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Frozen feelings Episode 4

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[only you can melt me softly]

Meenah writes ✍️

☔ episode four ☔

♦️ Cross pov ♦️
I can’t believe my eyes, Wendy actually slapped Kira, what the heck did she just do.

“Oh, this is the last straw that will break the camel’s back, it’s over between us!!!” Kira screamed and it felt as if my life is crumbling before me…

“No, you can’t do this to me Kira, I love you” I pleaded with tears, still on my knees

“Well I don’t” she said and pushed me out of the way, she went upstairs, probably to pack her belongings..

I faced Wendy

“You idiot, you see what you’ve caused?, Why do you have to slap her?, Just because I’ve asked you to beg Tonia for me doesn’t mean you can interfere in my affairs you stupid moron” I said bitterly, she’s fidgeting obviously as I talked.

“Cross, you know sometimes, I really think you’re smart but sometimes you’re just not, how can you stoop so low to begging and crying for that badass bitch, eew, disgusting, and news flash for you, don’t ever call Wendy an idiot again you dumbass!!!” Tonia ranted.

“Tonia, try to understand me, I love Kira, with my life” I said sincerely.

“But she doesn’t, it looks like you’re forcing yourself on her, play smart bro” Tonia said flatly..

Kira came downstairs with her bags..

“Baby please you can’t do this to me, I swear I love you” I pleaded, standing on her way but she pushed me away and rushed out..

“Mr loverboy, she’s not for you, the right one will soon come but this is too funny, you just arrived yesterday and all these is already happening, I’m going crazy” Tonia said and went upstairs with Wendy.

♥️ Wendy’s pov ♥️
I felt like a bad person after slapping Kira but another part of me felt it’s the thing, now Kira is gone and I feel guilty, Cross really loves her…

“Kira, will you help me to beg your brother?” I asked once we’re upstairs.

“What will you beg him for?, He’s the one that will beg you for calling you those names cos for all I know, even if you didn’t slap her, she’ll still go, she’s just looking for a chance and you gave her one” Tonia said and I sighed.

“I just hope this ends well” I said as I layed on the bed.

🔮 Cross pov 🔮
It’s been two months now after the incidence and I’m still missing her, I dunno why but maybe because I love her, she’s just too temperamental and bossy but I like her like that, I’ve written my jamb and I’m still waiting for the results.

But Wendy, I feel guilty about the words I said to her that day, I shouldn’t have called her those names but she shouldn’t have slapped Kira either, well, I should man up and beg her first.

I and Tonia have not been on talking terms since then but I decided to talk to her today, I went to her room and met her lying on her bed browsing, she didn’t even look at me..

“Hey Tonia, I know I’ve wronged you as my sister, I know I haven’t been good these past days but I promise to make it up , please forgive me” I pleaded.

She sat up and faced me.

“You know we’re not all, you’re too cheesy, if it happens that you ever get married to Kira(God forbid), she’ll never respect you and take your love for granted, maybe this is just the right thing” she said.

“I know right, and I’m promising you that I’ll forget about her” I said though it’s not sincere and she smiled.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes baby sister” I answered.

“Don’t call me that” she said and threw a pillow at me.

“I’ll like to apologise to Wendy too, can you call her and tell her to come over?” I asked.

“Great” she said and called her.

“She’ll be here any minute” she said and I got a message that the results are out, I checked mine and I got 330,…

“Oh my goodness, this is amazing,we need to celebrate this” she said and someone knocked downstairs.

“Must be Wendy” I said and we both ran downstairs.

🎀 Wendy’s pov 🎀
I got to Tonia’s house and she came downstairs with Cross, all smiles..

“Wendy I’m sorry for shouting at you that day, I’m sorry for calling you names and all” Cross pleaded.

“Em, I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have overreacted” I said.

“No it’s ok, maybe that’s just the right thing” Cross said and hugged me, It felt like currents are passing through my body.

“Guess what?, He got 330 in his post jamb, now he can study the medicine he’s always wanted to” Tonia broke the news.

“Oh my God, this is awesome” I screamed.

“Cross, let’s go to the bar and celebrate, dad and mum will be back tomorrow, we might not have the chance so let’s grab this” Tonia said and they dressed up, we drove to the bar..

✨ author’s pov ✨
At MK bar, Cross and Wendy are on the seventh bottle while Tonia is on the eighth, they are all heavily drunk.

How they drove home is a miracle cos they’re all heavily drunk.

Wendy entered the house with them thinking it’s her house,

They all entered the living room and Tonia slept off on the sofa immediately..

Wendy fell on the sofa and cross fell on top of her and started caressing her body, they both got turned on, minutes later, clothes are off and they did it…on the couch…in the living room, they had sex though Cross didn’t cum inside her…


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