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Frozen feelings Episode 8

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[only you can melt me softly]

Meenah writes ✍️

☔ episode eight ☔

♦️ Tonia’s pov ♦️
I stood dead on my tracks immediately I saw him, is this some sort of illusion?, We darn look alike, just like I and Bennett…

“This is literally one of my twins” the man said and he hugged me, I was just too shocked to react or say anything useful, he broke the hug and and looked at me, his eyes filled with emotions, he tried to hide the tears that are threatening to fall but he couldn’t, the tears fell from his eyes as he cupped my face…

“Wh…what….. what’s happening, like what’s going on?” I managed to ask when I finally found my voice…

“I’m your biological father” the man said and my heart started doing somersaults, I felt a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach…

I managed to face mum…

“Mmmmum, is… this…..true?” I asked in a shaky voice, mum is already shedding tears by now..

She kept crying and it got me annoyed..

“Tell me the truth!!!” I shouted and she spoke up.

“Yes Tonia he’s your father, Gerrard Anthony” mum replied in tears….

Then dad entered…

“Tell me what I’ve been hearing since are all blatant lies” he said in shock, he’s literally been eavesdropping…

“It’s true Harry, I’m actually pregnant with Gerrard’s baby before I got married to you” mum said, I’m already sitting on the ground by now, crying, I’ve never been this confused all my life…

“But you told me then that you’re single, how dare you lie to me!!!” Dad protested..

“I’m sorry Harry, it’s because I love you” mum said..

“You love me?, Love my foot, this is called wickedness not love!!!” Dad half yelled..

“Now where’s my second twin?” Gerrard asked and I stood up..

“I’m a twin?” I asked..

“Of course dear, you’re a twin” Gerrard answered..

“Em, em… Harry, you know you once told me that you don’t have twin in your family Gene, I went for scan when the baby is five months and I found out it’s twins, I waited till I gave birth, you’re not around then, so it’s easy for me to pay one of the nurses to help me throw the boy twin away, I’m such a wicked soul” mum cried out…

“What!!!” Dad and Gerrard chorused at the same time.

“Now I get why Bennett calls his mother the most cruel mother in the world” I said, clapping my hands sarcastically, getting the whole issue..

“Who’s Bennett?” Dad asked..

“My twin brother” I answered..

“Eh, where’s he?, Where’s my son?” Mum said.

“You don’t even have a lick of shame, you’re so shameless to ask me that and news flash for you, I’m so ashamed to call you my mum right now, and maybe forever, one more question for you, if I’m your first child in dad’s house, then how did cross turn out to be my senior brother?” I asked..

“Cross was actually adopted, a year after I gave birth to you” mum said and I swallowed hard..

“Thank God I’m not in any way related to that jerk” I said, waving my hands in the air..

“Actually I didn’t adopt Cross” dad said..

“What are you talking about Harry” mum asked…

“He’s my child from my ex wife, I just introduced him to you as an adopted son to be safe” dad explained..

“But you also told me you’re single” mum said

“Well I’m sorry” dad said

“I’m going nuts right now, like,I’m going Gaga, this family is even established based on lies in the first place, but thank God, I found my real dad” I said and hugged Gerrard in hot tears..

“Now let’s go say hi to my twin brother” I said to Gerrard as I pulled him out..

“Tonia I’m sorry, I’m really….

“If everything can be sorted out by saying I’m sorry, why are there cops?, And mind you, don’t follow us, don’t even dare cos I’m gonna tear you into countless pieces you shameless and wicked woman!!!” I shouted as I went out with Gerrard..

We got to the orphanage and Bennett is right there, washing, turns out he’s also surprised to see someone who resembles us too..

“Good evening sir” he greeted politely and Gerrard hugged him tightly..

“What’s going on?” He asked after the hug..

“He’s our dad” I said and his eyes widened..

“Our dad?, What do you mean?” He asked, looking surprised…

“We’re twins Bennett” I said and showed him my birthmark too, his eyes widened..

“I knew it, something smells too familiar about us, and where’s that awful mum?” He asked…

” She dare not come with us, seeing her face alone can give me malaria” I said..

“Thank God she didn’t, I would have murdered her” he said in tears and Gerrard told him the story,

“She’s like Lucifer’s bride, I can never forgive her” Ben said as lady Maria came in…

Gerrard told her everything and she smiled at the end…

“I’m really happy you came for him, the mother should better not show up, or else I’m gonna fry her alive in an hot pan of oil” lady Maria said …

“But Aunt, u’re the only family I have since the beginning of my life, is it polite to leave you for dad right now?” He asked..

“Of course, but you can come over for visits anytime” lady Maria said and he hugged her…

“Well let’s go” dad said after writing a cheque for lady Maria..

He drove us to his house..

“I’m sorry my prince and princess, I’m sorry I’ve not come for you since” he begged on his knees..

“Just stand up dad, it’s not your fault, it’s mom’s love for money that caused all these, it’s all her fault” I said and Bennett noded, we both hugged him..

.🔮 Cross pov 🔮
“What do you mean Tonia is not my sister” I asked after mum told me the story..

“I’m your dad, another woman gave birth to you for me, though she’s dead now, and Tonia, she’s gone with her dad, she’s actually a twin, separated by her mother when she’s little” dad said and mum came downstairs with loads.

“And where the hell is she going?” I asked.

“I sent her out, I can’t continue to live with a murderer, how can she throw her own child away” dad said.

“A murderer?” I asked

“I’ll explain later” he said as he pushed her out of the house, I just ran upstairs cos this is too much, how can a family just shatter in a day….

🎀 Wendy’s pov 🎀
Aunt Lizzy welcomed us warmly when we got to California and we felt at home, it really helped me a lot cos I forgot everything in a flash…

I tried Tonia’s number a number of times but it’s not available, I tried Bennett’s too but same thing, what’s happening?

It’s December already and we’ll soon be celebrating Christmas and new year, I can’t wait to turn eighteen next year January and also be in the university.

I was cooking dinner today when my phone ranged, it’s an unknown number..

📲 Hello, Wendy on the line

📲 It’s Tonia..

📲 My gosh, I’ve tried your number for the uptenth time, even Bennett’s, it’s just not available.

📲 I have to change it cos of mum

📲 Why?

📲 You know the family is shattered right now, turns out Bennett is really my twin brother, our dad came for us already and we’re now living with him..

📲 A lot has really happened.

📲 Sure, Cross is not even my real brother, turns out he’s a child from Mr Graham’s dead ex but he introduced him as an adopted child to mum

📲 Oh my, the relationship even started with lies

📲 I know right, let’s not talk about that, how are you preparing for Christmas and New year, you know your birthday is January 5, you’ll turn eighteen before me, I’ll have to wait till September..

📲 It’s your choice (giggles)

📲 I’ll hand the phone to Bennett right now..

📲 Hi Ben, my friend’s twin brother

📲 Wendy, we’re really missing you here, Christmas and New year will be boring without you

📲 You can say that again, Happy New year and merry Christmas in addy

📲 Same here (hands the phone over to Tonia)

📲 Bye girlfriend..

📲 Bye love, I love you, mhuuua…


Naso the family take scatter o,

so Cross and Tonia are not even related..

Let the drama start now..

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