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Frozen Feelings Episode 6

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[only you can melt me softly]

Meenah writes ✍️

 episode six

🎲 Tonia’s pov 🎲
Today marks the fifth day since the incidence and Wendy has not been coming to school, even when I go to her house, she’s always indoors, not ready to open the door…

“I’m scared, Wendy has not come out for the past five days, since the day she came in with a moody appearance, she’s not eating, she’s not going to school, she just sits inside and cry, what’s happening to my Wendy” Emma said pitifully as I hugged her, we were standing at the front of her door since she won’t open the door..

“I’ll tell you what happened later, just calm down” I consoled Emma..

“Wendy, can you please come out?, We’re starting our final exams next week and you’ve not been reading, please I beg you!!!” I shouted but I got no answer as usual, I stayed with Emma for sometime before going home…

Cross is not even bothered, I mean he behaves like everything is alright and it sucks, how can someone be so callous..

I met him in his room, playing video games, oh my God, is he even human?.

“Cross, now I know you’re a beast in human form, Wendy has been crying since five days ago, she didn’t go to school nor eat nor come out, but here you are, playing useless games!!!” I ranted as I grabbed the PS from him and smashed it on the ground, he stood up..

“I told you already that she’s the one who took advantage of me, i don’t know about it, and it’s just sex for crying out loud, nothing big” he said carelessly and my mouth widened.

“Cross!!!, That shouldn’t come out of your mouth, how can you be so cruel, what in God’s name did you eat in England that changed you like this?, The cross I know is a loving caring and accommodating person” I said..

“I’m not in the mood to listen to Epistles” he said and left the room, I followed him, he went downstairs and sat on the couch, I stood in front of him..

“Cross, you’ll regret this, you’ll regret disgracing, hurting and embarrassing my friend!!!” I shouted and he stood up and went out, tears are already trickling down my face, watching Wendy suffer hurts.

🔮 Wendy’s pov 🔮
This is my sixth day in my room, my heart is just too heavy and I’m as dumb as a doorknob right now I dunno what to do, I’ve almost cried my eyes out, today is Friday and next week is our final exams, I have to just try to forget all these.

I took my bath and put on my uniform after packing my hair in a ponytail, my face looks Haggard as a result of the excess crying but I don’t care, I came out to meet Emma at my door, oh my God, she actually slept there..

I tapped her and she spranged up, her eyes widened..

“Oh my, Wendy!!!” She screamed as she hugged me..

“I missed you” she said..

“I’m sorry for not coming out, I’ll tell you the reasons later” I said.

“Your coming out is a happy thing for me, I’ll go and take my bath” she said and ran into the bathroom,

She finished dressing up and we ate some pasteries before going to school, though I ate little…

📣 Tonia’s pov 📣
Today is Friday, I’m very lonely since Wendy won’t come out not to talk of coming to school, I hate Cross right now, with passion…

“Hey Tonia” Bennett waved as he passed by me, we’ve become quite close since Wendy’s absence.

“Hey Ben” I waved back as he sat beside me, we’re actually in the cafeteria…

“And is Wendy not coming out yet?” He asked with concern cos I told him of her lockdown but I didn’t tell him the cause..

“Nope, she still locked herself up and it’s a bother to me” I answered..

“Don’t worry, she’ll soon realize that that’s not the solution and come out” he said and smiled..

“You know we really look much alike” I said, speaking the truth.

“I’ve noticed that since we became friends, we really look alike” he answered.

“And you’re a good person” I said.

“What good comes from an orphan” he said and I’m shocked.

“You’re an orphan?” I asked..

“Yes, I grew up in Maria orphanage and I’m still there till now, I was told that I was picked from a trashcan when I was a day old, my mother must be a very cruel person” he said and sighed..

“What kind of a mother leaves her child in a trashcan, that’s inhumane” I said disgustingly..

“I know right, if I ever get to know her, I will never forgive her” he said and I smiled..

“I’ll like to follow you to the orphanage when we’re done today, to see what it looks like” I said..

“You’re free, I’ll call you when I’m going home” he answered and then, I saw something unbelievable, Wendy is coming inside the cafeteria..

“Wendy!!!” I screamed as I ran to hug her…

“I’ve missed you so much, I didn’t apply makeup since that day” I said..

“I’ve missed you too” she answered and noticed I’m with Bennett..

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me right now?, Since when did you become friends with Bennett?, The last time I checked, you’re sworn enemies” she said, surprised..

“When I couldn’t find nobody to roll with and you’re not available, we became friends” I answered as we went back to class..

“I really need to gear up, I’ve missed a week and the exams is next week” she complained..

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you” Bennett said and Wendy looked back..

“Now that I’m looking at the two of you closely, you really look alike, I’m not joking here” Wendy said…

“I know” I and Bennett chorused the same time and we laughed..

After school, I followed Bennett to the orphanage as promised, after telling Wendy his story too, Wendy came along and we met the orphanage owner, lady Maria…

“Bennett has been a blessing to me since I brought him in, I saw him in a trashcan in the streets of New York on the 20th of September, 2003 when he was just a day old, his umbilical cord proved that” lady Maria said and my eyes widened..

“That day is also my birthday, and I’m also Seventeen” I said..

“It’s true” Wendy said…

“Great, so we don’t only look alike but we also share the same birthday, month and year” Bennett said..

“Now that you say it, I just realized it, you two, you look alike” lady Maria said and we laughed..

“He also has a birthmark on his leg, it’s covered by socks” lady Maria said and Ben took off his socks, revealing a big black mark on his ankle, my heart skipped a beat cos I also have the same mark on my ankle..

Other children from the orphanage returned from school and lady Maria has to attend to them so we bade her goodbye and Bennett saw us off…

“Now Wendy, I don’t want you to be dull again, no lockups and no hunger strike, be happy and you’ll forget about it gradually” I said and she smiled..

“And I’m sorry” I said..

“For what?” She asked..

“He’s my brother afterall” I answered..

“There you go again, stop it” she answered and I smiled..

“I’ll come over tommorow so that we can read for the exams together” I said as I bade her goodbye and sprinted home, I’m too anxious to check my birthmark too..

I went straight to my room and yanked off my socks, the Marks are the same and on the same place, we look alike, have the same birth months, year and even day, something doesn’t feel right…

📸 Mrs Graham’s pov 📸
(Tonia’s mum)
My driver just dropped me at my company today, a Saturday morning, don’t be surprised I go to work on Saturdays too, I’m a workaholic…

I was about to enter when someone called my name…

“Flora” that voice looks familiar, I looked back and met the last person I’m expecting to Meet, it’s Gerrard, he was leaning on his car, he came close and I started fidgeting…

“Where are my twins?” He asked and cold chills ran down my spine….


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