April 14, 2021


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Frozen feelings Episode 10

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[only you can melt me softly]

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode ten

🔮 Cross’s pov 🔮
I’ve just been discharged from the hospital, my mind kept drawing back to that scene, why am I so daft and stupid?, Tonia even warned me against it but I’m just too stupid to listen, now I have heart problem, I’m regretting my actions greatly..

Dad took great care of me, he took one week leave from work to stay with me and administer my medications for me…

After the one week, I became better though I couldn’t stop thinking of my heart problem..

New year just came like a flash, I didn’t even go out cos I’m too overwhelmed with thoughts..

🌹 Tonia’s pov 🌹
Today is New year, dad took us out together with Wendy and Emma and we had all the fun we desired…

Gosh, how time flies, Wendy has really forgotten everything and is becoming cheerful, I love that..

We went to the karaoke, the beach, the cuisine lamore, New year’s tree and we did bangers and fireworks, it’s indeed a memorable day and it made us love Dad the more cos she stayed with us throughout, making us happy…..


Today is January 5, Wendy’s birthday and we celebrated it in her house though it’s only a five people celebration, Aunt Lizzy, I, Bennett, Emma and Wendy herself..

Dad couldn’t come cos he’s back to work but he sent his gift..

“Gosh, I’ll have to wait till September before I’ll turn eighteen, so sad” I said, pouting my lips..

“You silly noodle, it’s still the same year, don’t panic” Wendy said and I glared at her..

“And who told you I’m panicking?” I asked jokingly..

“That face” Wendy answered and I hit her playfully, the cake was cut and we all enjoyed ourselves…

Minutes later, Wendy got a beep..

“Our results are out!!!” She screamed…

“Wow, let’s check” I said and we checked, we got admitted into one of the best universities in California…

“We’re going to school soon!!!” I screamed as we hugged each other..

But we’re not in the same department, she’s studying photography and arts while i went for applied arts.

That’s not a problem cos we share different dreams…

Two days later, we went shopping for our materials and new things, clothes, bags, books and in all, I got a new big makeup kit while she got a big camera….

♦️ Wendy’s pov ♦️
One month later..

It’s been a month since I and Tonia started attending the prestigious Wesley university and we’re already quiet familiar with the buildings and all..

I rarely get to see Tonia in campus cos we offer different courses..

Well, today, I have only one class by four but I decided to come to school by twelve cos I heard of a flower garden in school that has beautiful features, I went there with my camera and wow, it’s beautiful, I started snapping nature and flowers ..

Suddenly, i started hearing sounds like someone in pains, I ran towards the direction and met a totally cute guy, lying on the ground, gasping for air, he’s trying to reach his bag thats far from him, I know his problem immediately, he’s an asthmatic patient..

I quickly placed my camera down..

I got his bag and searched for an inhaler, I got it and puffed it in his mouth, he calmed down Immediately…

Minutes later, he’s back to his feet, he’s really handsome, I fell for him really hard Immediately..

“Thanks for saving me” he said…

“It’s nothing” I answered..

“Don’t say that again, it’s something, what if I’ve died, anyways I’m Romeo” he said and offered a handshake, I took it…

“Oh, Romeo, I’m Wendy” I answered..

“Nice name, are you a student of this school?” He asked..

“Obviously” I answered…

“Oh, I see, photography and arts right?” He asked..

“How did you know?” I asked surprised

“It’s simple, you’re with a camera, only students in that department go around with a camera” he said and I giggled…

“What level are you?” He asked…
“I’m a fresher” I answered shyly..

“Oh, well, I’m a 200l student, department of microbiology” he said, rubbing his palms

“Nice meeting you” I said, smiling.

“Same here, can I get your contact?, Just to say hello sometime” he said, glancing at me

“Sure” I answered and gave him my contact, I collected his contact too…

“Alright, I have a class to attend now” he said, looking at his wristwatch…

“Same here” I said, smiling..

“Oh, we’ll meet again some other time” he said and we bade each other goodbye…

He’s so cool…

😭 Mrs Graham’s pov 😭
Christmas and New year were hellish for me cos I grieved throughout, I ruined my life cos of my self ambiguousness, my life crashed before me cos of my love for money, now, my children are not ready to forgive me and i don’t even know their whereabouts with Gerrard…

“Death is better than shame, I’d rather die than live like this” I thought as I brought out the bottle of poison and drank it…

💐 Cross’s pov 💐
I miss mum, though I was told she’s not my biological mother and what she did to the twins was bad…

I just want to see her for the last time and say thank you to her for raising me like her own child…

I got her new address and went there when coming from school one Friday…

I went in after parking my car in the parking lot but what I saw shocked me,

She’s lying on the ground with blood gushing out of her mouth, a bottle of the most effective poison was lying beside her…

I was too shocked, then I started feeling slashing pains on my chest,.. the attack..

I managed to text dad before it took over me completely… that’s all I can remember…


RIP Mrs Graham,

May God forgive you your sins..

Seems Wendy has meet the one ♥️💜♥️

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