, we’ve gone for affidavit in court and we now bear dad’s surname, Anthony.

We’re now Tonia and Bennett Anthony…

Today is Saturday and dad is at home with us..

“Dad, what if we relocate to California?” Tonia asked and dad smiled..

“It’s as if you’re reading my mind, I’ve been thinking of how to tell you guys that we’ll be moving to California cos my newly built hospital is right there, we can start a new life there” dad answered…

“Yippee, we’ll just start our university education right there!!” I shouted as I hugged him..

“Bennett, what’s your view?” Dad asked..

“I’m in” he answered and I stuck hands with him

“We’ll be with Wendy soon” I wishpered into his ears and he smiled broadly..

“So dad, when are we starting the preparations, Christmas is two weeks from now and we have to move before then” I said..

“Sure, I’ll start the preparations on Monday, on Friday, we’ll be in California…”

♦️ Wendy’s pov ♦️
📲 Hello bestie, just text me your address in California..

📲 Why?, Don’t tell me you’re coming to California..

📲 Come on, send it already, I’m in haste..

📲 Alright, in a bit..

I hanged up and sent Tonia the address, it’s actually a Saturday morning, Christmas is next week..

What is this drama queen up to this time around?..

“Sis, I’m going for field trip with Johnny” Emma hollered from inside..

“Come here” I said and she came to meet me in the kitchen, Aunt Lizzy has gone to her workplace.

I raised suspicious brows and coughed ..

“What was that about?” She asked as she kept looking at me…

“I hope you had nothing going on between you and this Johnny boy” I said

“That again, stop being suspicious, and what if I decide to go out with him, it’s a free world anyways but he’s not my type, I hope that is able to answer your questions, and also, something is burning” she said she skipped outta the house, holding her nose..

“Oh, my popcorn, shes such a pain in the throat ” I whimpered and added milk to the popcorn

Someone knocked again..

“Oh my, why is everyone intruding my privacy, I think it’s one of Aunt Lizzy’s friends, but they should know she’ll be at work by this time, such a bone” I kept muttering to myself as I went to open the door and met the shock of my life, it’s Tonia and Bennett, accompanied with a man, their dad I think…

I can’t believe my eyes…

“Tonia, Bennett!!!” I screamed as I hugged them happily..

“Did you guys teleport or what?” I asked…

“Of course not, we moved here yesterday, dad’s newly built hospital is here, that’s why” Tonia answered…

I looked at Bennett and got an affirmative nod..

I looked at the man..

“Good morning sir” I greeted politely..

“Oh, how are you Wendy, Tonia and Bennett has told me a lot about you” he said…

“Oh Wendy, my bad, this is my dad, our dad” Tonia said and I greeted him properly..

“I’m sorry, Please come in and sit” I said, finally realizing that we’re still at the door…

I got popcorns for them with soft drinks…

“Our house is really a little bit far from each other, we won’t be seeing each other as often as we do in New York” Wendy said sadly…

“At least, we’re in the same place again, you should be happy” I said as I hugged her again..

“I’ve really missed you” I said.

“Same here girlfriend” she answered..

Bennett is busy pressing his phone and Mr Anthony went out to pick a call which gives us space to talk at length

“I can’t wait for Christmas and New year, I’ll enjoy myself till death those two days” Tonia said..

“U better not” I said, rolling my eyes and we both laughed…

We talked about a lot of things but she’s obviously avoiding her family talks but I understand…

They later left in the evening after I’ve taken her address…

📸 Cross’s pov 📸
Today is Christmas, with the recent happenings in the family, I don’t feel like going out but I realized I gotta get over it, else, I’ll have to bear the consequences alone…

I dressed up and went out, dad has gone to work, he’s not even behaving as if anything happened, though he’s apologized dearly to me…

I went to Kira’s house to give her a surprise, I got a cake so that we can celebrate Christmas together, I got to her living room and met guy’s clothes lying on the ground, her panties and bra are also there, I got the hunch that something smells fishy..

I bursted into the bedroom and what I saw nearly took my life, Kira is on bed, having sex with my best friend, Fred….. that’s all I can remember…

📣 author’s pov 📣
Kira and Fred has been going out secretly without Cross’s knowledge, turns out she’s been fooling Cross since all these days,

The cake he was holding fell immediately and he followed, he fainted and Kira Rushed into her clothes and took him to the hospital, there he used Cross’s phone to call his dad and she left the hospital immediately…

Mr Graham came in a jiffy…

“How’s my son doing doc, and how did he get here?” He asked..

“Well, a girl brought her, tall, slender and blonde” doc said..

“That must be Kira, what has that bitch done to my son, I told Cross that this girl is a gold digger but he won’t listen to me, how’s his health now?” He asked…

“Well, he’s ok but…..”

“But what?” Mr Graham asked impatiently.

“He’s got heart attack, maybe he saw something shocking, he’ll be getting the attack anytime, anywhere, especially when something shocking happens”

“Heart what!!!” Mr Graham shouted..


Heart attack huh..

And our twins are now in California with Wendy 💜♥️💜

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