April 17, 2021


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Royal Bride Episode 3

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[He has to remember🎻]

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 3

Anushka’s pov:

I slapped him on his head and people began to scream. More like, in great shock.

“You pervert!
Are you too poor to afford a prostitute?
It had to be innocent me you got to tamper with” I blurted finally leaving him.

People around had hands on their head. I folded my arms and smirked.

He rubbed his head slightly and I took the chance to see how the fool is dressed.

A nice diamond black shirt.
A royal purple crest on his badge area.
Wait, what am I seeing?

A royal crest of the royal family of the Bavana kingdom!!!

Before I could give it a second thought…
Two men gripped me.

Let me go!
Let me go right now!!” I rapsed.

Anushka, you’ve insulted someone from the royal family. Am done for.

He chuckled.

“Who’s the fool now? Am going to make sure you get punished to the point that you won’t even be able to lift your fingers” he threatened.

I nearly burst into tears but I toughned up and squeezed my face.

“Let’s go boys” he said to the men and they began dragging me away.

I tried to free myself.

“No, stop! Let me go!” I groaned.

🚺Oh, sorry miss.
🚺she’s so brave…
🚹What will Devi do to her now?
🚺She doesn’t even look like she’s from this kingdom.
🚺 she looks wealthy..

I heard people converse among themselves as they drag me to my doom.

If only they knew am the best friend to the future queen of their land…

Ranu’s pov:

I got to the garden and met him.
Oh my!
He looks more god-like in person..

But that look on his face…
Makes me feel unwanted.

I approached him anyways.

“Uh…Hi prince Javan” I said trusting my confidence.

He didn’t reply but just stared at me too freaky

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked more like a blurt.
I had no idea when I said that out loud.

“No, no. You didn’t” he simply said and began walking to a tree.

I followed him slowly.

He sat on the floor next to the tree while I came to a crouch before him.

“What’s that smell? More like strawberry” he asked with a crumpled look.

I smiled a bit.

“It’s a special ointment I apply on my hair” I replied.

“It’s nice” he muttered and drew close.
He sniffed my hair.
Oh wow…
“Strawberry is my favorite”.

“Apples are my favorite kind of fruit” I said beaming.

“Apples don’t smell” he retorted.

“They do” I insisted feeling sure of myself.

“Something must be wrong with your nose then” he said with a smirk.

“My nose is perfectly fine. You should look at your own nose” I jibed.

“Your nose is like the shape of a telephone” he teased and I chuckled.

Wait, it’s an insult to me.
Am not supposed to laugh…

I tried to adjust but I slipped and was about to fall backwards.
Javan intervened immediately holding me my waist.

We stare into each others eyes for what felt like forever.

Our lips drew extra close.
On a first date, we’re already moving too fast!

He slowly claimed my lips and I lost control.

Oh lord shiva!

I lost my balance as well and I fell on the grass with Javan on top of me but he supported himself.

I thought he’d get up but he Continued kissing me cause I was doing nothing. I don’t know how to kiss!.

He likes me already!

He unlocked from the kiss.
He looked quite nervous.
Such clumsiness…

He helped me up and I wiped dirt off my sari.

“Um…will you please follow me to the dinning?” I asked extremely nervous.

He sighed.

“Fine. Lead the way” he grouse.

I smiled and we started walking out of the garden.

I can’t believe we kissed.
I tried so hard not to touch my lips.

Javan’s pov:
Why does she have to have an innocent face?
I liked her face already when I saw her walk in.

But that kiss was crazy….
I just met her!

Mom was right.
I would like her on seeing her.
She’s so divine.

Anushka’s pov:
We got to a huge Benz car and the door was opened.

Oh no…

It’s now or never.

I yanked my hands off with force and punched the two men hitting one of them at the forbidden zone.

They winced in pain.
Before turning to the Devi guy

“You’re so heartless.
You… You deserve to be called mr poop!” I yelled angrily before running off.

That Devi guy is so wicked.
I just gave him few bruises and he called his slim and stick-like guards to lock me up. Thank God am safe.

I rushed to the palace.
Ranu is going to kill me for sure.

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