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Frozen feelings Episode 7

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[only you can melt me softly

Meenah writes]

☔ episode seven ☔

♦️ Mrs Graham’s pov ♦️
Gerrard is my first love but then, he’s not rich but we love each other,

Then boom, Harry (my husband) comes out of nowhere, he’s handsome, rich, influential and kind, I met him at the grocery store one day and we exchanged contacts,

I lied to him that I’m not married yet and he believed, I left Gerrard and married Harry with a month old pregnancy that belongs to Gerrard, though Gerrard knew I’m pregnant and begged me not to leave him but I told him I can’t live with a poor man again…

After three months of getting married to Harry,I told him I’m pregnant for him, whereas, the pregnancy belongs to Gerrard,

Harry told me that in his family twins are not in their Gene so anyone that gives birth to a set of twins it means they are bastards…

When the pregnancy is five months old, I went for scan and unfortunately, it’s twins, I became downcast, how in the world am I gonna do this…

The day I gave birth, it’s really a set of twins, a boy and a girl, I paid one of the nurses to throw the boy child away and I kept the girl child, just to be safe, the nurse told me she threw him in a trashcan in the streets of New York…

Since then, my conscience has been restless, I wonder what would have happened to the child I threw away just because I don’t want to lose Harry and now, Gerrard is here asking for his twins,……wait, how did he know I gave birth to twins?, I faced him..

“Let’s talk somewhere else” I said and we went to a bar to talk..

“Firstly, how did you know that i gave birth to a set of twins?” I asked..

“The hospital you gave birth at, I’m now one of the medical practitioners there, remember I studied medicine, I saw your records when arranging files, 20th of September 2003, my twins should be Seventeen by now” he said smiling..

“I don’t have your twins with me, I aborted the pregnancy” I said suddenly and his expression changed..

“Don’t try to play tricks with me, I know you have my kids so I’m giving you two weeks, just two weeks to let me have my children, or else, I’ll come to your house and reveal your secret” he said and stood up, my heart is doing somersaults inside my ribcage right now..

“This is my number, call me before it’s too late” he said and dropped a card on the table before going out…

I’m so dead…

🎀 Cross’s pov 🎀
The house is always uncomfortable these days cos of Tonia’s nagging, I’m already in my dream school since I passed, I’m studying my dream course already…

Today, I’m strolling the campus with Fred my best friend when I saw Kira, my heart skipped a beat, how in the world is she still in New York, I thought she went back to England after the breakup but here she is, looking as radiant as ever…

“Hi” she waved, coming closer to me, I’m surprised she talked to me..

“Can we talk?” She asked and Fred left us, we went to the base of a tree..

For complete ten mins, she didn’t talk and I didn’t talk either, the atmosphere is becoming creepy and awkward so I decided to say something…

“I’m sorry” we both chorused and I laughed..

“You go first” I said and she faced me.

“Cross, I’m sorry for everything I did then, it’s childish and I’m just realizing that……I still love you” she said, looking at me directly in the eyes,i felt Happy immediately, oh my God, Kira is coming back to me.

“Do you mean that?” I asked.

“I wasn’t smiling when I said it” she replied and I hugged her…

“I still love you too, I’ve never for once stopped thinking about you, thanks for coming back to me” I said, still hugging her..

🔮 Wendy’s pov 🔮
This week is the final exams week and Tonia helped me a lot in reading, the two papers we wrote today went well and I’m hoping the remaining six will be good as well…

Bennett still remains our good friend and I just found out he’s kind than I’ve thought, maybe I had the wrong impression about him before, I now call him Tonia’s twin cos of their resemblance, it’s just too much…

✨ Tonia’s pov ✨
I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about I and Bennett, about Cross and Wendy and about mum cos she’s been thinking a lot lately, I once asked her why she’s always thinking and she said it’s work related but I don’t think so, well… what can I do..

Next week Monday is our last paper and Tuesday is our graduation party,

today is Saturday and I plan to spend it all at home, seeing my favorite movie, “Best friends in the world”, I was in the living room watching the movie when someone knocked the door, I’m not expecting anyone so I just turned deaf ears to the knocking but Cross later came downstairs and opened the door, my eyes widened, it’s Kira, they hugged each other and she gave me malicious looks before Cross took her into his room, I’m too shocked to talk, so Cross is back with her, I’m so disappointed but I’m expecting the day he’ll cry with no one to console him when he realizes his mistakes, I’m not even sure if he’s my brother cos we’re completely different…


Today is Monday and we’re just concluding our last paper, I just kept staring at Wendy, I know she’s depressed but she’s just trying to hide it, I wanted to tell her what I saw about Cross and Kira but I don’t have the effrontery..

I didn’t bring my car today cos I don’t feel like driving, mum insisted I should have a driver but I insisted that I’ll be ok on my own..

So after bading Bennett goodbye, I trekked home with Wendy…

☔ Wendy’s pov ☔
While trekking home, my eyes suddenly caught sight of someone….. Cross, he’s kissing a girl…. Kira, Cross is kissing Kira in the parking lot of a restaurant, my heart fell and I tried to fight back the tears that are threatening to fall from my face

“Let’s go, please don’t cry” Tonia said as she held my hand and led me cos I might just fall..

We got to the front of my house and I decided to tell Tonia about my plans..

“Tonia, I’ll be going to California after the graduation party tomorrow” I said and her face fell..

“I understand you, you need to change environment so that you’ll get over it but I’ll miss you” she said..

“I’ll miss you more, Emma is following me too, I’ll write my jamb there and start my university education there while Emma will continue her secondary education there” I said..

“Alright be sure to attend the graduation party tomorrow, I’ll even come to help you do your make up” she said as I hugged her and went in..

I broke down in tears immediately and Emma consoled me..

Then I decided to tell her the story, she is shocked to hear it..

“And that punk is now back with his ex?” She asked disgustingly..

“Yes” I answered..

“Now I understand why you want us to go to California, don’t worry sis, just sit back and watch, you’ll meet the right one” she said, consoling me..


The next day is our graduation party, Tonia came to apply my makeup today as promised, her makeup is exquisite, it’s unbelievable that as hard as she loves make up, she’s not into guys…

We went to the party in her car and Bennett is already waiting for us, we really enjoyed ourselves at the party and at the end, Tonia and Bennett followed me home to carry my luggages and Emma, she drove us to the airport and I hugged the both of them..

“I’m missing you already” Tonia said

“Same here, Bennett, bye” I said as I and Emma entered the plane… California, here we come, we’re actually going to aunty Lizzy’s place in California, she’s the only family we have left since our parents death and she’s the one who’s been managing their assets for us…

🌹 Tonia’s pov 🌹
After we left the airport, I drove Bennett to the orphanage and bade him goodbye, why do we look alike so much?, Why do we share the same birthday?, Why do we have the same birthmark?”

These are the questions I kept asking myself as I drove into the house,…

I started hearing arguments from inside, my mum and another person..

I entered the house and came face to face with a man, I’m like his carbon copy….


Peeps, what do you think?

Who is he?

Our Wendy is off to California.

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