April 11, 2021


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Royal Bride Episode 7

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 👑Royal Bride🔥
(He has to remember💫]

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 7

🎊Two years later

⭐Ranu’s pov⭐

I drew the last line and the lady smiled.
“You’re so talented dear…Lord Shiva bless you” she said and stood up.

I painted her hands with henna and I guess she likes it.
She handed me some money and left the shop.

Anushka smiled and stretched her hand and I gave her the money.
“Nice work Ranu” she beamed.

I smiled.

Two years living a hard and crazy life.
You can’t even imagine how thin I had become cause of so much stressed and my face has changed a bit.
No one recognizes me as princess Ranu now.

We have disguises.
My fake name is Kush while Anushka is Amber.

“Okay, let’s pack up. Am famished” she said yawning.

I rolled my eyes and slumped on a seat nearby.
Am exhausted😓

💘Javan’s pov💘

Beep beep..
I heard my phone beep severally beside me.
I rubbed my eyes tiredly and took the phone.
Its Lakshmi calling.

“Good morning cute chicken!! Are you in the plane yet???!!!” She yelled eagerly from the other side of the phone.

“geez, stop being lousy. Yeah, am in the plane” I lied.

“Yes! just know am waiting for you. Love you!!!” She said and hung up.

I rolled my eyes and got up from the bed.
I spent last night partying totally forgetting am going back to India today!
I went to the bathroom to freshen up.

⭐Princess Sanjana⭐

I stayed still as the maids fixed my hair.
The Happiness I feel right now is an understatement.
I can’t believe it.
Am getting married To Javan!!

I never for once dreamt of it cause I never imagined it to be possible…
I learnt they had chosen princess Ranu to marry him but unfortunately she went missing or more like, she’s dead!

When mom and dad told me the news,
I almost went crazy
The maids are running helter shelter trying to pull my belongings together cause am moving to their kingdom today.

Javan’s going to be damn happy to see me.
thousands of suitors have offered gold, diamond, rubies just to have me as their bride.
My parents turned them all down and I wondered why.
Little did I know there is a lovely package being kept carefully for me and today, it has been unwrapped.

Mom had given me series of advise on how to survive at the castle.
She said I only have one goal that’d score me points…
Get pregnant for Prince Javan.

He’ll be mine forever.

I danced around the room with my long dress swaying around the floor.

The maids giggled and began playing music for me.
I danced happily.

⭐Devi’s pov⭐

I stood before the king, Javan’s father as he gave his orders

“I want a portrait of the royal household to be taken in preparation for the Moon festival. It shall be drawn not photographed” he said pacing around the throne room

“You mean Sketched, your highness” I corrected him but he ignored me.

“Listen to me Devi, I want the best! No mistakes” he warned and dismissed me.

I left the throne room thinking hard.
Where do I find perfect sketching artists??

Javan’s father have been acting like a psycho since his wife slipped into coma. I even heard he found another princess to marry Javan.

I got to my chariot and met my men talking cheerfully.
A chubby lady walked past and I saw the beautiful Henna tattoo design on her hands. So breathtaking.
I ran after her.

“Please ma’am. Can you tell me where you had these drawn?” I asked her.

She smiled.
“At Amber and Kush’s place. Two beautiful sisters” she said and gave me their address.
I smiled.
They’re not even close by. I have to travel to the next kingdom.

“Get the cars ready” I told my men.


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