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Prince of tears Episode 9

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Meenah writes ✍️



I have no choice than to live with Krystal since I don’t have a place to stay, I followed her home and I must confess, the house is nice.

“You’ve got a nice apartment” I complemented.

“Thanks guy, it’s my earnings from the modelling industry, if our industry is successful in the competition, I’m sure we’ll hit the jackpot and we’ll be in money” she answered as she poured me some water.

She gave me the water and I gulped it down, I’m thirsty I must say.

“So shall we?” She asked.

“Are we going somewhere?” I asked.

“Sure” she answered and pulled me outside, we hopped into the car and drove off, I dunno where we are going but she stopped at the spa.

“Here, we’re gonna doll you up” she said and pulled me inside.

It was filled up with many people, she took me to someone.

“Hey Solomon, help him be the most handsome dude in the world” she said to a middle aged man.

“Oh, that’s my work, this way please” he said, pointing to a room, I looked at Krystal and got an affirmative nod so I went inside the room.

My body was waxed first before applying the body care creams, my face was polished and all the blemishes disappeared, my hair was styled into another style and I was dressed up, the body care creams used on me was packed in a bag and given to me, then my face was gagged and I was taken out.

Once out, the gag on my face was removed and I’m standing before a mirror, I looked into the mirror and wow…..I’m handsome, I’ve never seen myself this handsome before, I marvelled at the sight.

“I’m handsome” I scoffed.

“Yes you are” I heard someone say and when I looked back, it’s Krystal, standing there gaping at me lovingly.

“Now that you’re ok, we’re going to the industry” she said and we went out, all eyes were on me as we did so, I think ladies are falling.

🎀🎀Robert Denzel’s pov🎀🎀
Since Jude left the house yesterday, I miss him greatly and I’ve not eaten anything since then, I won’t allow Zena to feed me cos she might poison me, she’s a devil, Margaux is just like her mother so she can do the same.

I just which I can talk and walk, I would have sent them outta my house cos seeing their face enough makes me sick and it sucks.

John the driver is the one who feeds me cos he’s the only one I can trust.

🎈🎈Zena’s pov🎈🎈
Denzel will see fire in this house, trust me when I say fire.

I continued my relationship with Daniel, his junior brother, we actually planned to secure all his properties documents and make him sign it forcefully, then after that, we’ll run to a far place with Margaux to start a new life… that’s when I plan to tell her about her biological father…

🏆🏆Krystal’s pov🏆🏆
Wow, he’s handsome, I never knew he’s this handsome, so it’s true that money change anything changeable.

We entered the industry and I saw all the female models tripping for him, we walked side by side to my boss’s office.

“Em, boss, he’s Jude, our new male model, I think he’s the suitable one for the modelling show, he’ll win, I trust his handsomeness” I said, trying to convince my boss, Mr Mac.

“Don’t talk too much, he’s been choosen, he has the perfect face, figure and all, I’ll take care of everything, just tell him to prepare, you know next week is the show” Mr Mac said.

“Are you serious boss” I asked.

“For real, he’s been selected” Mr Mac answered and I dunno when I hugged Jude happily, it’s like we’ve known each other from Adam…

I can’t believe my ears, I’ve been choosen, just like that?, God is so good to me.

“I’m so happy, we’ll be in money if you can win the competition” Krystal said as we walked out of Mr Mac office.

“Thanks Krystal, you know me today and you helped me, people like you are rare” I said thankfully.

“It’s nothing, just try t
Your best at the show next week” she answered and smiled…

A week later

It’s the D-Day, the competition day of a the modelling industry in Las Vegas where I’m to be representing our industry (KM industry).

As I entered the stage, I received the loudest ovation as girls and ladies drooled.

“And here is the hot model from MK industry, introduction please” mc said.

“I’m Jude Barker, from KM modelling industry” I said gingerly

let’s see what you have” MC said and I gave them various styles, blew kisses to the crowd when there’s need for it and they cheered.

“Wow, this is great, anything besides modelling that you can do?” MC asked.

“I can sing” I answered.

“Then, do good and entertain us with a song” MC said.

“I’ll sing my Korean best song by my Korean idol and best singer, Kim Hyung Jung” I said.

“Do you understand Korea?” MC asked.

“Yes, because my mom is a Korean while my dad is from Las Vegas…. the title is, BECAUSE I’M STUPID” I said and I was given the perfect beat as I started singing

🎤na meoriga neomuna napaseo neo hanappakke na moreugo🎤

🎤Tareun saramen pogoitnenneun, ireon naema eumdo moregeutshi, huuu🎤

🎤Neoui harue naran heopgetshi toshu eokshotsha eopgetshima🎤

🎤Neoman paraman pogoitnena, chakku numulli heurogoisseo🎤

🎤Neoui dwaetmosebeul, ponegeutdo Nan haegbonkiya🎤

🎤Ajik na yi maemeul mollado, keutna seuchi dushi kado, woo🎤

🎤Niga neomu pogoshippeun naleun, neomu kyondigi ipgae naleun nen🎤

🎤Tareun sarandaga ipgae maemdola, honja dashi to crying for you 🎤

🎤 Honja dashi to missing for you 🎤

🎤Baby I love you I’m waiting for you 🎤

I was greeted with a loud applause after the song and the crowd cheered and started shouting, ‘we want Jude’.

“I hereby pronounce MK modelling company as the best modelling company in Las Vegas with an allowance of $80 billion monthly, and jude, apart from getting paid by the industry, we’ll also give you a cheque of $30 billion, three cars and a mansion… you’ll also be the most sought after male model in Las Vegas” the MC said and tears of joy fell from my eyes, Krystal is the first to come to the stage to hug me, then Mr Mac.

“Thanks for everything Krystal” I said as I broke the hug”

“I should be thanking you” she answered.

“Be my best friend” I said.

“Sure, I’m already your bestie” she said and smiled.

The crowd tried to just touch my clothes as we walked out but the guards put them under control, we hopped into the car and drove off… the show was shown in all the TV stations…


When the road opens…

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