April 17, 2021


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Crazy CEO Episode 16

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{he’s a Rockster}

Meenah writes ✍️

🌹 episode sixteen 🌹

πŸ”Ί Gilbert Johnson’s pov πŸ”Ί
Maya cried to my mansion this morning with her eyes all swollen and red..

“What happened?” I asked inquisitively.

“It’s Lucas, he showered me with chilli powder” she said in tears..

“Oh my God, when will I be in peace in this house, just when will Lucas accept his fate!!” I ranted loudly before calling doctor Vic.

She was attended to and she left after I reassured her that Lucas is still hers.

πŸ’™ Lucas pov πŸ’™
Today is Monday, I went to work with Jeff and Dave as my new personal assistants… wondering why?, it’s part of the plan to make father send me out of his company..

He came later in the day and complained as expected…

“Lucas, how can you hire two personal assistants?, I understand that Dave is your friend and can be but this guy you call Jeff can’t be, this is money wastage” he complained..

“But we agreed that I get to make my own decisions” I said carefully..

“Does this look like a clever decision?, Now fire one of them!!!” He ordered…

“You made me the CEO of this company and so I have the orders to make, you can only make orders if I am relieved as the CEO!!!” I shouted back..

“You’re right, and I think that is gonna happen right now, get out of this company and never come back, you’re relieved as the CEO” he ranted and I felt a happy feeling in the pit of my stomach..

“Well, well Mr Gilbert, good luck, as you know, I have my own company before you forced me here, I’m going back to it, good luck” I said as I went out of the company with Jeff and Dave..

“Wow, Lucas you’re a drama king, you gat the guts bro” Dave said

“He resembles me” Jeff answered…

“You airhead” I said as I punched him softly.

We went straight to my company, Lucas tile supplying company and I sent mails to my workers to resume work tomorrow…

That’s the first step of the finding cos some of them are from far places, they might just have seen Ken…

🌺 Kendra’s pov 🌺
I’m making some pastries for our lunch when Rose rushed in..

Don’t wonder who she is, she’s my new friend, living in the house next to ours, we became friends cos she’s easy to like and make friends with..

“Why are you shouting like you saw the moon descending” I asked

“Guess what?” She asked..

“Just say it drama queen” I said..

“Ok, I’ve been called back at my place of work in new York, I’ll be traveling to New York tomorrow” she said excitedly…

“Wow, that’s a great news but it also means I’ll be lonely cos you’ll be living there” I said sadly…

“Of course, but don’t worry, I’ll come to have fun with you some weekends” I said as we hugged each other..

“I’ll miss you” she said.

“I’ll miss you more” I answered as we broke the hug..


The next day, she caught her flight to New York City after I escorted her to the airport.

πŸ’– Lucas pov πŸ’–
Today, my company is full of my former workers..

“I welcome you all back to work, you all know that your posts and your offices, it’s been cleaned and left in a good shape, let’s do it” I said and they gave me a round of applause before going to their various offices.

I made Jeff my secretary and Dave, my deputy…, Jeff told me to hang Ken’s pics on the wall which I did..

Someone entered, it’s Rose, my personal assistant..

“I’m sorry I’m late, my flight was late” she apologized..

“Don’t worry Rose, you’re not a usually late person, so apology accepted” I said…

We share the same office so she went to her desk…

I just kept staring at Kendra’s picture on the wall, then I think it’ll need a frame to look more big..

“Rose, can you get me a frame for that picture” I said, pointing at it, her eyes widened immediately she saw it..

“This is Kendra” she said surprisingly…

“Do you know her?” I asked

“I should be the one to ask that question boss,she’s my neighbor in Manchester” she answered…

“She’s my girlfriend” I answered and her phone ranged..

“It’s her mother” she said before picking the call…

πŸ“² Hello ma, tell Kendra I’m sorry for not calling her since, I’ve been working since..

πŸ“² Kendra is not here to hear that, she’s fainted and the neighbors helped me to rush her to the hospital, she fainted due to depression

πŸ“² What!!!, Calm down ma… gimme some minutes..

I hanged up and faced boss..

“She’s in the hospital she fainted” I announced..

“Let’s go right now, I’ll buy our tickets” he said and pulled me out after telling Dave and Jeff to take care of the company…



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