February 27, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 8

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(She hates him)

Episode 8


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Rissa’s pov:
Mykel looked shy and nervous. The entire students around fixed their eyes on him like he was some alien or something.

Alex and Zoe weren’t an exception.
Jesus Christ!! This is getting too much.
If only they knew he has been in a juvenile detention center for years. They wouldn’t even let him get into this school.

Mykel’s pov:
I summoned courage and turned away from the multiple eyes that had me roped.

I needed to keep me moving. Otherwise, I’d go crazy.

I bumped into a boy on my way in who had glasses on. He’s hair was curly and thick and you’d almost think he’s an Indian.

My eyes dropped to his books that has crashed on the floor. We both stooped to pick it up at the same time.
At least he’s not staring at me like I had two heads.

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking” He said, his hands shaking as he gathered some books.

I scoffed. Why would he be apologizing??
We both walked into each other and I’m practically at fault too. If I wasn’t thinking so much about the weird stares from outside.

“Its fine” I muttered as we stood erect.
I noticed his bag was pretty huge and seemed to contain lots of things too.

Doesn’t he have a locker or something?? Why take his book around like he has no direction?

“I’m Austin” He said reaching out for a handshake..
“Mykel” I responded not touching him just yet.

“You look new” He remarked staring at the blue suit like uniform I wore.
Oh..that reminds me, its Rissa’s stupid favorite color.

“Yeah…first day” I added with a shrug.
“I’ll direct you to the principal’s office” He offered and I freaked.
He’s being too nice! Could he be gay?
Oh…that would be so weird.

“No! I’ll find my way myself. Better get to class” I said unconsciously speaking gibberish.

He chuckled.
“Alright. Good luck” He said and rushed out.
He was holding a physics and chemistry text book which means he must be a science students. He’s eye glasses barely fit on his face which also means he started wearing the recently.
I don’t think he’s entirely a dork.

I proceeded down the hall with my hands in my pockets. What a neat school.

Rissa’s pov:
“That guy is more than hot! Did you see his hair??? I would do anything to get a hair like that!” Alex screamed just as we settled down for classes.

“You’re girl, Alex. You can’t go around with such hairstyles” Zoe remarked and I scoffed.

Most times, Alex acts like her father never ran for mayor last year and isn’t one of the wealthiest estate owners in the world. She’s so uncool!

“Well…I admire his f***king eyes and pink lips. Imagine him staring at you with those two beauties. And the kissing you with those soft pink sweet lips, Geez!!!” Zoe giggled out.

“Seriously guys? We have three subjects this morning and all you can think about is some new Korean boy in school??” I groused irritated.

“Korean? How did you know he’s Korean???” Alex and Zoe asked gazing at me.

Oh shreck! Me and my loud mouth.

Suddenly, a fresh wave of mind spinning cologne filled the air which got our nostrils dancing.
There’s no doubt that he has walked in!

Lucas Forbes! The president’s son!
He headed for his normal spot where he sits together with his friends.

There was no sign of his guards thereby giving us an opportunity to get enough of his good looks.

I tried to maintain and eye contact with him and it worked!
Lucas was staring directly at me for more than two seconds! For the first time ever!

Oh Lord!
He surprisingly smiled and winked at me.
Oh Heavens! Good goddess of Karma!
Is this really happening?

I quickly looked backwards to see if I was really the one he looked, smiled and winked at. I was right. It was ME.

I couldn’t help but swoon excitedly.
I drew my attention to him again but too bad the staring section was over.
He had started talking with his friends.

“Who gives a d**n about Lucas now?? The new guy is now my heart’s greatest desire. I’ll do all I can to get pictures of him and attach it all in my bedroom” Alex bemoaned with excitement.

“Rissa still hasn’t told us how she knew the new guy is a Korean” Zoe chimmed in and Alex concords.

I bit my lower lip as I thought of what to say. I don’t want them to know Mykel’s staying with us and I’m not used to lying to them either.
This is going to be hard!..

“I just guessed since his hair is that curly and his face…isn’t it too obvious?” I asked pouting.

“I guess it is. You’re so smart Rissa” Zoe commented and I smiled broadly.

Lucas Forbes🤔🤔
What do you think about this guy?

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