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Frozen feelings Episode 1

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[Only you can melt me softly]

Meenah writes ✍️

🐬 Episode one 🐬

🐾 Wendy’s pov 🐾
“Tonia, we’re late already, don’t tell me you want Mr Ben to spank you today again!!!” I hollered at Tonia from the living room, she’s actually inside.

“Just a minute baby, lemme apply some mascara!!!” she shouted back.

“You silly noodle, you’re too fashion conscious, just don’t keep me waiting!!!” I shouted.

The one minute she asked for turned to ten minutes and when she came out, she dolled herself up with make up already, it’s not surprising, she’s a make up freak..

“Can we go now?” I asked sarcastically.

“Sure” she answered with smiles and pulled me along..

Oh my bad, sorry for not introducing myself, I’m Wendy Grey, a 17 year old girl, SSS 3 student in michelangelo high school America, I’m not the only daughter of my parents cos I have a junior sis, she’s Emma by name, a no nonsense 15 year old girl who takes no cheating, I’m so surprised how we got to be sisters cos we’re completely different from each other, while I’m gentle and calm, she’s outspoken, a talking machine and a brute, she’s in SSS 1 by the way and we attend the same school, well, I like photography and it’s my dream to become a talented photographer one day, I can also draw.

Tonia has been my best friend from JSS 1 till now and she’s like my sis, also a brute, she’s a fashion conscious babe like you know and very pretty, she’s into makeup and she dreams of becoming a make up artist some day.

Enough of the self introduction, we always go to school together,I mean I and Tonia cos our houses are a stone’s throw from each other..

“Watssup cuties” Bennett the most annoying guy in our class said as we entered.

“Look, if you don’t have anything to do this morning, you better go and sleep” Tonia said.

“Tonia, you’re just beautiful but you have nothing upstairs” Bennett said mockingly.

“Just wait and have a taste of my pepper spray” Tonia said and unzipped her backpack, she brought out the spray and Bennett took off.

“Silly noodle” she said as we entered the class..

“Funny enough, you both look alike somehow” I said, noticing it for the first time..

She turned briskly to me and squinted…

“Don’t say that again, I can never in any way look like that dummy” she said seriously.

We started the day with English and I didn’t enjoy the class cos Tonia kept reapplying her make up in class..

“Tonia, enough of this, we’re in class” I murmured..

“It’s what I have to do, don’t fuss about it” she murmured back.

“Wendy Grey and Tonia Graham, stand up” Mrs Fairweather suddenly said, jerking us from our mumbling, we both stood up.

“So my class is so boring that you’ve both choosed to turn in to a meeting point” she said, adjusting her oversized glasses..

Then Bennett stood up…

“Ma, it’s Tonia, she’s the one applying make up in class” he said, giggling..

“Just shut up and sit down” she answered and he sat down grudgingly.

“Tonia and Wendy, go wash the school toilets and make it sparkle” Miss fairweather ordered and our eyes widened.

“Ma, this is not fair, really not fair” Tonia complained.

“No complaints, just do as I’ve told you” she said bluntly as we both moved out of the class..

We got to the school toilet and oh my gosh, it’s nothing to be proud of cos it reeks…

“Tonia, you brought all these upon us” I complained.

“I’m sorry Wen” she said, pouting her lips…

We washed the toilet though it’s life and death and by the time we’re done, we’ve already missed six periods out of seven.

“Bennett is so dead today” Tonia said squinting.

“Tonia, don’t just create another trouble for us, this is enough” I begged..

“But Bennett won’t go Scott free” she said flatly, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, look it’s the new toilet cleaners” Bennett announced as we stepped into the class..

“Not now Bennett, we just cleaned your bedroom and it stinks” Tonia said mockingly, fanning her hand across her nose.

“Lookat this stinky face, you better not look for my trouble cos I’m gonna beat you blue black” he said and Tonia ran to him and slapped him,

Then a fight broke out and I tried to separate them.

“Good, I think I still have more toilets for you to wash” someone said and they stopped fighting, it’s miss Fairweather again..

“Tonia, Bennett, and Wendy, follow me, you’re gonna wash the staff toilet this time around since you all are such a brute”..


Oh my, Tonia is just a bone in the neck, and our Wendy is too gentle….,

The prince charming is on his way, you’ll meet him in the next episode

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