April 17, 2021


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Royal Bride Episode 8 & 9

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👑Royal Bride👰💜
(He has to remember💙)

Meenah writes ✍️

Chapter 8 & 9

Anushka’s pov

“Ranu! Be fast. Am really hungry” I whined as I arranged the seats.
She just stayed still on the couch starong at the ceiling. I know she’s sad.
She’ve never been truly happy for two years now. I pity Ranu…
She lost her crown and now have to live like a total commoner.

I sat beside her and rubbed her arm as she dropped her head on my shoulder.
Suddenly, the curtain shifted and someone walked in.

I darted my eyes up his body.
He looks so familiar.
He also stared at me like he also felt like he had seen me somewhere.
I racked my brain.
Whaaaaat!! 😱😱
The guy I beat up at the market place two years ago at Bavana kingdom.
What’s he doing here??

“You!” He exclaimed quite amazed.
Ranu batted her lashes staring at us at intervals.
I couldn’t say a word…
Right now, am not the fancy girlfriend of the princess. Am a nobody..

“Desperate fat cow?” He asked more like a call.
He smirked.

Ranu and I got up.
“What? What did you just call my friend?!” Ranu charged.

Devi chuckled.

“What the hell do you want?” I asked agitated.

His lips curved to a smile and he kind of looked charming.
“I have a sort of business deal I want to propose. The moon festival ia coming in two weeks. I want you both to come with me to the palace. You’ll sketch the entire household. You’ll be given shelter at the palace…if you do your job well, the pay will change your life forever” he said looking damn serious.

Ranu and I exchanged stares.
What an offer!

“I won’t beg twice…its just that I have short time to find an artist” he added.

I tried to protest but Ranu beat me to it.

“Fine, we’ll do it” she said…

But its possible She’ll see Javan.
Isn’t she going to be uncomfortable?

We need the money.

“How about you, Amber?” Devi asked me.

I felt so embarrassed and nervous.

“Fine” I muttered.

Why did I beat him up back then?
But now, he’s helping me.
I sniffed but am sure he didn’t hear it.

Devi’s pov⭐

As we went to the cars parked outside,
I watched Amber (Anushka) walk like she was extremely scared, shy and dejected.

Back then,.
She looked so wealthy and chubbier but now…
Something’s not right.

I kind of know how it feels to be once wealthy and next thing left in the mud.
I wish she won’t feel like I’d mock her or something. Whatever happened to her..
I’d like to know💗

Javan’s pov

I arrived at the castle and Lakshmi was the first to hug me!
“Cute chicken. I missed you so much” she said giggling.

I smiled as she unlocked from the hug.

“Your dad’s at the throne room. In a meeting with the counsel” she said as we walked to my room.

“And mom?” I asked, my voice totally shaky.
The look on her face dropped.
“She’s alive” she breathed out.

I opened the door and we went in.
The guards had brought my stuff in.

I removed my white and silver slippers and dropped my phones on the drawer.
I slumped on my bed while Lakshmi rubbed my feet.

“Javan…I have something to tell you” she said breaking the silence.
I focused on her as she stared at my legs as she rubbed it.

“You’ll find out eventually… Just want you to be ready when your father informs you…
It’s about your new bride, Princess Sanjana. She’ll be arriving soon” she said lowly.

I scoffed.

“Tell me you’re joking” I said not believing it.

She didn’t say anything.
How can dad do this bride sh-t when he knows am damn not interested!?

“Leave” I said died with rage.

“But Javan…”.

“I said leave, right now!” I said pissed off.

She stood up and walked to the door.
She left.
There’s no way am getting married.

princess Sanjana⭐

I was at the balcony watching Lakshmi hug Javan. Are they close?
I waited in my room.
Waiting to see if Javan would come meet me since am his bride to be.
I was wrong. He didn’t come.

I tried to cheer up.

“Cheer up Sanjana.
He’s yours.
He’ll come around soon.
I just have to give him time.
He’s mine to keep.
Nothing can split us” I assured myself.

I’ll move to his bedroom tonight.
My maid, Oprah was arranging my clothes in the closet.
She’ll be my minion. Keeping an eye on Javan for me.

Ranu’s pov⭐

Anushka and I marveled at the room Devi gave us. I think he’s giving us special treatment cause of Anushka.
Could it be he likes her?
That’ll be awesome. Atleast Anushka will find true happiness.

I looked at the closet with pretty clothes in it.
We’ll be staying here for two weeks anyway.

Anushka laid on the bed.

“It’s been so long…” She cried as she rolled on the bed.

I smiled out tears.
I left the room to find Devi.
I can also see the queen. And that’s when I remembered she’s been in coma.
I got to a cross path.

I gasped.

He was coming but I don’t think he had seen me yet.
After two years…
He looked so charming like he always is.
But he looks troubled.
He wore a yellow tank top.
Different shapes of gold rings as he used it to smoothen his hair with a yellow band around it. He put his hands in the pockets of his shorts.

I ran back and entered a room,
Afraid he would see me.

I looked behind me and flinched.
Queen Freya was lying on a bed with different wires and stuff attached to her nose and arms.
She was unconscious.

Oh my God!
I can’t believe she’s the same woman that sent me gifts since I can remember. She would visit us and we’d merry till I fall asleep on her lap.

She’s mom’s best friend.
She knows me in and out.
I slowly drew close to her.
There were dried up tears at the edge of her eyes.

I touched her cheek.
She’s warm.

And those memories came flowing in. I began crying..

Oh, Javan.
The kiss we shared.
The way he looked at me.
He really wanted to marry me.
And I wanted him too.

The door opened and I jerked back looking at the door.
Javan was standing there looking at me.

I gulped.


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